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  • Troy Millsap

    Do I get credit for the money I have spent to live outside the home after seperation, prior to the divorce being final.

    • monica

      In a community property state, like Arizona, if you spent community property money after separation to live outside the home, you will be charged with one-half that amount, since one-half of the community property belongs to you and the other one-half to your spouse.

      If you spent separate property monies after separation (such as post-separation earnings) to live outside the home you are neither charged nor credited.

      If you continued to pay the mortgage for the family residence and your spouse continued to live there while you lived outside the family residence, you may be entitled to the fair rental value for your spouse’s use of the family residence.

  • Steve

    My wife got married and she never stopped child support. We are getting divorced now. Does that back child support get taken off because we got married?

  • Jessica Rangel

    If my exhusband got an Undersireable Discharge from the military, is he eligible for SSI or SS period? If he does get disability, as he is currently trying to, does back child support come out of this money????

  • Jessica Rangel

    My sister collected welfare for my daughter when she was living with her, without me knowing it at the time, now the money that she collected ($32K) is being taken out of my exhusbands earnings. When the debt is paid in full, will I start receiving back child support from my exhusband????

  • Jocelyn Shepphard

    I am divorced almost a year because my husband cheated on me multiple times with people he met online. Am I able to file a civil suit rfor the emotional wreckage I’e been through this p;ast year and the six mos leading tup to my divorce?

  • Grant

    i signed what i thought were legal guardianship papers for my youngest daughter, turns out my ex-mother-in-law swapt them for permanent guardianship papers….Now she says she adopted her and wont let me see her…. if i unknowingly signed permanent guardianship papers. Could they have moved forward with the adoption without my consent? Do I have any legal recourse since i unknowingly signed a permant guardianship document. To make the case even weirder I have primary custody of 2 older children from the same marriage.

  • Christina

    Do my bayfriend and I need to be married in order to sever my sons biological fathers rights?

  • Danielle

    My question is my ex boyfriend and I have a 3year old son and he has him every wednesday for 3 hours and every other weekend from friday to sunday. He has not been sticking to this schedule and with my job due to the Arizona economy is not enough to pay the bills. I was offered a job off out of Arizona and to transfer to the midwest. My ex will not agree for my move. I offered him to have our son all summer and we could rotate holidays. What are the laws in Arizona and is a judge likely to grant my move? Thanks

  • Tiffany

    I left my husband I live in maryland and he lives in arizona I have filed for a divorce and I am with a woman is that considered adultery in arizona and can he go to jail for me being with a woman in another state

  • Kris

    My ex-husband and I were divorced in 1996. He never paid a dime of child support until this year. He says he is going to fight the child support order on the grounds that he didn’t understand the divorce documents back in 1996 due to a head injury he sustained. He was fine at time time of our divorce. Our divorce was granted by diffault since he never responded. Does he have grounds now, all these years later, to contest the divorce decree just because he doesn’t want to pay his arrears child support?