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Jerry and Jacqueline RiceEighteen months and counting. In June 2007, San Francisco 49’er legend Jerry Rice’s wife Jacqueline filed for divorce from the superstar. Here we are, over a year and a half later, no divorce yet. But a settlement may yet be on the horizon.

Married for 20 years, the couple continues to try to hammer out a divorce settlement in San Mateo County, California. When we last checked in, their marital home was still on the market and they had exchanged financial documents. Not sure if the house has been sold but we don’t see it in local real estate listings.

Jacqueline Rice replaced her original divorce attorney Lindy Barocchi with Philip Silvestri, back in August. Two status conferences were rescheduled in late summer and early fall. Then, in January, the attorneys submitted a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) to the judge for signature. The case is currently set for a status conference in April.

QDRO’s are legal orders, signed by a family law judge, which direct the administrators of retirement plans to re-title or divide retirement assets in conjunction with a divorce. When a QDRO is appropriately used, the distribution out of the original retirement account is accomplished without penalty or tax. Generally, QDRO are issued only at the conclusion of the divorce proceedings after the parties have agreed to property settlement terms or a judge has distributed retirement assets in a dissolution judgment.

On occasion, however, QDRO’s are used prior to the finalization of a divorce. In these situations, the money is usually tapped for payment of attorneys’ fees or other needs of the other spouse. Without knowing the Rices’ financial situation, it is difficult to speculate the reason for this early distribution of funds. It may suggest, though, that they are closing in on a settlement – if they were both comfortable with allowing these funds to be transferred to Jacqueline prior to finalization of the split.

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  • dianna

    Why? Was it worth it? Your wife & children. You were going to be my sons role model, however i would rather my son be a faithful boyfriend/husband then him be as great of a football player as you were. You were my idol
    now u r just another cheating ,lying,good for nothing guy who had issues and could only deal with it by using your other head.I wish i had your wife’s courage and strength so I could do the same.If you did cheat on your wife then i feel nothing but pity for you.If you didn’t and the media is wrong and it was the other way around then i feel your pain, however cheating is wrong. I pray i am wrong.

  • Jrs2300

    Looks like Jerry drop the best catch he’s ever had…

  • Johnlee

    @ dianna. You sound like a bitter woman. If she is anything like you I would have left her too. Divorces happen. Sometimes it’s BOTH of their faults. Women need to stop watching Oprah and being the victim.

  • Pete

    @Johnlee, it’s already been proving that Jerry Rice is a womanizer. Above poster may be bitter, but don’t try to justify it.

  • jay el sr

    I kno Rice was a womanizer cuz one of my ex’s said he once tried to screw her although he may have cuz she was found out to be a (man-izer)if there is a word…. but anyway people get married for all the wrong reasons and divorce for all right reasons…so they think…no one holds “vows” as a priority anymore…they say for better or worse…if loves cover then what were their marriage foundated on…Rice will be charged to the failure of his marriage cuz he was head of his household…I just pray the next time he gets married he fulfill his vows…as should his soon to be ex-wife….

  • Kim

    I agree with Jay El, Sr. I am hold marriage as a high honor and unfortunately these days people play it and most relationships as game. No matter football player, woman or Average Joe, we have to realize marriage has to be worked at and a fire has to be kept. And no offense, Johnlee, people who say things as you did usually are the same culprit of the offense. Men tend to be the usual suspects. No one is perfect, and if your human and loved the person you were with (no matter woman or man) you become bitter once hurt. Divorce shouldn’t happen as much as it does, if people respect that it is hard to live with someone and love them for the good and the bad. People take the gift of marriage for granted. People have to find self control and honor love, if they aren’t happy don’t cheat. Break up; yes it will hurt but the other person may respect you more for the honesty. People need to find true Agape love and no it’s never easy but worth it. I am sure Jerry regrets his actions, because 20 years wasn’t for nothing. He had to love his wife, and probably still does, but trust is gone.

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  • Baldheaded Baby

    she does look FINE, doesn’t she. I wish more black chicks looked like this.

  • Kimmie T

    Really Baldheaded Baby? Is that what it’s about now, not him messing up his marriage, not ruining his vows. How “FINE” she is? WOW!!! Grow up, please!!!! Many Black women look like Mrs. Rice. I workout, dance, eat right, love inside and out, so your point? Their many women of all races that have African American, White, Asian, what have you, that have attractive and unattractive physicalities in them. Please focus on the real issues his infidelity and failure to honor God’s gift to him. Not her looks. Many men have guts, had no baby, so what the excuse… Poor hygiene, poor skin, dress tacky and horrible, clothes falling off their butts. So, let’s grow be adults and focus on the truth, he messed up. I do appreciate you giving a beautiful black woman props, but many black women look that way. Folks just need to open their eyes…

    • pgs

      amen and priase the lord what happened to the bibical principals of marriage…its seems like the trust,respect,comittment,love for one another and communication is gone down the drain…men don’t appriciate goodness until its gone..they want to have their cake and eat it too…if the person is going to cheat stay single..

  • OhMyGoddess

    I’m very sorry that Mr. And Mrs. Rice divorced. However, infidelity is rarely the reason that a marriage of 20 year ends. We don’t know what went on with these two people. They have been together since they were very young. It’s likely that they have grown apart. Also it’s hard for a couple to adjust living together 24/7 after decades of one spouse traveling for work most of the time. I love Jerry Rice and I have always had great respect fir Jacqueline. As for making some celebrity your child’s role model, that is so wrong on so many levels. Why isn’t HIS own father the boy’s idol? it’s not right to hold a total stranger to a higher level than you hold the man that YOU chose the father your child. How about your being your son’s role model by teaching him to be a respectful, law-abiding citizen who loves and supports the women in his life. Jerry Rice owes you nothing, neither as a star athlete or a man. I’m not even going to dignify the ignorant comment about wishing “more black (women) look like (Jackie)” other than to say that we are a varied race, coming in colors from pink to ebony, with super-long legs and/or thick phat thighs. We are the most beautiful female race in the world, coveted for both our unique ethnic beauty and amazing strength of character. I don’t look like Jackie, or Halle, or Beyoncé, but neither do 99.99% of our women. Yet we are all beautiful, whether we are blessed with the much admired full-figures, lush lips, or chocolatey skin that white women pays millions of dollars for. I wish both Jerry and Jackie the best in their separate lives. Just continue to effectively co-parent your great children. Don’t worry about the haters out here who don’t live your lives for you and who certainly won’t volunteer to take your place on YOUR judgment day.

    • Nick