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  • Betrayed&Frustrated!

    My husband and I were married for 20 years. Neither of us ever strayed from the marriage. Of course we had ups and downs, but always pulled through. A couple years ago a friendship started up with a woman. She was contacting him constantly, claiming to need his help with this or that. I made it clear on several occasions that their relationship was coming between us in our marriage. Eventually, they did have an affair. Now, being as how our marital arrangment was for me to work part time from home so I could be here with the kids, I’m left without the financial backing and credit that I need to move the kids and I into a decent house. Yes, we could rent a slum, but that is punishing me and the kids for something another woman did.
    I know Alaska does not recognize Alienation of Affection, but she has completely changed the course of my life financially. Is there any lawsuit that would apply to the affect she has had on me and my family? The emotional stress has even affected me physically, causing anxiety attacks, raised blood pressure (I’m only 40) and I have the documentation on all that. I’m left desperately trying to find a way to provide a good home for my children, while she continues with her happy well-to-do life.