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What If a Spouse Cheats?

Most states define adultery as “sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than their spouse”, however this definition can vary from state to state. In North Carolina for example, adultery is defined as any sexual relations between a man and a woman who are not married and cohabitating together, whether legally married to someone else or not. Adultery is one of the most common reasons couples seek divorce.

Is Adultery a Crime?

Most states treat adultery as a “crime against marriage,” subject to religious ramifications as well as being grounds for divorce. In states that do recognize adultery as grounds for divorce, the extra-marital affair must be proved in court. States in which adultery is not considered grounds for divorce are known as no-fault divorce states. It should be noted, however, that even in no-fault states, courts may consider adultery when deliberating property distribution and child custody issues. Some courts even make a distinction between a one-time adulterous act and an on-going affair.

There are still approximately 20 states in the U.S. that have an adultery law on the books, with punishments ranging from a $10 fine to three years in prison. While these laws are rarely enforced, there are cases where adultery laws come into play. A Michigan Appeals Court, for example, ruled that adultery committed under circumstances involving any other felony is punishable by a sentence of up to life imprisonment.

Must Sexual Relations Be Involved to Qualify as Adultery?

While adultery is considered a form of infidelity, the reverse is not necessarily true: infidelity does not require sexual relations to exist – in fact, infidelity can also include non-sexual behaviors such as flirting and emotional affairs. Allegations of other types of infidelity are typically alleged as emotional abandonment, cruelty, etc.

Laws In Other Countries

In other parts of the world adultery laws are strictly enforced and can carry harsh penalties. For example, adultery is treated as a major sin under Islamic law and in some countries violators can be stoned to death.

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  • kerri smith

    May i go after the woman who taunts me with texts when my husband says its over with her? She taunts me with messagages and phone calls of what she will let him do, and that her sex is always open for him.

    • Monica

      If this person is harassing you, you may consider obtaining a restraining order against her which would prohibit her from contacting you. A good place to start may be to check the laws in your state regarding restraining orders.

    • kirkem

      uh ya are you not smart if your boyfriend cheated on you why are you still with him, and he’s still cheating on you otherwise she wouldnt be texting you that. trust me hes still cheating

      • Ann

        First of all it’s her husband. Second, the other woman feels jilted dishes going to be a psycho and say things just to cause conflict. It does not mean he’s still cheating. If it was me though, I would have left him and taken everything. That’s what he would deserve in my opinion.

        • Ann

          ** so she’s. … Not dishes 🙂

  • Bernard Weeks

    If a man has an afair with another mans wife and he know’s that’s his wife can the huband sue the man for that in north carolina

    • Monica

      Generally, adultery is not a crime.

      • Jodi

        Monica, that simply isn’t true! In North Carolina, for example, it is not only ground for a divorce, but a crime punishable by law. Each state is different, so you need to check the statutes for the state you live in.

        • Monica

          Thanks for your comment Jodi. Yes, North Carolina is in the minority of jurisdictions that recognize lawsuits against a person that had an affair with a married person’s spouse. That spouse may file a civil suit such as alienation of affection and conversation. These lawsuits are expensive and often difficult to prove.

    • Jodi

      Yes, he can sue in the state of North Carolina.

      • Jeremy

        It’s worth noting that, in North Carolina, as of October, 2009, if the affair started after a couple is separated, the “alienation of affection” law cannot be used: – HB 1110

        • Sonia

          My husband started an affair in a different state where he is stationed on 11.22.09 (or earlier) and drew up a dissolution worksheet (without my knowledge) and dated it 12.01.09 and asked me to sign it within 90 days or else I get nothing financially… I was never served any court papers, and currently he is deployed. I claim NC as residence, and he claims CA as residence, although we own our NC house together? Can I still sue him for adultery in NC?

          • Yes, you can file an action in North Carolina family court for dissolution. Since North Carolina is a “fault” state, the fact that he had an affair will be relevant to the divorce case.

        • Jessie

          I am seperated from my wife whome lives in NC and I live in Michigan. She had cheated on me and became pregnant with another mans child. Our divorce will be final May 10, 2010. She just had her baby and just told me that she put my last name for the baby. Can I fight this and make sure she don’t use my last name?

          • lisa kadel

            ask for a dna test it will prove that u arent the babys father and also prove she committed adultery

          • Jon

            I diffinatly would ask for a dna test and don’t sign the birth certificate until you know if its yours or not. Where you sleeping with her when she got pregnant? Could it be yours? Or did she just want to have some looser get her pregnant and then have you foot the bill for 18 years?

    • Yana

      Yeah You Can! This person can be sued for alienation of affection if the affair is ongoing or your wife has left you for this other person. check out your states laws!

  • How is custody effected when the husband is the one having an affair and at one point he ws supposed to be off work due to injury and I was taking our baby to daycare everyday because he could not lift him up. I also know he’s still in daily contact with her and I worry that she has been coming over to our house with our baby here for the affair. I have proof of the first and not yet of the second. Does the fact they both work in law enforcement have any effect also?

    • Monica

      Whether your husband’s affair is relevant to the divorce proceedings depends on whether the state you live in is a “fault’ state. You should consult the Family Laws in your state.

    • Jon

      Worried someone else is cheating in your house? Nothing a little hidden camera or audio recorder couldn’t find.
      75$ olimpus digital audio recorder records 18+ hours. Just turn it on and put it under the bed or wherever you think, just make sure the red light is blacked out and make sure it’s hidden good. Down load it to your computer later to hear everything that happened in that room for the entire day.

      If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

      • Sally rae

        Check ur states guidelines regarding audio being acceptable in court. In Florida audio is not but video is.

  • blane

    my wife was texting this guy for about a week and found out that he wanted to meet up so she ended talking to him and called me and told me about the whole situation and that she wasnt happy in our marriage. i want to get her out of the house and stay in it with the kids and the car. can i do that, and is do i have a leg to stand on for divorce? i have no proof of the text messages

  • david

    I have proof of my wife cheating on me with another man. She not only admitted to me that she was an adulterer, but I also have text message conversations between her and him that are very incriminating and explicit. Would this be enough in the state of indiana to keep my home if she wold try to fight me on it?

  • robert

    in the state of LA. if a husband commits adultery and wife and husband split for a week. then wife takes husband back for 4 days, then splits after she takes him back, can adultery be considered the reason for divorce? and if the house was purchased under the husbands name before they were married, does she have rights to the house?

  • joe

    IIjust caught my wife cheating on me now she says she wants to seperate, but states that she wants me to pay all her bills, She has no job and is healthy but chooses not to work because she is in school part time. Because she does not work will i have to pay her bills

    • You should consult the family laws in your state to determine what the court considers in ordering spousal support. In you live in a “no-fault” state then your wife’s affair will not be relevant to the divorce proceeding. In other states, your wife may be imputed with income if the court finds that she is able to work and should be contributing to her own support.

    • Vita

      no you dont have to pay her bills she healthy enough to get a job

  • NARD

    my wife wants to move out and leave me with most off the bill’s she has a good making about $80,000 to $90.000 a year some of the credit cards are in my name and she ran them up. I’am on social security we have two cars one’s payed for, but wants to just leave me hanging with all the credit cards that see ran up with the house note witch i can’t afford what can i do to make her help with these bills

  • Andy

    My wife had an affair with another man a year ago.
    I guess…she was in a year sexual relationship with him.
    I have no proof of my wife cheating on me and I am living in Colorado(No-Fault-Divorce)state though…
    We have been married for more than 12 years, we have no kid.
    Does court consider my wife’s adultery when deliberating property distribution and alimony,if I mention it!?
    It is too bad to give her half of marriage property including house, and pay alimony for 4 years.
    My income is three times than her, and my all property is ten times than her savings, IRA and so on…
    Will I have to give her half of marriage property, and alimony?

  • Quake

    My husband had an affair with a woman in our house & they both have admitted to it. She is actively persuing him. I live in Ga, can I sue them for the end of our marriage?

    • jones

      Im not offering any legal advice but i feel your pain. my husband did the same to me only i was preganat with our son and laying in the hospital trying to hold on to him. driving her around in my car, meeting his mother, he even had her staying at his daughters mother home. to top it off she may even be pregnant with his child, oh yeah she has herpes. hold your head up even when your down.

  • DAVE


    • CollegeGirl

      Well… Arkansas defines adultery as the incurable insanity causing a separation of 3 or more years. But, no, there is no law against it. In my experience, a wife and a girlfriend knowing about each other isn’t ideal, but when I found out that my boyfriend was still married, I asked him what he was doing, and he swore that he wasn’t having sex with both of us.

  • katie

    me and my husband have been seperated for about 2 years it was a very difficult we were high school sweethearts actually since age 14 i treated him the best i could but he was extremely jealouse and had a bad mean streak we have a child together and i live in michigan while he lives in texas and i just recently started talking to someone hes great but i dont know if it would even be legal for me to take it to the next level since i am still legally married.

  • Kristin

    I just found out that my husband of 8 years has been cheating on me with a 20 year old girl. I was completely blind sighted by this and so is everyone else. We just celebrated our 8 year anniversary in Vegas 2 months ago. Life was great. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant…our first. We were both so excited! On April 16th we got into an argument that “they” were hanging out too much and I wanted it to be just us. I decided to give him space I went and stayed with my sister for a few days. He came to me on the 18th and told me it was over, and that he wasn’t in love with me anymore. A week later I confronted him about having an affair with this girl and he denied it at first, but when I found proof, he admitted that they had been having sex for a little over a week. They had been hanging out all day and night for weeks before “as just friends” while I was at work. I never saw her as a threat because she was my little sisters friend from childhood and I had known her for 13 years, since she was a little girl. My husband met her when we got married…she was 11!

    He wants to hold off on a divorce…not sure the intentions…and she is already claiming that they are in a “relationship” and they love eachother.

    Can I sue for alienation of affection? Everyone knows that we were in love and things didn’t start going haywire till she was a constant in his life. He never communicated to me that he did not want to be with me, in fact made it seem like he was happy in love with me. He sugar coated everything to my face, but come to find out, he had been telling this girl and her family that he didn’t love me anymore and wanted out. And told them that he had not been happy for the past 5 years with me! The things he did for me and the way he made me feel, all that I did for him and all the love I gave him, and now he wants to say that it was all a lie.

    I don’t know what to do….
    Any advice would be helpful.
    I still love him and still want to be with him, but he tells me he doesn’t love me anymore and he loves her….
    Please help….

    • Jon


      What do YOU think you should do? Of course he wants to hold off on the divorce. He wants to act like they hooked up after you guys seperated and act like he didn’t commit adultery so he can give you less. I would document the affair for proof in court and go ahead and give him his divorce. Who wants to be married to someone who doens’t want to be married back?.. or I would kick the little bitch’s ass. I think you should put your foot down. I think he will regeret his msitake later.

      • Kristin

        Thanks Jon 🙂 I would love to kick her ass…but I think I would probably put her in the hospital…wouldn’t be able to stop beating her….unfortunately I am now almost 8 1/2 months pregnant and even after, I don’t think it would be wise to pursue the ass kicking as I will have a child to care for. Many of my friends and family want to kick her ass and his, but I don’t want them to take the fall…. 🙁 I just can’t believe that he has done this to us. It feels like my whole marriage was a lie…and now my poor baby will get the shit end of the deal…

        The only thing right now that keeps me partially civil with him is that he is continuing to pay the bills…for now. Right now I work full time, but won’t be soon. I don’t have anywhere to go… I am keeping track of everything though…texts, emails, phone messages, whatever I can. I still plan on suing her for alienation of affection…hopefully I will be able to use his money to pay for it! 😉
        Well thanks again Jon, I appreciate it :o) Take Care

        • Jon

          Ya maybe that was bad advice. I have a freind who was cheated on extensivley by his wife and he came home early from deplyment to find a trail of rose petals to the bed and candfles lit, while she she off going to pick the” other guy” up. He hid and then his wife came home with the “other guy”. He busted out and politley told her he wanted a divorce and told them to leave, and now he has full custody of both kids and full child support from her. Not only that , but she works for her ex husbands close friend in the military and gets dogged out daily. We laugh about her everyday we all get together. Karma is a M%@%#cker!!

          • Kristin

            oh believe me, I would LOVE to kick the living shit out of her…she will get hers someday… He will too… you know what’s awesome? NM is an alimony state, so I will be filing for that as well as child support once the divorce begins. He has ruined my life (for the time being). I never in a million years saw this coming…he will regret this in time…this baby will be here in no time and he will see the error of his ways…he gave up a wonderful opportunity at a family for a young immature peice of ass who has nothing to offer him, but her undivided attention. (she still lives at home with her mom, gma, gpa, and older sis…doesn’t have a job, never has had one, no education, no future) The joke will be on him once he gets tired of babysitting LOL 🙂
            I’m sure it won’t be long till he knocks her up and leaves her for someone else….

    • Ann

      I think the other party should be able to be sued too for contributing to the cause of busting up a marriage. Married people are off limits so single “you know what’s” should be held accountable too for their malicious acts of helping destroy a marriage.

  • Frank

    My wife decided she is a lesbian and always has been (since high school). I found out she had affairs while we were married. We reside in Michigan, but were married in the state of Hawaii. I have volumes of proof – can I file an alieantion of affection charge not being a resident of Hawaii?

  • New Bride

    I have been married only 10months and just found out that my “new” husband and this woman at his job are at the very least texting each other regularly. He erased all of her texts to him, but saved the ones he sent to her. He is careful not to say anything explict in the text, but they are too personal. He is not as forth coming with me, as he is with her in some of his text. He told me about her some time ago, but spoke of her strictly a co-worker who supposedly is “handicap”. He has pictures of her (but not one of me) in his phone and she does not appear to be handicapped to me. She’s often “sick” and in the hospital, and he’ll go by to visit with her. He works in another city (where she lives and work), about one hour from where we live and often comes home 8 or 9 at night with the excuse of stopping by someone’s house or waiting until the traffic has died down, yet he get off work at 4:30. I am trying hard to figure out what to do about this situation, seeing I have no concrete evidence of an affair, and he will make excuses for everything else. I can’t say that he is treating badly, just differently. He went from being very removed to very affectionate, and that’s not like him at all. I don’t want to be “blind sided”, so I’m trying to collect my defense before it hits the fan. Please, anyone help me with ideas. Is there any legal preventive measures I can take?

    • Jon

      I don’t know about legal, but I know about finding the truth. Can you handle the truth? IF you think he is having an affair he may be and is acting extra effectionate to not get caught or he may not be having an affiar and you could be insecure.

      If you want to find out where he is going I would plug a Gps into his OBO2 jack in his car where they run diagrnotstic and you could see where his car is on the map real time. I would investgate covertly and act as nothing is wrong even though that is hard. Or you could place another type of Gps under his car and read it when he gets back. After seeing his car on the map at a particluar locattion for a number of days besides work, I would have a friend drive me in a car he doens’t know with some tinted windows and do some nnja spy ops. I would write down the adresss where he is at or comming from and find out even more possibly through the intelius website of who lives there. It’s all to easy to find out the truth as long as he isn’t alerted to you being suspicous. I hope this was helpful.


      • Ann

        I like the way you think Jon. Any suggestions on how to get into their computer to see what is going on? I’m going on 3 years and he’s been caught up in shady crap. I was stupid for keeping him around probably, but it’s been a year ago since that happened. Anyway… Do you have any suggestions?

  • mike

    i was just recently caught with a married woman by her mother and was wondering if anyone knew if the woman i was with would get custody of her 2 kids in the event of divorce? even after we commited adultery, her mother is adamant about taking them from her- is this possible?

    • Jon

      What do you care Mike? Her mother ovbviously sees the explosive rage that could happen when her husband finds out and is worried about the saftey of her grandchildren. I would say I wish you luck Mike, but then I would be lying.

      • Ann

        You’re a piece of crap Mike! To say the least! Oh the things I’d like to say and do to you! Men should be castrated and women need their tits cut off! Or their vagina sewn shut for being home wreckers! There’s a place in hell for you all.

    • Greg

      why on earth would you want to step in these peoples lives. These children deserve better than that and their own grandma is willing to see to it that are better deserving than that. These kids will grow up and hate you and dog you to your grave for ruining this. My ex is going through that now. Have fun in your up and coming relationship based on lies and cheating.

  • Kathy

    My husband and I live in New Jersey for 16 years. 6 month ago, he started afair with a woman in China who has husband and a 13 years old son. Soon after I found this, I told him if this is just a mistake he made, I can forgive him if he disconnect with that woman and we can move on, but he refused to do so and wanted to divorce me and merry that woman. One month later, he moved out of our house, then visited China in march this year and spent 10 days with her. Now that woman is coming down here this month with her son and will spend 3 weeks with my husband in his apartment. I know that woman wants to move to US with her son so that her son can have free education here. so bad that my husband does not want to see it although everyone knows this situation keeps telling him that he’s being used. I would appreciate if someone can advice me how I can do to stop that woman coming down here and how to protect myself and my daughter.

  • Chris

    My wife of over 12 years left and and admited in a text she was involved with another man within 6 weeks of the seperation. She has a degree, I dont and she makes more money than me. She claims that a rotating work schedual (where i diffrent nights each week off) is an unstable home environment and claims she is entitled to full custody and childsupport as well as our co owned van. We live in North Carolina. Is any of this true? what rights do I have?

  • Greg

    I live in nc. Wife walked out on me & oldest son (10 now 13). She took our 1 yr old now 4. She was pregnant with boyfriends baby. Court ordered her two yrs go to attend counseling and meet oldest son in a neutral place. She refused to do so and consequently has abandoned oldest son and has no relationship with him. Boyfriend is off of probation for drug issues and in agreement of mediation boyfriend would not drink alcohol around my youngest son, would not be left alone with youngest son, and would not physically discipline youngest son and that is not being honored. I want my two boys together and not separated for every other week as they are now. I know there is a half sister involved now but does an illigitmate child take precedence over these two brothers? I am a good father and I am not involved with another woman. I am left with the bills and of course they are living in poverty conditions so the odds of collecting from a aleination affection and criminal conversation lawsuit is not ging to happen. I have the automobiles paid for the house only has two more yrs and it paid for. Is that gone or can i protect these articles since she walked out and never paid a dime into these things. So I know I can prove adultery I am worried as to what is going to happen to my kids through this. Oldest one will not talk or communicate to her no matter how much I encourage him to. I guess if my mom told me that she loved her boyfriend more than she loved me I would not want much to do with her either. So if you help me on these custody issues I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Meek

      Greg…I feel your pain. I have three children with my now ex-husband. I had a house built, a good job, and was study doing good. My husband and I first broke up when I found out he had a child three weeks younger than my oldest son. After getting back together the second time, he went out and got another baby on me after my third and last child was two years old! He was verbally abusive so bad I lost my job then lost my house, and had to take a lower paying job. I am struggling to have ends meet. My oldest son just started communicating with him after almost two years. He was angry. So I understand how your son feels abandoned by her. Hang in there. Just protect both your babies the best you can.

  • Lynette

    I live in Arkansas and I was wondering if this was an at fault state. I have been married to my husband for 18 years and found out that he has not been faithful, he has two sets of outside children, and I just reciently found out the he has been ordered to pay childsupport. I have five children by him and currently pay the majority of the bills, the house is in my name I pay the note, the we have four cars, I payed two off and he currently just purchased one in which he pays for and my oldest son (18) pays for the one he drives. I am struggling and want out, he is never home and the children knows about his unfaithfulness and are very torn apart by it, they have attempted to talk to him about it but he takes his anger out on them and says he will not do things for them anymore. I want to know what I am entitled to and if I can sue for the disruption in my marriage.

  • Astrid

    In the state of North Carolina is solely kissing some one outside the marriage considered adultery and if so would it affect wether or not the ‘guilty’ party would receive alimony and/or would it affect the one year waiting period required before divorce?

  • What if he insists on talking in secret with his so called female friend, and talks for hours on end,,also had a fling with his cousin (not really) whom is married and doesnt know what went on,, what would you do, if all he says is there isnt nothing going on,

  • curious

    all I can say is this year 2010 has truly been a year for cheaters getting caught from normal people to celebrities. hurt is hurt! what amazes me is that people that interferes with others marriages feels like they are entitled. they want to accuse you of lacking, in some area and that is why your spouse or partner chose them. how stupid is that when all they are doing is being used. case in point I had a situation where my husband decided to cheat with someone out of state. they both works for the government. I found texting and e-mails and phone records and busted him and he could not deny any of it, but now he suppose to be done with her and is not communicating with her anymore. so far things has been ok with us and seems to be back on the right track, but i am still distraught by his deception. i feel like she has violated my marriage and now wants me to be quiet about it to her husband and kids. i want to bust her out because i am the one dealing with the aftermath while she is playing miss innocent in her marriage. i see the comments that she makes on facebook and her son’s make, as if they are such a happy family yet she thought that it was ok to disrupt my family. i do not know if my husband is still communicating with her, i do not know any way to tell, when he is at work. he is not going to use our phone or his cell any more because he knows i have access. how can i find out?

  • Determined

    Hello, I live in MI. I understand that we are a No Fault state. Me and a female caught my husband up about to commit adultery with her. that was about 6 wks ago. Now, she is claiming him, and putting things on FB trying to taunt me. I feel some is slander. Is there any other way to sue someone for having an affair with your mate, even if you can’t use the alienated of affection in MI ? I want to sue for the slander also…

  • timothy

    my wife was sleeping with one of her coworers for three months befor she decided she liked him more and left is there anything i can do to compasate for my pain and suffering

    • floyd

      i live in missouri can i sue the guy who my wife commited adultre with and has caused us to get divorced

  • melissa

    i have been married 2 my daughters father for a week as of today we got married in a court house 2 days after we got married he said he made a mistake and wants an annulment….. i live in alabama and i havent seen him since the day after we got married he got back with his ex ….. now i know this seems wrong but i dont want to get an annulment or a divorce because i want him to suffer he doesnt work and has no money he wants me to pay for it all what should i do? am i wrong for not divorcing him just to make his life miserable?

    • melissa

      please someone help me!!!! i beg u

    • Sonya

      Any time you’re doing something just to make someone miserable, it’s probably not the right thing to do. You’re probably also going to inadvertently make your daughters’ lives miserable because you’ll be focused on this relationship problem until it’s either resolved or ended. Either work out the relationship or call it quits…don’t drag it out. That’s not good for anyone.

  • melissa

    i agree but i am not dwelling on the relationship at all like i havent seen him since 2 days after we got married and im not stressing bout it i dont care where he is really i just dont wanna give him what he wants by divorcing him he should have never said i do

  • Tina

    How can Adultery not be a crime when it is one of the 10 Commandments?

  • Stephie

    My husband is having an ongoing affair outside CA,USA, he’s having an affair in the Phillipines and we have a 5 yrs old child. What legal action should I do? Can I sue him for adultery?

  • Mike

    While I was deployed in Iraq from October 2009 until May 2010, my wife (we live in Michigan) at the time committed adultery and had her boyfriend move in my house with our kids (5 and 13 at the time), had a Power of Attorney from me and then used it to give my car via the title that was in our name to her boyfriend, around $50,000 is missing that was supposed to be used for a downpayment for our new home.. When I found out in Iraq what she was doing I filed for divorce. Since her actions are the cause for divorce I would say that “adultery” is the reason for the grounds for divorce. That being said then – I feel that she should not be entitled to ANY type of spousal support and I hope that the Court sees it that way too. Can you give me your input on this?

    Thank you,

  • dude

    If my wife cheated on me and I’m in the Military and lived in Jacksonville NC can that affect what she is entitled to financially?

  • curious

    Say my husband and I were to separate because he abandonment his son and I and moved states away and we tried to work things out and realized it would not work that far away from each other, and one of us were to get into a relationship before we got a divorce, can the spouse that is in the relationship get into trouble for this?

  • curious

    in the last one I sent I meant he abandoned his son and I.

  • Kay

    What about this kind of adultery:

  • sarah

    I just started a new relationship with a man who is getting a divorce apparently the wife just signed the papers and now he has to but they live in different states, could he get in trouble for adultery ? She is making false accusations that him and i have been having sex since before the divorce was discussed , she has no proof of us being sexually active with one another, how ever we do live together but as room mates there are also 2 other room mates that live here. When is it legal to have another relationship after the papers are handed to the lawyer?

  • Irene

    my live-in partner for 3 years cheating on me 3 times i always accept him because we have a child but now the last time he cheat me i decided to broke him and finish everything…i want to know if theres a penalty for that?we are not married but we have a child and weve been together for 3 years…

    im from philippines

  • Jim R

    What can I do legally if my wife if 15 years is cheating on me with her school teacher?

  • monsterkricket

    I live in the state of Nc. & my wife & I have been married for 15 yrs. We have been separated now for about 5 yrs. Not legally mind you. However; while we were supposedly a couple she told me,as I had just got out of the Army,that I no longer live there & that someone else has taken over my roll as Head of Household. She kicked me out of her & the kids life with no regards to the kids or myself. She now has had multiple boyfriends & multiple addresses. I have not been able,do to her rule,to see my kids now in years. Her newest boyfriend believes he has all the control & she is the one allowing this. I have not cheated on her even in our separation. She blatantly lives with this guy & my two kids. What can I do? I have been trying to fight this for yrs. now! I am looking for any help I can get. Please!!! someone help me!

  • nancy

    I found out that my husband was cheating on me after he left me. It was all just so confusing as to why he was they way he was the last moths we were together but at the end it was all clear. I had already caught him talking to the same girl “he started dating” his now “ex girlfriend”. A week later after he left me he was dating this girl. He left me 8 months pregnant at the time i had no job or any resources. He also took my daughter around that girl within like two weeks after he left me. They had photos of the 3 of them together. We have two daughters together so the one he had around his “girlfriend” was are older daughter. Now Can i accuse him of abandoment/adultery. Also can i do anything to keep him from taking my daughters near that girl at least meanwhile we get divorced?

  • Bill R

    I have a friend In Michigan she is married but wanting a divorce from her abusive husband, we lost contact for 10 yrs up till that last Febuary we have been talkign on facebook texting and few phone calls her husband has found out and is using it is for grounds to fight and block the divorece saying she is commiting adultry with me via Emotional Affairs cause he over heard her tell me on the phone she still loves
    Is it possiable for him and the state to hold this against her and stop her from getting a divorce???

  • AFMom

    My son deployed to Iraq last August. His wife took his baby daughter and went to Oklahoma to “Visit” her dad. Two weeks after she got there she moved in with her old boyfriend. They spilt up then she moved in with another guy. She had a miscarriage in November 2010 while my son was deployed. She then cleaned out the bank account and rented a moving van and took all their household goods from DC back to Oklahoma. She is now pregnant with this guys baby. They are not divorced. Does this mean the child will legally be my sons? Will he have to prove it isn’t? Will he have to pay for it till he does? Also IF the child is “legally his” then can we use it in the custody fight and tell her give us the little girl and walk away or we will go after you for BOTH kids ? She really is a horrible mother and very neglectful.

  • A L F

    I was wondering in the state of NC, if this is considered adultry. My husband and his exwife are in contact with each other. He is military and she lives in TX. My question is they are on the phone weekly talking during his lunch break and sometimes 3-4 times in a day. He knows this upsets me and it really hurts me and he still continues to do this. It seems when he is in contact with her he gets distant with me, he shows no affection towards me, and he stops wearing his wedding ring. Ok to some this might mean nothing but to me it hurts me because I love this man with all my being and I guess that is why I put up with it for 8 yrs. They will stop talking for a year or so then start back up and his behavior towards me starts back up. In 2006 he was having a cyber love affair with one of his other exes and I found out about it and he stopped and has not contacted her since, so I hope. Now I went and spoke with the chaplain on post and he says this could be a form of adultry. So I am wondering if it is and if so can I go after him for alimony? Because he does alienate me during these times.

    Thank you for any advice.

  • Patf2a3

    My husband claims he is not involved with this other women but I have a text from someone that states before you go any further with xxx consider the who is going to be hurt, I also have proof her car is always at the same place where he is staying, he claims it is broken down there and she doesn’t live there, I also have a email message between the 2 of them stating how much they love eachother saying it back and forth to one another. I live in MI where adultry is a crime is this proof enough to charge them both?

  • Crystal81

    I live in the state of SC. My husband and I have been married for 2 years and from the time we have been married I have caught him on numerous occassions chatting with women on the internet. He mention all kinds of sexual acts but never said he had sex with any of them. He has mention that he went to their homes but never admitted of having sex with them. I have all the e-mails, and conversations saved in a special folder. I can no longer be in this marriage. Would this fall under emotional abandoment? and would I be able to file for a divorce for emotional abandoment?

  • patty bennett

    i have proof that my husband has a gf but he says he not cheating we only been married 8 months

  • The R

    I live in Louisiana. I have been researching & see that it is now a state that requires proof of adultery to reward a divorce. I am the one who has been accused of cheating on my wife. She has proof of me comunicating with various women but there is nothing explicit in any of the communication that she has gotten hold of that implicates me of having any sexual intercourse with anyone. The only thing is a mention of ‘possible’ oral sex but it still is not explicitly stated that it took place, just mere slang references that coudl be left up to interpretaion in the courts. Will the fact that she has written proof of me communicating with these women be grounds enough to grant the divorce or will further hardcore evidence be needed? Also she is threatening to have me forcefully removed from our home although I have done nothing to her. Just because she says that she doesn’t want to look at me & wants me out of the house. Can a person request phone/text records in the proceedings as well? Please offer some guidance. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

  • Tjernobyl_Child

    What can do {Legally} about the man that is having an ongoing affair with my wife? We have 4 children under 5yrs old. After 14 yrs, I do not want a divorce. In fact I have already forgiven her in my heart though she hasnt asked no does she want it yet. …Whole nother story….back on topic now. I have gone to this man as a friend, and spoke with him aboiut the lies and bretrayl but never once accusing him.I explicitly explaind to him that his actions were not just affecting me and my wife. But that he was tearing apart the home of 4, innocent, little, children…2 of whch will have to back to a shelter because they are our foster babies and if my wife leaves she wont be able to foster any more. So I told him :see what pain and distruction your actions will cause. Can you live with that guilt and shame”…..i then told him i wanted a favor from him. I asked him to just back off. Stop seeing her. Stop calling her 10 times a day (but never when I am around) Dont answer the door when she comes over….Hew said Sure man anything you ask. We shaked and hugged on it….The next day I had to fly to philly for work for 4 days………he stayed at my house…

    I’m tired of all the lies, and betrayel. I have been forsaken and I need to man up and do whatever it takes for my 4 precious kids,

    Can adultry be filed as a fraud of some kind Or some crime of deception?

  • Bart

    Just weeks before our marriage and weeks after we jointly acquired a condo, my fiance began and admitted to an affair and continued seeing him despite her indicating it was over between them. As a result, I canceled the wedding due to infidelity and violating the trust factor. In North Carolina, is she required to forfeit the wedding ring I requested back? Secondly, I’m considering putting up for sale our residence, relocate as she’s relocated to an out of town address. The prospect of a financial loss is expected. Two part question here. Given her name is on the deed as a co owner, can she remove her name without my consent prior to the sale? and secondly, is she liable for 50% of all real estate transaction expenses and any financial settlement to the lender should it sale for less than the balance?

  • Amy

    If a wife and husband share another woman together is that considered adultery?

  • Joey

    My wife was confused and off her meds for bi-polar. and feeling unloved.. She took to cheating on me. She told me she did and feels guilty. The man she slept with keeps visiting the downstairs neighbors. That makes me uncomfortable.. Can I get a restraining order against him? My wife and I are okay now.. I just can’t stand seeing him everyday.

    • Joey

      by the way the neighbors are my in-laws.

    • Conrad

      MOVE or it will continue to happen I guarantee it brother!

  • melissa salas

    My husband had a affair and we r separated, and now she pregnant he not sure if it his, could I sue her?

    • carrie

      The woman my husband had an affair with is pregnant. I’m not sure I can get over it and forgive. She’s saying she’s suing me for harassment but can’t she get in trouble in court for having an affair?

  • the one betrayed

    Deanna Cloud is a scum bag for what she did, she took someones marraige and is trying very hard to ruin it because hers is. The guy she is cheating with has a history of beating and betraying his wife’s. He starts out so nice and sweet and then it will hit you with a bang. She is a millwright and I hope she pays dearly for not backing off. I also hope Terry Manor pays dearly for being a beating cheating lying creep. He pretended he was sober and a god fearing man and stopped at every bar he could in each state on his way back to Wisconsin. He has cheated his kids out of a dad and he is the one who acts like he was also betrayed those 2 should not be able to sleep at night. I hope Allan Cloud gets their child because she has no moral values what so ever. Call 715-220-0816 for the man she is cheating with call 503-267-6724 if you want some free cheap not so good nooky.

  • Starlight

    Is it considered Adultery for some to talk about wanting to have sexual relations with another women? I am asking for my husband wants to have sex with Sara Palin and my aunt. Would this be classified adultery?

  • Rob

    This is a very long story. I will make it as short as possible. I was 62 years old and married 36 years when I learned my wife had multiple affairs. The most recent lasting four years. She has then and now refused to talk about any of it.
    I’m still processing this…,
    My question however relates to my two children. They are both married and have kids of their own. When they learned of the affairs they did nothing or said nothing . They act as if nothing happened. Meanwhile I am depressed, etc. I ask them and get no real answer. I get along fine with them. I don’t want to tell them not to talk to her or have anything to do with her…they are adults and chose to forget it and act as if this never occurred. ????? Why? Am I expecting too much? Is this normal for adult children to act like this?

  • Rachel

    I divorced my husband a year a go. We have 2 children. I recently found out that, while we were married, he had a child with another women. What’s worse is that while they have been living together she collected state support, stating that the father of the child was unknown. My exhusband is also active military. Is there anything I can do about it now?

  • BeenThere

    You have to check the laws in your state. Something similar happened to me many years ago and, after research, I found that when in a “promissory stage” of marriage that the person “faulting” the promise must give up the ring. I subsequently kept mine. She is at fault here, and if laws are applicable where you are, she must give up the ring to you to help cover financial loss due to loss of merge. As far as the condo, you may have to seek a lawyer. Usually financial brokers have a bit of legal foothold, per se, over removal of someone from a deed/title.
    When my ex-husband & I divorced, I found that I could not just have his name removed from my vehicle, that the lending company had precedence over a divorce decree. Though the decree stated it was solely MY debt, the financial institution would not remove his name from my loan/title for my truck.
    Good luck!


  • BeenThere

    There are a few things that you can do. While I think it’s a “dead issue” for you and do not approve of retaliatory actions, I also do not believe in thievery. If KNOWINGLY the fraud was taking place, then I believe she and he BOTH should pay for stealing the hard earned money from the people of her state.
    If you have proof that your marriage was completely viable at the time of his affair….
    1) This other child is proof of said affair
    2) The military severely frowns on adultery of any kind. Whether it be a married spouse having an extra marital affair, or a single person having one with a married person. Question…was he active duty at the time of said affair? If yes, then you can go to his command.
    3) If you have PROOF this woman knew who the father was at the time of the birth/collection state aid, you can go to the county welfare department and prove fraud. They were STEALING people’s money.
    4) USUALLY a state will not allow someone to go on state aid for a child with “unknown” being on the birth certificate. They seek some recompense for the money they give to her every month. So, if applicable in your state as well, someone is lying to you.
    5) Your ex-husband receives a monthly BAQ for dependents, which is stated on his LES. This helps you with your child support. Each branch of military is different. Some pay a FLAT rate of dependent BAQ, some increase in pay with each additional. If he’s receiving the latter, and she is claiming state aid while living with him, there could be repercussions there as well since they are living together. State-wise, not military. It’s an income issue for the aid.
    I hope this proves to help for you.


  • Cynthia

    I have a cell phone that is used for both personal and business – but I get reimbursed for the phone from my company. I am in the medical profession and have phone numbers and text messages that are coming and going to my patients. My husband and I are getting a divorce and he has subpoened my phone and text records. I live in KY which is a no-fault state so I am curious does he have a right to do this? Can I block him from getting this information? I am concerned about patient confidentiality.

  • Nikki

    My husband and i are currently going through a divorce right now we have an interm parenting plan where he is supposed to get our children every week, he was with a woman for over 6 months she just had his baby he left her while she was 8 months pregnant for another woman, is there something i can do? he is only taking our children 1 day a week and is letting his new girlfriend control our situation and the one with his other child’s mother.

  • queen of arthur

    if i was with my boyfriend for 15 years and he married someone else and din’t tell me and we are still messing around does alination of affection apply to me since i never lost his affection so to speak? i am in nc so she could sue me. but i wonder if he never stopped messing around did i lose his affection legally

  • beverley

    My marriage ended 1 year ago, on domestic violence, after me and our children left the state of tx to move to ms, i met a guy 3 months after we seperated, and have just been in a casual relationship. can he sue me for adultery even if our marriage ended when he pulled a gun on us?

  • Terry

    This woman married another woman when same-sex marriage was legal in California for 3 months. This woman is living with the woman she is merried to, but she goes out and get pregnant by some guy she was cheating with. Can she file child support on the guy she cheated with?

  • Terry

    In California can a woman who is married and living with her spouse, file child support on the guy she cheated with and got pregnant by?

  • Yakob Lily

    My wife left home & two children. After a couple of months I see her with differen men. I have 100% evidence that she committes adultery. Although we live a part we are not still divorced. Two days ago, as she lives near by, I saw a man sleeping the night at her home and left in the morning. Then I went to her car (the car which I bought to her) and broke two sides mirror. Later she filed protective order against me. I have court case on 12/19/11. What should I do. Is it crime to broke the car I bought. How do I defend myself at court. Urgent Reply needed.

  • don Richard

    I caught my wife sending several nude pictures to her boyfriend. She took those pictures in our bedroom. I accused her of cheating but she denied. Do you think she slept with him? Do you think i have enough evidence to take her to court and get custody of our child?

  • Jeff

    I live in Mi. My question is that I caught my wife cheating on me via the credit card…I called the hotel and asked for her room by asking for her by name, Her boyfriend answered….

    I guess my question is, although we were only married less than a year can I still go after her for alimony-seeing as at the time I was not working due to us taking care of her elderly grandmother. (shes a RN and took care of her by evening and me by day).

    Also, in order to recover lost salary-because of me not working in order to help her with caring for her grandmother, she claimed me on her taxes-after we were married. Is that legal?

  • thanksforthehelp

    I had an affair with a woman, after I was married for 2 years. I am now trying to get out of the affair. I have blocked the woman’s number.
    Can that woman sue me ?

  • ivy

    ok my question is this my youngest sister inherited two acres of land when my dad passed away she got this before she got marred..she has two adopted children that her husband is the biological grandfather..she has had an affair on this man and he never has helped her do anything with the kids she has paid for everything food daycare clothing everything she has sought for divorce from this man now he is wanting her home property and is fighing for full custody of the kids the defacs office has even stated that chris has never been involved with the kids from day one his attorney is making her look like a adulter and is fighting to take my sisters inherietd property is there someting that we can do to make sure he does not get the kids and the property

  • michelle

    If you are found guilty of Adultery will you lose your kids?

  • carrie

    My husband got hurt on the job got a nice settlement. Didn’t tell me he got it and took a road trip to west Virginia to take a friend to see his “sick child”. Come to find out later he had been chatting online w another woman and went to meet her. He spent all our life savings and 9 days later showed up at home
    I didn’t know of the cheating yet but had suspicions. Stupid me let him in. A week later I caught him w a woman at a bar and kicked him out. He stayed at a motel while desperately trying to save our marriage all the while he’s got gf from west Virginia Comoros to stay w him. Pictures of her naked were put on internet and she’s trying to take me to court. I didn’t do it. She’s now pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is because she’s a whore. How do I go about fighting this if it goes to court? Stupid me I’m still w him. If I throw adultery evidence out there to the judge will my husband be prosecuted if she is for knowingly breaking up a marriage? Maybe I’ll smarten up one day.

  • David

    I’m going to try to make this as short as i can but their really isn’t any possible way, but if you think you can help me, please read all of this, I am desperate for some help. I met my girlfriend in Dec of 09, she lost her job in Oct of 2010, she kinda forced me to move in with her at that time, I did love her and I thought she loved me the same, she was basically telling me that I needed to move in or we had to split up because she was tired of not being able to be with me, at the time I was taking care of, and living at my parents house because they had moved 800 miles away to take care of their parents(my grandparents) until they pass. Then we had a daughter together that was born very premature (only 12oz.) in Feb of 2011, and she has alot of health problems which meant that she needed a very clean environment to be in. My girlfriend’s house was not up to standards at all in any way. Our daughter was in ICU from Feb through the end of June and when she came home then, she was still on oxygen and a heart monitor, which during that time that she was in the hospital I worked a 12 hour rotating shift at my current job and then busted my butt on my days off trying to remodel the bedroom that our daughter was going to be staying in before she came home from the hospital, during that time I maxed out all my credit cards and ended up spending roughly $20,000 fixing her house, although I’m not quite done, just got some minor trim work left. Then just a few weeks ago i noticed that she started going out to clubs while I was working, but I didn’t really think anything about it because she was going out with her mom. Although what was bothering me is that she would leave the baby at the house with just her 16 year old son that does not know CPR and can’t get off his Xbox for anything to watch her. And the Dr’s have stated that there has to be someone in the house at all times that at least knows CPR. Then the next weekend I was off work, we went out for a little while, while her mom stayed and watched the baby for us. I noticed that night that she was dancing with alot of guys which she really has never done before, but I still didn’t think anything about it and let it go. Then when we got home and got in the bed, a few minutes later she gets up and grabs her phone and goes into the living room, that’s when suspicion starts to rise (it’s 2:30 in the morning) so I get up a few minutes later and go into the living room, the lights were off but the TV was on, she’s texting someone and she doesn’t even know that I just walked right in front of her. She finally noticed me when I sat down beside her and my head got between her sight of the phone, when she noticed it was me, she tries to hit the end call button and make the screen go black and then tries to slide the phone around to the side of her leg like I didn’t see any of it. I sat there for a minute, and then I kindly asked her who she was texting, and she said that she was just putting something in her calendar. So then I asked her why she had to hide the phone from me if she was just putting something in her calendar. That’s when the argument started. And I basically said that if she was going to cheat on me to just tell me to leave and I will. We didn’t speak to each other that much the next day, and then she calls her mom to go out that night again and didn’t bother to ask me. The phone that she is using is mine that I bought and pay the bill on every month. So I installed spy software on it to confirm my suspicions of her infidelity. That night she still hadn’t used her phone yet, when she got home and got in the bed I just tried to make up with her, I put my arms around her and held her then she held my hand, then we started kissing, and I put some nice hickies on her neck. She then took her pants off and we fooled around for a while, then she got on her hands and knees while I got behind her. Then when we were done 3 hours later, she got up and put her clothes back on and went into the bathroom to use it and then got back in the bed. When we got up the next day she’s upset because I put those hickies on her neck and she swears up and down that I took advantage of her all because she says that she doesn’t remember anything that happened. This literally broke my heart because I was thinking that we had made up. Then later that day when I left to bring my 8 year old daughter back to her mom, that’s when she started texting him. The software that I put on the phone would send me every text that she sent or received. She told him that i raped her. That she couldn’t wait until she was lying in his bed beside him, she wanted to feel his body next to hers, and wanted to feel every inch of him inside her. They text each other until I got back. Then I tried begging and pleading to her that night without her knowing what I already knew, and tried to explain that we had a daughter that has alot more serious health problems than any problem that we were having and we needed to stop doing anything that would hurt each other and think about our little girl. She stuck by her word saying that she wasn’t doing anything wrong and that it was just in my head. We ended up having sex again that night. I got up the next day and went to work, I was only hoping that she would send him a text saying that this was wrong and that she has a family that she needs to work on and for him to just leave her alone and not text her anymore. But that’s not exactly how it went. She text him all day talking about how much she wants to be with him, that she didn’t want me to know about them until I’m gone, telling him that she has told me to leave a hundred times but I won’t listen and I won’t leave. Then when I get home from work we talk about things again, and pretty much repeat what we had just talked about the night before and she’s still sticking to what she says that she’s not doing anything wrong. The next day I get up again, and this is where it starts to get interesting. I go to work hoping the same thing that I did the day before. But I’m wrong again. This time she text him saying that we argued all night and that she couldn’t take much more, and that she wanted to kill me. And text a few of her other friends and tells them that I raped her and was going to set it up where when I got home from work one day the next week the cops would be at her house to take me to jail for rape. He text her and said that he couldn’t wait to be with her, and she text him back and said that it would be in about a week. So I had to make my decision quicker than I was planning on. I had my brother text me when i got home from work saying that my parents needed me to go over to the house the next day and clean it because they had someone coming over to rent it, just so I could leave the house because she wouldn’t text anyone while I was around. When I got home that night I tried one more time and begged and pleaded with her and I actually thought that I might have finally made her see what she was doing was wrong. We made love for hours then went to bed. I got up the next day to go clean my parents house, she was all loveable on me, and then before I could even get out the driveway she was already texting him saying that we argued all night again. So I made up my mind then and went to the U-Hual company and rented a truck. I was going to have my brother swing by and pick up the truck when he got off work and come over their and just before he got their I was going to print out all the text that she had been sending and receiving and confront her. But they started making plans to go out that night and she was going to figure out some kind of excuse to tell me. So I then decided to just have my brother wait until she left then I would call him and then he could come so it wouldn’t be any disturbance and it would give me a little time to talk to her son and explain to him what his mom was doing and getting ready to do to me. He actually helped me pack my stuff. I got pretty much all of my stuff out of the house. The only things that I didn’t get at the time were everything that I bought for the baby, because if I would have, the baby wouldn’t even have a diaper to piss in. She didn’t get home until around 3am, and needless to say, her son let into her ass for doing what she was doing. But now they have made up which was kinda expected since she is his mom, and the fact that she probably bribed him with his Xbox. But now is the messed up part. I’m back at my parents house, but now I’m in so much debt from fixing her house, I can’t afford to fight her for anything, and she wants’ me to give up my rights. She says that she won’t take me for support, but I’m more worried about our little girl, because when I worked night shift and would come home in the morning the baby would be screaming to the top of her lungs, and she would be in the bed in the same room and not even flinch. I would always change her, feed her, and stay up with her until around 11 until she would finally wake up then I had to go to bed because I still had to work that night. But every time I would come in from work she would have an ash tray tucked down on the lower part of her night stand, and I have always said something to her that I didn’t like her smoking in the same room with the baby because the baby had just came off the oxygen but the tanks were still in the room just in case she needed it. Our daughter has had alot of health problems such as respiratory, loss of hearing, loss of sight, and just recently finding out that she has fluid on her brain but not sure how long it has been their because the dr’s don’t want to do too many MRIs because she is almost a year old now and just now the size and weight of most newborns. My Question: Is there anything I can do. I don’t have the money for a lawyer to fight her because I’m still paying on all the stuff that I did to her house plus I now have more bills by moving back to my parents. She lives in North Carolina, I want to fight for my baby because honestly I don’t think she is going to make it very much longer if she stays their with all the health issues that she has and the extra needs that she needs, and the way that she is tending to her is probably even worse now because I’m not there, and it is breaking my heart every day, but I don’t know what to do. Someone has told me that I could sue him for disrupting a marital relationship even though we were never married, but he lives in Va. Please any suggestions would be very helpful and if you may know a good lawyer that wouldn’t mind doing this pro bono, it would mean the world to me and my daughter. Thank You and I’m sorry this was so long, I just didn’t know how else to explain it.

  • Ladi

    Does my husband have grounds for a divorce under “INSUPPORTABILITY” ? He filed for divorce after an argument however since then he said he didn’t want it and said that he was going to get the case dismissed. He even shredded the original petition for divorce (my copy). We still live together , sleep, eat, go out on dates, conversate, go to church as a family, and do everything married couples do. He confesses his love for me on social networks, still wears his ring and does everything that a husband is supposed to do. On Valentines Day we renewed our vows however this week he had me sign a waiver form so I wouldn’t get served by the constables, he would have to serve me the papers. Oh he did commit adultery, one time I know about, but I have forgiven him. How does he have grounds for divorce? Please advise….

  • Jenny

    My husben and i have been going thow prombles and he invited or good friend down here to arkansas to live with us. Well this friend and i are toghter now because i have left my husband. My husband treats me really bad. And i put up with it for 5 years. and i wanted out of it. Well our freind and i are now a coulpe and my husbend thinks he can get us for adultery here in arkansas. so my question is: can he do that here in arkansas?

  • Natasha

    If divorce papers have been filed and you’re just going through the waiting period…is it still adultery to move in and start your life with someone else?

  • walkintall

    honestly, i have been reading many forum blogs as this one, im also divorced from being shit on..why on earth would anyone want to even take the chance of marriage anymore???? seriously… cheating and more cheating now we have 30 plus year marriages falling apart… i think all people that are thinking about marriage should read these posts….im sorry anyone wanting to take the plunge nowadays is pretty fn stupid !!! its simply not worth the worrry nor the risk… i love staying single… no more worrying…and no more ” trust issues “…remember one thing…anyone can cheat if they are givin the right opportunity !!

    • Happily married

      You posted that three years ago… I hope your outlook has improved.
      Remember that on these sites you’re seeing the worst of things.
      Good people, honest people, caring, loving spouses, and happy healthy couples are out there…. We’re just not as noisy, and so go unheard of.
      Best wishes to you
      And my condolences on your failed marriage.

  • Darlene

    I live in CA, I am married. I was wondering if it is considered adultery if i send nude photos to another man besides my husband, in return this man has been sending me money. I have been told that it is and told that it isnt….

    • watchingyou

      no, but it does make you a prostitute

  • Terry

    My boyfriend wants to move in with me right now. He has not filed for divorce. We live in the state of GA.
    I refuse to let him move in with me until I know for sure that his current wife can not keep him from visiting his son due to living with me.

    Any Advice?

  • Josh

    My Wife was texting, calling, another man for about three months then she finally told me she was leaving me, she told me it was the guy’s sister but it was him that she was talking to, she moved out got an apartment and a week later she is introducing this guy to my kids, I”m furious that she has done this, so my lawyer and her lawyer made an agreement that he could visit but couldn’t stay the night, so now guess what he has moved in awesome, she has done this to me two years ago, pretty much the same thing except this time she stayed in the county, I took her back for our kids, I didn’t want them to hurt, I feel like a fool.

  • Mr. Q

    Hello I was involved with a lovely lady since 2001 and now it’s 2012 .. We lived in a few homes together she told people and company’s she was my wife.. Her daughter even calls me dad.. Come to find out they had a home that I knew nothing for about 6 months.. She lived with me during those 6 months til yesterday when I find out she was married to a federal inmate..and after ten +.years of supporting her an her daughter she left me like I never meant nothing… WOOOOOOOW THAT HURT!!! We live in virginia.. Now is this adultery?? can I sue for pain an suffering or anything lord knows it hurt?

    • Nope. Sorry bud, sound horrible.

  • vanessa

    My husband cheated on my while i was pregnant and gave me an STD. We tried to work things out and it didnt work. This was all done in the state of Florida. I decided to live him and move back to California where I’m originally from. Now he is giving me hell with not wanting to give me my daughters Child support. If I report him with Child support and file for divorce will the judge still let him see his daughter and make her fly out to Florida where he is at? She is only 3 years old. what can I do in this case?


    I recently found my husband uses escort services often. He made several sexvideos with them. We live in NY. Since prostitution is illegal, if I file divorce, I can get damages for this from him? I got STD from him(he denies it) when I was pregnant. I can prove by medical record. It just isn’t possible that prove it is from him (I never ever had sex with other than my husband though…)
    Also I want a full custody for my 1year old child. Can I get it and child support too?

  • Brandon

    My wife has been commiting adultery. We rent an apartment together in las vegas, NV. Both of our names are on the lease. She is going to move out within the next few days, and may be bringing the guy she has been cheating with to help her. My question is do I have to let him into my residence?

  • Jeff

    Married in California
    Married for 20 years
    Currently an Alabama State resident for over a year now (both of us)
    Wife currently dwells in the residence still.

    1 Wife has been having an online affair with someone into deviate sexual practices (BDSM). I have his full info. He lives in Texas.
    2 She bought a plane ticket to go see him while I was away on business but didn’t use it. I discovered the eticket while cleaning the house and called to verify this. (shows intent though she didn’t use the ticket?)
    3 She got me into several thousands of dollars into debt without my knowlege. (I am losing my security clearance because of this and thus my job) She also involved one of my children in hiding the bills from me.
    4 and much much more. all this happened under my nose and yes I have documented proof of their conversations and pictures they swapped. (would make anyone sick)

    1. what are my chances of gaining full custodial rights of my teenage children in Alabama with her only getting supervised visitation? (don’t want my kids exposed to her new “lifestyle”)
    2. can I get a court gag order on her so she can’t discuss her lifestyle with my kids? I don’t want to pay for years of therapy. She has threatened to tell them everything about herself out of spite for me.
    2. am I responsible for the debts incurred by her without my knowlege?
    3. is she still entiltled to my military retirement?
    4. Though I personally am innocent of any improprieties and my character is very much intact, am I still legally screwed?
    5. Is there any legal recourse I can take agains the guy in Texas? He is married as well. My wife appears to prefer being some idiots mistress rather than a married woman and a mom.
    6. What grounds would this divorce fall under? Miscellanious?

    Thank you for your time and attention

  • ed

    I live i washington state and my wife has been texting with her coworkers husband and on day i got off of work early and caught them in bed together and they tape the door shut on my kids room to lock them in there while they have sex, do I have enough here to win custody of my children?

  • Victoria

    My husband ask me for a divorce over the phone, he has been working Overseas for about 2 mounts. I am overseas also, we are in different continents right now. He doesn’t wants that I come back to The States for my personals belongings. I am so afraid and sad an confuse, that sometimes have difficulties to breath. I have serious suspicious that he is cheating on my. Can I spy him sending a software to his laptop, is this legal? Please help me!

  • Earl

    Can my wife recieve alimony just because i had a sexual conversation on criagslist? I make between 24,000 and 30,00, so does she. We have 2 small children.

  • Michelle

    I am married however I have been seperated from my husband since june 2005. I had a 5 yr relationship after we split. Of that relationship I had 2 children. I am now again trying to get a divorce from my husband 7 yrs later. Even tho hes not the biological father do I still file custody for my kids i had with the other man in our divorce?

  • karj

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    Many thanks

  • jonathan

    I found out my wife if chatting with one of her coworkers.
    In the msg she tells him that she misses him and that she wants his kisses. I discover it because she left her facebook page open. We have a 2yr old daughter and I really don’t want to leave her with her mom. I live in TX. What can I do ?

  • Anonymous

    Is it considered infidelity if my husband participates in live video sex chats? He has requested sexual acts in these chats and some of the females are as young as 17 years of age. Is this grounds for divorce in North Carolina?

  • jerryc

    My wife accused me of having a gay affair 8 yrs. ago which was totally rediculous. Recently I found out she was having an affair at a cabin we had just purchased. I immediately filed for divorce. She will not settle and currently lives with the guy. She is taking it all the way to trial saying I cheated on her 8 yrs. ago. I didn’t but is it relevant since she kept in the marriage 8 yrs. and we seemed to be happy and she spent the heck out of my money. If she really believed I did why would she stay.

  • L

    I live in Virginia. My husband had a affairs and committed adultery while we lived in Virginia and in Hawaii…he has admitted this to me and in addition, I have a total of 398 emails depicting the affairs. The women were aware of me as they wrote about me in the emails. The total number of years this went on was 15 years. I have been married for 26 years and thought we were happy. Everyone thought we had the perfect marriage and I did too. Turns out he has a sexual addiction. One of the women he committed adultery with was the owner of a software business and had a government contract. She was sued the the US government for fraud and bribery of government officials (GSA) and was accused of stealing 6.5 million from taxpayers in a very public case. My husband was a government employee and was involved with this woman in an adulterous relationship during the time she was committing the fraud and bribery. I want to move to North Carolina or Michigan to get away. If I move, can I file for divorce in these states and can all parties be sued for alienation of affection, criminal conversation, adultery, emotional abandonment and cruelty? I want to sue the women involved as well. I have three adult children who are all successful, happy adults. I have invested my life in my family and will now be alone. What grounds do you think I have in this case?

    • VAA

      I thought I was reading my own story. The bastard said it was common, so why was I overreacting. How are you suppose to act when you find out that the woman he was having the affair with during the last 2 years of your 29 year marriage, is now his girlfriend and has been for over a year. There really should be a law to hold these men accountable for what they do to their families and their wives. I was devastated!

      • Chad Gleason

        My wife is currently doing me this way

  • donna

    I have been seperated for 4 yrs. He went to prison so we decided to put the divorce on hold and see what happens when he got out. It didn’t take long for me to see nothing had change, and begin the divorce. I recently found out I am pregnant with the guy I have been dating since giving up on my thing getting better with my husband. Is this going to be counted against me in court?

  • nelly

    Ok my boyfriend is legally married to someone but has been separated for about 5 years… We have been living together for a year and now we have a new born.. Can his wife sue him for having a child outside even if they have not been together for 5 years???

    • Deborah Wilson

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    • Benjamin Figuried

      Have you ever found anything on this matter? I am in literally the exact situation.

  • dr

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  • Broken

    I live in California. My wife and I got married in 2010. She got pregnant the following year but had a miscarriage. She got pregnant again right after that and we had a boy this year. Problem is, she has been talking and sleeping with some guy since her miscarriage and I caught them a few days after Thanksgiving cheating. She spilled the beans but now is at a point where she needs to decide if she wants her husband, who she claims has been verbally abusive to her the whole time which is why she sought love elsewhere, or the man she cheated on me with, someone who apparently has more love for me than I do, even though we’re married and have a beautiful son. I want to work it out, but she says she loves him and he says he loves her, and I am to blame for what’s going on, even though I have been with her for a decade and left her twice before because she was cheating on me even in the past. It took me serious thinking to take her back, but I’m glad I did because I now have my son. I just don’t know what to do… can I get a restraining order for harassment or stalking of my family? Or is the fact that they love each other mean that I can’t get a restraining order because their love is mutual? I was also blind-sided by this event. It has affected me so much that I couldnt go to work, my heart and soul felt like it was torn from me, as if my wife and child were dead. It hurt that bad. Now, I get to see my son on the weekends or when my ‘wife’ comes home. She had his number in her phone under her girlfriend’s name, but I talked to her friend with that name and she said that my wife tried to get her to go along with it and wanted no part with her lieing and cheating on me. THANK YOU wife’s friend for sticking up for me! I just wish that things hadn’t gotten to this point. We should have had counseling together to save our marriage but she chose to be secretive and share her love with someone else.

  • i am a former marine, who wanted to meet a nice girl, have some kids and settle down. after 13yrs of faithful marriage,i thought, i found out my wife has and is cheating on me with what must be the biggest shitbag in the state. i’d like to send u pictures of both myself and this fucking cornhole so u could judge for yourself. but take my word, i mop the floor with this guy in everyway. well i have been trying to work stuff out with my wife because although i dont feel it as keenly as i once did i still love this women. i just cant understand what she likes about him. or hates about me. i now have been fired for my job for not being able to preform my duties after my neck surgery. (which was paritally caused by stress). now i owe fdor student loans, back taxes, and even though i live with her and my son and step son, she has the state coming after me for child support. because when i found out about the 2nd time i had to leave so i didn’t choke her. did i mention i supported her my two stepsons and my own son over the last 13yrs while she slowly went back to school to get herself a double major in the health care field. the plan was supposed to be that i could go back when she was done and she would support us for a bit until i could get a better education. but you guessed it, she still doesn’t work. i feel so betrayed and out of hope that i really do think about putting a round through the top of my own head. i will be 40 this april. and i feel like my life is over. please offer any advice u can think of, as i am out of hope, faith and ideas.

    • Marriage is confusing, but basically — you say some words, and then hope. Some people can’t respect that commitment. That’s how it goes. Move on, keep looking forward. The world is full of love, sometimes you have to pull back, regroup, and then try again. Just like how we all learned to walk.
      Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  • Jackson

    I’ve been divorced two years now, and at times it still hurts. Especially when I consider my wife cheated on me and that she still cannot explain why. That she cheated with one of my friends cuts even deeper. The friend and I weren’t that close, but still. My lawyer at McKinley Irvin was able to use the adultery as proof for anguish/pain & suffering, which shifted the settlement in my favor.

  • Ashley

    Me and my husband were married for not even 2 months. He is 18 and I am 22. We have been separated for almost 6 months now. I do currently have a boyfriend (whom my “husband” knows about) and he is trying to say now he is going to get me for adultery. He lives in Arizona and I am in Mississippi. Can he do that even though we have been separated for a while and agreed to “move on” with our lifes?
    P.S. I know I should get a divorce but I haven’t had the money, Neither one of us has.

  • Andrelina

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  • David

    I just discovered my wife was having a 5 month affair with her best friends husband. We have a 3 year old and they have three kids. After discovering the affair I found out my wife had another affair a year prior, which her other former best friend told me about when all of this came out. My wife also opened a lot of credit cards under my name and stole a $1,000 out of my sons savings. How much will all of this help me in a divorce and to get custody of my son. On top of that she is pregnant (not mine) and the two that had an affair want to move in with each other and to bring my son along. I am a Captain in the Army and set to deploy again in 8 months but I have a very loving family that will go to the ends of the Earth to help me and my son.

  • cisco kid

    my spouse cheated and got pregnant and I raised this child before I found out with dna what do I do know

  • Myemeraldmind

    My husband and I have three kids and have been married for about 5 yrs and we have been to get her for about 7 yrs. He has kissed one of his co-workers with two of my kids present he says that they didn’t see them. I want to know if that is considered adultry in the sate of Texas. Also he says they are no longer ‘talking’ that they are just friends, does he have the right to have her around our kids? I have been going back and forth with him on this because the kiss was the beginning of this nightmare. I told him he could as long as they were just friends. But I really don’t think it’s appropriate and we are still married and living together. Also he wants me to do mediation and let him have the children, he makes me feel guilty and says that if I don’t he will have no money to live. He has 3 other children from 2 other women and pays child support on them. I don’t want to lose my kids. Please help me.

  • David

    . My wife cheated on me with a co-worker and got pregnant. We have a 5 year old daughter together and our divorce has been taking almost 2 years to finalize. Is there any laws in Indiana that allows me to start a civil suit against the man who helped break my family apart?

    • Deborah Wilson

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    • Caroline Snider

      Not any more. You might even have to pay child support on the other mans child. As you know Indiana is the most conservative state in the USA. If the state might turn out to need to step up for someone but it might coast a red cent they try and figure was out from under it.

  • rika

    my husband and i have been married for 20 years i was always a stay at home mom while he worked all those years he cheated on me with so many women and even had to 2 children out of marraige they are now 16 and 18.. we are getting a divorce finally after so many years of trouble … can i get him for adultery..

    • rowen sterl

      I contacted this private investigator after noticing a change in my partner’s behavior for some time. Although we were in counseling and he told me and the therapist that he was not seeing anyone outside of our relationship, these investigators helped me catch him by intercepting all his whatsapp, facebook, sms, call logs, web browser and phone conversations directing them directly to my phone.he helped me confirm this was the woman he reconnected with at his High School reunion. Once confronted with the irrefutable facts, my husband has finally stopped seeing her and I believe he really wants to work on our can reach them on their mail and you could mention my name if you get a slow reply because he is always extra careful(i promised to help him publicize if he did my job well)
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      • Marishka

        Will they be able to do that even if my husband working overseas?

        • rowen sterl


  • Vashti

    Hello, I am 24 currently, but when i married my estranged husband on March 27th, 2007 I was 17 he was 20 We lived in TN… we were married in GA (which was legally done by the courts.) Within 6 months he was cheating on me with ( i thought) best gay guy friend that was 17 and also lived in TN. I did not even find this out till a week or so after Sept 11, 2008. I found this out through my whole senior class at the time. I was in school during this time and I am simply wanting to get my divorce and truly i want back pay alimony and pay until i decide when i want to get married again. I had a Son in 2011 and dealt with having to pay the state of TN back assistance i received by them which was over 1,500 dollars. and still have to spend money to get my sons last name changed. ( I am still with my sons father) I have repeatedly asked for a divorce (I even had money multiple times to get it done) and the last time i spoke to him his partner told me to stop contacting him or they would get me for harassment. After struggling with him so long and not only that, him leaving me while i was still in High School, committing adultery with a minor at the time and then all the issues that i have faced since i have had my son, i would only see it appropriate that i would be compensated for grief, financial stress as i did not have a job while we were together for long (4 months) and was focusing on school after he left me. Also, he destroyed the only vehicle i had at the time while we were together (the title was signed strictly to me by my mother) I would like to know how strong of a case i have and what all i need to gather up to make sure all goes how i would hope it would.

  • Vanessa

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  • Angel

    I am currently deployed to Afghanistan and have caught him cheating. I want a divorce which is proving to be difficult especially since I am deployed. We are married in TN but live in GA, is there any GA laws that I could present to JAG to help speed up the process? Is there anyway i can get him for adultery?

  • Jessica Watson

    I have been married for eight years. My husband is an alcoholic and just left me 3 weeks ago. He left me with his daughter from a previous marriage and our daughter and 4 other children with only $14 in our account. The night He left he started talking to another woman. Within 5-6 days he had moved in with her, put his name on her lease, And turned on her electricity in his name. We live in Louisiana. Will this be considered adultery? I know it is abandonment. And will be trying to pursue alimony.


    I just got Divorced in oct 2013 was taking for ever,,then finally one day it starting picking up quick..low and behold I found out my husband got a woman pregnant while we were still married and I had no Lawyer I think his Lawyer knew I could of gotten my husband for Adultery and I did not know this..can I appeal my Divorce under the ground of him committing adultery plus getting this woman pregnant.

  • Nayla

    My husband and I are going through the divorce process, before we even signed legal separation forms, he added his girlfriend to our cell phone bill, can I use this against him in court

    • No. There’s absolutely nothing illegal about adding his girlfriend to his cell phone bill.

  • derek

    in missouri is it public affection or adultery if you are going through a divorce and not yet divorced and your spouse is putting pictures of her kissing other men on facebook

  • derek

    why does it say MO is a no fault state yet it also says adultery is illegal in MO its kind of contradicting

  • Nathan

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  • Lulu

    Hi.. so I have a question about the marine guy.. he said he was going to get divorced but still married to his wife and he started the flirting then went to sexual flirting over the phone never in person he sends me gifts but the wife finds out and threatening me to put me in jail for life when I didn’t have sex with him in person it was over the phone and I wanted to know what will happen? Ps. I am asking because I want to be able to go back to my hometown without being threaten by his wife.

  • loss for words

    My husband decided to have an affair with his ugly barmaid i caught them at days inn hotel after three mobths of lying about the affair for easter she threaten me and wanted to fight me he did not try to stop the harlot from threat or fight you see i just got out the hospital a month ago with congested heart
    failure and emotional stress he committed adultary abandon. and abused me seven days ago leaving me without any money not a decent living conditions and without meds etc you see he cheated in the past but he made a vow and.promise to God and Jesus and to me that he wouldn’t cheat on me again HE LIED and the loose woman he is with have many men she sleep around it hurts bad and when i try to reach him for financial help he ignore my calls and text i have taken ill with the situation i want to know my rights.can i get immediate spousal support i have no where to live no monex etc me i been a good wife for 32 years

  • Mary

    My husband is committing adultry with several Phillipino women..he is a contractor in Afghansistan and has only come home in 2 years ..he takes his R&R’s in the Phillipines with various prostitutes and has even claimed he has married one..He is posting their pictures on Facebook..He never discussed a seperation with me just stopped calling home and posted the seperation on which several of our family members told me about..just like they told me about him posting his pictures with these prostitutes on his wall..Our home is in the state of which I am here maintaining our maritial home and possessions..He refuses to tell me anything other than he has said we have little in common..Duh..I am a married woman who is upkeeping our home while maitaining my decency because of our children which are grown and our grandkids..while he is living in a world of smut and prostitution..Since he has started this he has vacationed in the Netherlands and the Phillipines..His mother was dying and he refused to come back from the Phillipines to be with her..he is an only child..This whole time I have been stuck here taking care of our home and 6 acres..on the little amount of money I must beg him for to maintain things..He has refused to come home to file taxes and or to take care of business..I can’t even have him served as the 2 times he has come home have been on Holiday weekends he stays long enough to redo his CDL on Monday then flies out the same day..Help I need advise

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  • Mullar Sharron

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  • Mullar Sharron

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  • pat

    I just learned through a third party that my husband who I had to leaglly separate because he has a drinking problem was being sexually harrased by his lawyer assigned by the court. He told my dad he was glad he got another lawyer because the lady asked him for a ride after court and then proceeded to give him oral sex. Which he told her to stop but she continue during a red light. I went to family court to seek assistance for our family. Not for the court worker to sabotage and take advantage of a fmaily crisis which also concern the well beign of our family.

  • Anonymous

    My husband and I have been split up for bout 7yrs now and he has 2 children on our marriage… No I don’t want him back, but someone told me if I wanted to file child support on him that they would give it to me. Is that true? I know the children’s birthday and the mother’s name and birthday. The children are now 6 and 2 so now what do I do?

  • J.C.

    My husband and I were married in TN 2009 after five years together. I gave birth to our child later that year. Earlier this year we separated- not legally- and I moved back to CA with our child. He then moved to AR. Recently, he sent me a text message that he had cheated on me repeatedly over several months with a woman that I considered a friend in our home three years ago. I’m trying to come to terms with this, as well as the fact that when we left he trashed then abandoned our apartment (in my name), stole money from me, threw away several boxes worth of things that belonged to myself and our child, and quit his job without notice. And now he’s saying that he wants to get back together! I am a struggling full time student and mother living in a one bedroom house with my child and my mother because I cannot afford to move out and get a place for my child and myself.

    What can I do? I want to get whatever I can to help provide a decent life for myself and my child while I finish school, work and put my son through school. He has not helped or provided financial support in any way since two months before we left him.

    Please note that this is not an abandonment issue. He asked for a divorce two months before we left, he knew that we were leaving and even took us to the airport.I do not want him back, but I am attempting to be civil because I don’t want him to disappear and not provide for his son. I am a struggling full time student and mother living in a one bedroom house with my child, my mother, and her dog (who I am allergic to) because I cannot afford to move out and get a place for my child and myself.

    I want to get whatever I can to help provide a decent life for myself and my child while I finish school, work and put my son through school.

  • Cabrera Cabrera

    is it cheating my wife has left and and shown verry little instust in the marriage or of any on that mtter….she has verry little contact and flakes when pland on seeing eatch other ..she tells me goodbye reguarly and recently had a tattoo of her ex husbands name..we have devorce court pending. I / had sex twce with one whmen ,whe my wife discoverd the she was angry says I cheeted when in my heart this marriage is over

  • Mike

    My girlfriend left her husband a little over a month ago because he was physically abusive to her. She didn’t file for a legal separation until after she left him. Her husband has found out that I have been helping her. Can he sue me for alienation of affection? We all live in North Carolina.

  • sal

    I live in California I found pictures on my wife’s cell phone with a man there were sitting down hugging and kissing only.what can I do, can I use this in court.can i use it against her and keep my kids.

  • Matt

    I’ve been involved with a girl online for the last 2 years. She lives in the United Kingdom and has a boyfriend of 8 years. He knows nothing about us and all the plans we made. Well things ended badly and I found out I’ve been used and lied to. I want to tell her boyfriend the type of person she really is and to let her know it’s not right to play with people’s minds. To basically keep him from being hurt in the future and to save some other soul from having her do what she did to me. She claims she can take legal action against me. Is this true? All I’d be doing is telling her boyfriend the truth.

  • Kas

    My husband and I got married March of 2013, in January of this year we got into an argument and I took my daughter and left to go stay with my mom for a weekend. The day after I left my “husband” had an 18 year old move in with him and sleep in his bed with him. Would that count as adultery? After I found that out I haven’t moved back in with him and we have been separate ever since.

  • Stacey

    Live in SC, husband hired PI, PI took a photo of a man kissing me which was non consensual. Is this considered adultry in SC?

  • Leslie

    My husband cheated with the owner of the small company he works for. I found out -long story short, had discussion with her, decided to work things out with him…he continued working because the pay was good and we needed the money. Come to find out 2 months later it’s happening again. Now we are going to get a divorce and I hace to find a place for my daughter and I to live. Can I sue her ?

  • Linda

    can you loose your child in a custody battle if you cheated?

  • michael

    Me and my wife are seperated i was thinking about taking my daughter out of texas is that legal?

  • michael

    If she cheated on me

  • my name is James Stewart I liv

    my wife place a false restraining order against me he’s having an affair with her boss at an elementary school twice over to different men they threaten her with her job when she’s going to tell and when I tried to tell that place false allegations of threatening kids and hiding behind a school as a shield can I sue the school on behalf of Denise and get her help but mostly my health for myself to make them leave me alone and inform the publicI don’t mean to sound like a destructive man needing help with his marriage our marriage is over at first it was mental and extreme molestation of my wife I believe its over now because she agrees with it happening and doesn’t care for herself but I assure you she was in distress for many years crying at home barely making it back to work the next day she hasn’t had a break in 7 years not even on weekends she would work paid for 5&A half hours a day and work more than 12 and longer she was made to work for free and have sexual intercourse with more than one of the officials at the school when she tell she was going to be fired and she was abused at the job when she does good she was giving little prizes such as little gifts promises of huge glory and things toi come they passed around like a puppet whats my legal options

  • Casey

    my husband and i have been married for about 4 months. Im 19 and he is 22. We have been seperated for about a little over a month. I currently have a boyfriend right now. He is now trying to get me for adultry.. He lives in mississippi and i live in florida. Can he do that?

  • Brian

    My wife has been cheating on me. I think more than one man. One of them i can prove without a doubt, who it is. Hes married as well with children. The catch is that we did it illegally with an internet camera. She Recently had a new office built and a friend of a friend worked on the heating and cooling. You get the picture. There were several crimes committed in order to install the cameras. In a nutshell i have video of her. I’ve been with her most of my life. WE have 3 kids together and married for 14 years. If we were to divorce in normal circumstances. I would just hand over most of everything but after this i want to fry her. how could i use the video in court? I would like to fry him as well also let his wife know about it. some how sue him as much as i can . Basically do as much damage as i possible can to him and her both. This cheating thing has really crushed me I trusted her with my life,

  • ashleyfinley

    My husband cheated on me and would put his hands on me if I asked him any questions about his side life and he would yell at me and say why do you ask me if im cheating are you doing something wrong are you guilty of cheating on me do i have to worry about that and he would repeat it over and over … And he would freack out on me for things that she had done and accuse me of doing it and end up putting his hands on me .. in january i lost my job and so next was my house and contiuied the beating and the lies and one night he came home and laid down on yhe bed and said baby i love you and I have something to tell you and finally the truth came out baby is Jessica is pregnant I’m so sorry baby I died inside and the whole time she knew that he was married I have proof … She was sleeping with alot of other guys so can I asked for a DNA test ? And also I lost my job house kids car everything I own due to the depression that they caused are they responsible for all my loss ? And she is using drugs and pregnant and he’s in no shape to have a kid either how can I get legal custody of there unborn child ? I’m still married to him cuz he won’t divorce me

    • Stephanie Nesbitt Green

      I would make him pay for it dearly deep in the pockets and for rest of life n show him what it’s like to be smacked like a BITCH …

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  • Jeff

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  • Janet Foust

    my daughter and son in law separated and there is no legal separation and he has my grandson and subjected my three year old grandson to another woman that same week and then started sleeping with her and moved her in into the home and my three year grandson tells me she sleeps in mamas bed with daddy and my daughter isn’t much of a mother! what can I do for that baby’s sake? This woman also has two little 0nes herself and they live in a two bedroom small mobile home with four adults with her two small children one is a little girl under three and a son under three and my grandson son which is three and theres only two small bedrooms!!! We live in NC

  • Brandon

    Me and my wife have been together for 18 yearso and have 3 great kids ever since I lost my job 2 years ago in the oil field wich I have done for 15 years my wife been getting different I could see she was not always happy like she used to be i have now caught her 4 times on Facebook messageser with then these last 2 years talking to a guy wanting to see him naked and stuff like that i have been trying to get a good job for a while a i lied to her saying that I had a job for a month and hafe well she was yelling at me every day you got a job over and over again so just said I didn’t that way she would shut up then I told her the truth that I didn’t have a job for the last month and a half so she kicked me out i came back and stayed on the couch couch for 30 days and one night in hack her Facebook account an looked at her messenger and boom she was doing it again so I left and all the kids want to live with me wich I want them to anyways but she wants me to help her pay her rent when she knows that I don’t have any where to go till I save money to get my own place but I don’t want them to get kicked out and be on the street either like I been working putting money back so I don’t have to sleep in my truck and now we are getting divorced and I don’t know what to do any suggestions)

  • Anonymous

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  • Mystic Sunshyn

    We live on Florida. My husband inherited a house from his mother while he was in prison. We had lived in the home with his mother as a married couple and our son was conceived there. The plan the was to reunite the family once he got off of Probation and we were allowed to live together again. Before he even got off probation he had moved his paramour into the home with her two children. Do I have any claim on the home even though it was inherited while he was in prison?

  • Bran Brown

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  • Brenda Pyne

    My husband and are legally married, he left stuff at his gfs house when he got arrested. What are the laws on me demanding for that stuff back?

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  • Daniel Graves

    My wife has recently been getting nudes & before pics of another man’s junk is it considered adultery ? I live in NM married almost 19 years

  • Michael Miller

    I live in NC. My wife and i are currently separated do to her talking sexually to a previous co worker online. This is not the first time shes done this. We have 2 children now. She is now planning to go on a date with him. Can I gain full custody of my kids since its infidelity and her relationship with this guy is the reason I want a divorce?

  • Kmm

    I’ve had suspicions for months that my husband was cheating on me. I’ve found numerous online dating/hooking up sites he’s been on. I have no proof he’s actually went through with anything. As of yesterday, I have screenshots of him sending and receiving graphic videos and pictures with a few women. One of which is also married. I’m leaving in a few days so we will be separated. Is what he did against the law in North Carolina?

  • Oretha Taylor

    I have a question me and my husband have been separated for three and a half years now he has a baby on the way by somebody else what can I do but we are still married

  • Kelly

    I’m in north Carolina. My husband cheated on me, lied, asked me to move out and has a child with the woman. He told me the other night that I better watch what I say and do because she will take child support on him and since he don’t have a job and can’t pay it if he goes to jail they will make me pau it. Is this true? Keep in mind I do not want to move back after all that has happen seeing this happen just a few months after we lost our 2 month old to SIDS?

  • Chad Gleason

    Is it legal for my wife with no legal separation or nothing to leave and stay at her friends house but take our kids to her boyfriends with her and they know what’s going on

  • Linda

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  • John R

    My wife kicked me out of house an slept with another man and had a miscarriage after we got back together but now we are getting divorced she’s still talking to this man is this adultery and will it help me win my kids in custody battle

    • Alli J

      I’m sorry but I think if you married and not legally separated them I would say yes

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  • Alli J

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    Please somone tell me what can I do

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  • John Titor

    I live in new york been married 5yrs haven’t truly trusted my wife inbthe past 2yrs do to her lack of well love, respect, responsibility etc. I left 3wks ago and she already has another man and he practically moved in 2our apartment already.. Where do I stand


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  • Julia Nickels

    my husband had an affair on me in California and fathered a child. We now live in Ohio, can California come after my income to pay for his child fsupport?

  • Wendy

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