• disturbed

    i was married for 24 years.i was 14 he was 33 when we met,we dated 4 years then at 18 i was married he was 38. we had a pretty good marriage so i thought,then the last 4 years of our marriage everything changed and i still dont get it, as crazy as it will sound(this is just a taste of what he has done,theres a whole lot more i need to share to get someone to beleive me) he planned how to get rid of me i caught him standing in our bedroom door way just watching me i was under the blanket pretending to be asleep, he became very evil and narcisstic.its 2 years of divorce and i am not right emotionaly or mentaly. he has bribed all my freinds and some family with money to stay away from me. he has told nothing but lies about me,i have been severly depressed i am very sad hurt angry he has taken my only son with bribery he has taken evry thing i loved away from me and i want to take him to court, is it to late?