Do You Qualify For An Annulment? 28

Nullity Is Not An Option For Everyone

With the growing number of celebrities receiving annulments, many people are wondering whether they qualify for an annulment . An annulment terminates the marriage as if it never existed, based on the argument that no “valid” marriage ever took place.

Most people seek annulments because it allows them to remarry in their church or because they feel there is a stigma associated with divorce , and that an annulment would essentially wipe their slate clean.

A marriage may be invalid for several reasons , but the majority of annulments are sought based on claims of fraud or incapacity. For example, someone who was intoxicated during the marriage ceremony may argue that they did not have the capacity to enter into the marriage. Or if a woman knew she could not bear children, and misrepresented this information to induce the man into marriage, the marriage may be annulled based on a claim of fraud.

Even if you feel that an annulment is right for you, it’s important to know that annulments are often difficult and expensive to prove, so most people are advised not to pursue one unless they have extremely strong grounds.


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