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We told you last week about UFC fighter Chuck Liddell’s custody fight against his ex over 12-year-old son, Cade. No word yet on how the Colorado hearing went but Cade’s mother, Lori Geyer, filed documents in court containing some explosive allegations against Liddell.

If you recall, Liddell filed for custody in California, claiming that Cade did not want to return to his mother and step-father’s Colorado home after visitation. The filing contained allegations of abuse and neglect. The California judge ordered the case be heard in Colorado.

Geyer then filed documents, claiming that Liddell uses drugs and alcohol. She apparently cited video of Chuck and his current wife working out in the nude as evidence of his poor judgment. (The video was a tongue-in-cheek ad for Reebok.)

Geyer also claims Liddell tried to intimidate her when she visited Cade in California shortly before Liddell filed for custody modification. She alleges that he paced back and forth and stared her down.

Liddell fired back almost immediately after Geyer’s filings were made public, pointing out that he takes random drug tests regularly because of his contact with the professional MMA fighting organization, UFC. His most recent test, he claims, was in February and was not positive.

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