After Divorce 2

For many couples and former couples, the legal considerations don’t stop at the signing of the divorce decree.

Modification of Divorce Decree

If financial or other circumstances change after a divorce, the original divorce decree can often be modified. Modifications happen generally with child custody, visitation, child support and alimony. Unless there was fraud in failing to disclose marital property, the property distribution portion of the decree is generally final and non-modifiable.

Changing Your Name After a Divorce

Many women change their names after divorce – either back to their maiden name or to a former married name. In many cases, this change can be accomplished legally in the divorce decree. If it is missed in the decree, a separate suit can be filed to petition the court for a name change.

After the name is legally changed, there are name change kits available for purchase to assist in completing the process. [more…]

Estate Planning After Divorce

Another important consideration after divorce is estate planning. Probate can get very messy if a couple gets divorced but the ex-spouses are not taken out of each other’s wills and trusts. Revisiting estate planning documents after a divorce is especially important if there are children.


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