How Much Does Tom Brady Pay in Child Support? 11

Tom BradyAs mentioned in a previous post, Tom Brady has child support obligations to ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan and their child. But news and updates on the subject have been predictably absent from the press. Tom Brady has a brand to protect, and a quick and quiet resolution is definitely in his best interest.

That doesn’t mean people have stopped asking questions about the resolution, though, so we put a few “what if” questions of our own to resident family law expert, Monica Mazzei:

Q: Given the situation, and the image that Brady has to protect, what would you recommend a client in Brady’s situation do?
A: I would advise Brady to voluntarily pay child support. This would be done through reaching an agreement outside of court that provides that the amount paid by Brady meets the child’s needs. Voluntarily paying child support will most likely keep Moynahan from filing for support in the court system which means that Brady’s finances will be kept out of the public record. Also, making voluntarily payments will show that Brady is responsible and help him maintain his all-American image.

Q: Tom Brady makes $10 Million a year from his NFL contract alone. What amount might Tom be ordered to pay in child support if a court ruled on the issue?
A: With an income of $10 million per year, Brady would be considered a high wage earner (meaning traditional support guidlines would not apply to him). The court would most likely base support on the needs of the child, keeping in mind that the child should share the same lifestyle as the high wage earning parent. For a young child under the age of one, sharing in the lifestyle of one of the NFL’s highest paid athletes, expenses could range from $20,000 to $100,000 per month.

Q: How much might Moynahan have accepted as a voluntary child support payment?
A: This is a difficult question to answer. Arguably, Moynahan would not have accepted less than the amount needed to meet the monthly needs of the child. On the other hand, Brady may have paid more than the “monthly needs” amount in an attempt to stay out of court, which is expensive, time consuming, and possibly damaging to his career.

Q: If Moynahan accepted Brady’s amount of voluntary child support, would she be able to pursue a greater amount at a later date?
Moynahan is never precluded from going into court at any time to ask for more support.

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  • PrivilegedGender

    Since there is not a child out there that needs $20,000 to $100,000 a month to live on, the REAL lifestyle is that of the keeper of the child. Does the child care if it is in a Honda or a Mercedes? Does the CHILD’s life differ in any way if the car seat is the same? No, but mommy’s lifestyle sure does! Tell you what…if it is “No-fault” then base it on who files for the divorce…if you file a “No-Fault” case, then you either walk away with nothing or you pay depending on who makes more. You NEVER receive. If you walk away in a “No-Fault” divorce, you lose custody of your children for not doing what is in their best interest. It is simple really. If you’re selfish, you shouldn’t be rewarded.

    Do you think our society will ever get to the point where a child belongs to both parents…even if SHE decides to split? What a paycheck! More women should have children. That apparently would end the bad economy. All that money floating around like that. All you have to do is pop a puppy…instant income! So exactly what is the government turning women into?

    • joyce taylor

      I get your point. But I feel as though the lawyer is right. If my dad is making more than $10,000,000 a yr why should the child only get like a $2,000 a mth or $3,000 . Reality is that if that child was being raised by Tom , he or she would be living a lavish lifestyle. The judge knows this already. Whether we like it or not , the judge takes many things into consideration in these cases. Bottom line again , Tom wouldn’t be missing a dime off of that $10 mill a yr salary and not including endorsements. So , why can’t the child live the same life ? To be technical , I know men who pay a $100 a mth and they constantly keep worrying about if the mom is spending some $ on her. I’ve told a male neighbor that please dont stress over whether or not the mom is spending some $ on herself too. As long as the child has all needs met , let that go. I’m a female so I know. Any judge will tell tell you child support expenses can be used for various reasons. When its all said and done , its a situation we’ve gotten ourselves into not anyone else. Last but not least , whether that child knows what a Honda or a Benz is , they should be entitled to live how Tom lives .

  • Yeah, contesting would only benefit the mom, not the kid. This is ridiculous.

  • Pam

    Does the mother’s income come into account? Bridget is an actress after all.

    • Keith Freeland


  • Shasiti

    Yes her income counts but he makes way more and she left him because she heard he was prancing around Europe with a certain model named Giselle.

  • bradysux69

    Yah it doesnt matter it all boils down to they take the womans side everytime.

    • joyce taylor

      Not true , it just seems that way . There a men I know and also celebrity men who have been given custody of their kids and I think that’s unfair when most of the time it was based on $$$ why the judge made their decision. My bff was taken from her mom as a kid because her dad and his gf made much more $$ than her mom. That was so wrong far as I’m concerned. Her mom loved her and took good care of her. My bff is 35 now and that has continued to affect her. But we can only be cautious about who we have kids by. Check their character , morals , principles etc and hope it works.

  • Mde Prosecutor

    Seriously, people need to stop complaining about how much a person gets in child support. It depends on income. If Brady makes $46 million a year, then his having to pay $20K per month is nothing more than chump change.

  • nick c

    Tom got trapped but accepted it she tried to get him to stay it didn’t work and they both didn’t hold hard feelings. This is extremely rare nowadays. He could have definitely challenged custody and won he’s in a much better position to do that than poorer dads.

  • Pat Farrar

    /Never heard of a non custodial parent overpaying child support and doubt I ever will. I’m guessing the lack of being wanted hurts a child more than the lack of money, no matter how wealthy the parents.