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Understanding Your Rights As A Single Parent

Unmarried Parents RightsWhen a child is born, certain rights and responsibilities are assumed by the parents automatically and without a court order or any legal intervention. But sometimes those rights are challenged in one way or another and parties, particularly single parents, find themselves forced to defend their parental rights in court.

This is the basis for Unmarried Parents’ Rights by Jacqueline D. Stanley. In the book, Stanley’s no-nonsense approach reveals the realities that many single parents face and provides a solid foundation upon which you can base your defense.

From paternity suits to custodial rights, Stanley walks you through the maze of family law and shows you how to make the legal system work for you.

Are you responsible for your child’s debts and misconduct? What can you do if you are being pressured to terminate your parental rights? How do courts determine custody and what are the guidelines in your state?

These are just a few of the questions Stanley answers and she does so in a direct and easy-to-understand format that empowers readers to protect their parental rights. Using clear and concise definitions, Stanley explains the various legal aspects of parenting, creating a sound resource for unmarried parents who may be facing legal issues surrounding their child. The book covers:

  • How to protect your parental rights when you and the other parent have never married
  • How to represent yourself in family court
  • The difference between custodial and non-custodial parental liability
  • How to ensure you get your court-ordered visitation
  • The different types of tests available to determine paternity
  • How to establish paternity without a court hearing

The book includes an extensive collection of sample forms plus instructions for how to complete and file them. You’ll also find a state-by-state listing of the various laws that could affect your parental rights and you’ll learn where to go to find the research resources necessary to support your case.

Complete with a glossary of commonly used terms in family court, Unmarried Parents’ Rights is over 240 pages of well-researched legal information that can help you determine your rights and responsibilities as an unmarried parent and learn how to enforce those rights if need be.


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