Chris Kattan Files for Legal Separation after 6 Weeks of Marriage 3

Chris Kattan & Sunshine TuttSaturday Night Live alumni Chris Kattan filed for legal separation on Thursday from his bride of only six weeks, model Sunshine Tutt. The couple was married on June 28, 2008 but had dated since 2005. The petition cites the ever-popular “irreconcilable differences” as grounds for the separation.  The six week marriage catapults the comedian towards the top of the Shortest Celebrity Marriages list.

A representative for Kattan had announced the split earlier this week but denied that the couple had plans to divorce. Thursday’s filing indicates that the newlyweds separated on August 10. The paperwork also indicates that Kattan and Tutt signed a pre-nuptial agreement three days before their wedding. Kattan is asking the court to abide by the terms of that agreement, which would apparently mean that there is no community property for the court to divide.

Legal separation is an always interesting family law choice. It covers all of the same issues as a divorce but without the legal termination of the marriage. In this case, the only issues are assets and debts or other liabilities. The legal separation will result in a court order indicating how those are to be divided. Thereafter, any assets or liabilities accrued by the parties are their own individually. The parties are usually expected to remain separated indefinitely. It is unclear why Kattan would choose legal separation instead of divorce.

Kattan is represented by Beverly Hills attorney Fern Wender, who currently represents Charlie Sheen in his on-going battle with ex-wife Denise Richards over their children.