Alabama Marriage Laws 3

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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Alabama

Also See: Alabama Divorce Laws

Title 30 of the Alabama Legislature is “Marital and Domestic Relations.” Title 30, Chapter 1 is where you can find the Alabama Marriage Code and all relevant sections that affect marriage in Alabama.

Alabama Marriage Code (Title 30, Chapter 1):


  • Pam

    I would like to know if a spouse purchased life insurance and puts his ex-wife as the beneficiary, but not his wife in the event of death, would the wife have any legal rights to the policy although he agreed to allow the ex-wife the benefits from the policy?

  • christie

    I am wondering why alabama will not honor my marriage license from New york. I did not take my husbands full hyphenated name and they told me its illegal. How can that be? I dont understand.

  • Wanda F.Stokes

    I have a Family member who was widowed and then remarried, but got a divorce. Can that person collect Social Security and retirement from the other husband who died. If she is divorced now..