Lenny Dykstra’s Wife Files for Divorce 1

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Terri Dykstra, wife of former baseball star Lenny Dykstra, filed for divorce in Ventura County, California earlier this month. The couple was married for more than 23 years.

According to Terri’s divorce petition, she is seeking joint custody of the couple’s 13-year-old son (they have two other sons who are grown). At least two California homes are purported to be community property.

In addition to the family’s marital home, they also own an $18 million Lake Sherwood, California home as an investment property – that home is reportedly facing possible foreclosure. Dykstra is over $400,000 behind on the mortgage for the residence, originally built for hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

The divorce seems to be just the latest in financial and legal setbacks for Dykstra, who was profiled for his post-baseball business acumen on HBO last year. A recent ESPN.com article claims that Dykstra has faced 24 civil suits in the past two years – 18 of them since just last November.

In addition to the mortgage default, Lenny Dykstra is facing other collections suits. Other civil cases against him in California include claims for pilots’ and maintenance fees for a trip; $12,000 for a charter flight and almost $300,000 for printing services for a magazine Dykstra publishes.

Add those claims to a suit over a failed sale of a car wash, a wage claim by two former magazine execs, a $1 million contract claim over website design, over $200,000 in private jet maintenance fees, a defaulted $250,000 personal loan, $400,000 in back real estate taxes and even unpaid wages to his own brother (among many other claims) and Lenny Dykstra’s divorce may quickly end up as a fight over debt instead of a battle over assets. In the current economic environment, it is a scenario all to familiar to many divorcing couples and their divorce attorneys.