James Bond Actor and Tennis Star Divorcing 7

George Lazenby & Pam ShriverProbably the least known of the James Bond actors (except maybe Timothy Dalton, remember him?), George Lazenby received divorce papers last week from his wife, former tennis star Pam Shriver. Shriver was a highly ranked player in the 1980’s, often paired with Martina Navratilova in doubles matches. Lazenby and Shriver were married in 2002 and have three young children.

Shriver’s divorce petition, filed in Los Angeles, seeks sole legal and physical custody of the kids with supervised visitation for Lazenby. Lazenby, through his spokesman Michael Sands (who also served as Kevin Federline’s spokesman for a short while), has indicated that he will also seek sole custody of the kids.

Shriver filed for a temporary restraining order in which she outlined Lazenby’s alleged severe alcoholism, anger management issues and poor parenting skills. She advised the court that Lazenby has been violent towards her and the children in the past. She also indicated that Lazenby objects to the kids brushing their teeth, using sunscreen and sitting in proper car seats. Her affidavit also noted that Lazenby had previously given the children sips of beer and ice from scotch glasses.

The parental fitness issue aside, another interesting matter at play in this divorce and custody matter is Lazenby’s age. Lazenby will be 69 years old on September 5th. The children are all under five years old. Shriver is 46.

Shriver is represented by L.A. attorney Gary Fishbein, who has previously represented Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, actor Gary Oldman and actor Ryan Phillippe. Lazenby has retained Encino attorney Robert Gantman.