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  • Hilda Williams

    I married 3 months and 1 day . I had left an abusive marriage of 10 years when I met himand we began talking about marriage I asked him to please be honest with me about himself being abusive or not. Then sunday after he hit me he apologized and said he wanted to tell me before we were married that he had abused his first 2 wives but he did not want to tell me because he was scared I would not marry him. Can I still file for an anulment we have no children together or made any purchases of any kind together

    • Monica

      Generally, annulments are difficult to obtain. The grounds for annulment in Mississippi are very clear as to what you have to prove to get your request for an anullment granted. The Judge will ultimately decide if the facts of your case satisfy the requirements.

  • Camille

    Can a second and current wife’s income be counted as income for her husband for the purposes of computing / recomputing alimony to divorced first wife?

  • dsub

    my husband signed divorce papers and settlement papers. i have filed my financial papers, he has not. we were filing pro se dissolution of marriage, with both agreeing to the divorce. he has changed his mind due the fact that he still loves me. can i still set the court date and possibly get a default judgement granted for the divorce?

  • One of the good ones

    My ex-wife has a college degree, but doesn’t work. She lives with her parents who has asked me to go back to court and file for full custody of my kids. I pay my child support faithfully while she blows it at the casino and local bingo. By the divorce decree, i have my kids every other year for all major holidays and summer vacation. The problem is, my ex-wife still thinks im suppose to pay her the child support. Can you give me any info on this.