Planning for Divorce 2


Many people choose to undertake marriage counseling prior to considering a divorce. Often, a good, experienced counselor can help a couple work through relationship issues and begin to repair rifts. If couples counseling is not successful, individual counseling through the divorce process can still be beneficial to husband, wife and children. The actual divorce can be very emotionally painful to every member of the family. Therapeutic assistance can help repair emotional wounds and allow each family member to move forward with rebuilding relationships post-divorce.

Compiling Information

Your divorce attorney will start by asking you for quite a bit of detailed information about your marriage, children, income, expenses, assets and debts. Because the parties will eventually be required to exchange documentation of these matters, it is a good idea to compile as many pertinent documents as you can locate and provide them to your attorney. The documents will allow your attorney to immediately get “the big picture” of the financial portion of your divorce and will streamline the process going forward. [more…]

Hiring an Attorney

When your are ready to move forward with divorce, you will need to choose a divorce attorney. If a marriage is short-lived and has no children, it may be simple to file for divorce without the assistance of a lawyer. For most, it is best to hire an attorney to help navigate the court system and its requirements. [more…]


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