Do States that Allow Same Sex Marriages Require Clergy to Perform the Ceremonies? 1

Religious Organizations’ Involvement in Gay Marriages

While most states still prohibit same sex marriage, a few states do recognize same sex marriages as legal unions.

The court rulings and legislation which allow same sex marriages in those states do not, however, require religious organizations to recognize same-sex marriages or perform the ceremonies as all religions have the right to establish their own requirements for what constitutes a religious marriage.

States that allow same sex marriages have simply established the right to marry under civil law. This marriage can be performed by a Justice of the Peace, Judge or other civil official depending on state law. That said, there are a number of churches that have opened their arms to the gay community and are performing traditional weddings in the church for same sex couples. A marriage performed by such a clergy member would be considered legal as well.

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The Rights of Foreign Same Sex Partners


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