Financial Calculators

  • Income and Tax Calculator: Figure your and your spouse’s income after alimony, support, and taxes. Ask “what if” about tax decisions involving alimony, support, claiming exemptions, paying the mortgage, paying child care, and more.
  • Property Division Calculator: Figure a property division you can live with. You enter a proposed settlement for each spouse’s home, cars, cash, pension, mortgage, and other debts. Then see how close you are to your desired overall percentage split.
  • “Alimony Buyout” Calculator: See what one-time “alimony buyout” will cover a proposed series of alimony payments. Monthly Payment Calculator. See what monthly alimony payment has a value equal to a proposed “alimony buyout” property settlement.
  • Sale of Home Calculator: Estimate how much money each party will keep after a sale of your home, assuming favorable tax treatment.
  • Alimony Recapture Calculator: See whether your proposed alimony payments will have to be “recaptured” and reported as income under the tax rules.