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Divorce Law Basics in the State of Arkansas

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Arkansas Marriage Laws


Arkansas State Divorce Code (Title 9, Subtitle 2, Chapter 12)

No-Fault Grounds:

  • Living apart for 18 continuous months without cohabitating (does not matter if separation was mutual or the voluntary act of only one spouse)

At-Fault Grounds:

  • Impotence (must have been impotent at the time of the marriage and at the time of filing)
  • Conviction of a felony
  • Habitual drunkeness for one year
  • Cruel and barbarous treatment that endangers the life of the other spouse
  • Cruel and indignant behavoir seen to be intolerable by the other spouse
  • Adultery


Filing party must be a resident for at least 60 days prior to filing and divorce will not be finalized until after a 3 month waiting period.

Legal Separation Recognized? Yes

Counseling Requirement:

Parents who are divorcing must agree to complete at least 2 hours of parenting classes or agree to mediation to settle custody and visitation issues.


  • wayne rose

    In Arkansas, can i divorce my wife, who is on medical disibility due to chrons disease?

  • eddie boyles

    i found a memory card to a cell phone that contained pornografic scenes
    of my wife and another man . the vidieos were dated and had the time . my question is what are the chances of me getting custody of my children,since the children were in her custody when the videos were made. i was at work

  • Misty

    I have a question. Can a guy get a bifurcated divorce in the state of Arkansas? I know the soon to be ex-wife is stalling the divorce as long as she can. So we was just wondering if he could file for a bifurcated and if it is even possible to do so. I would greatly appreciate any help someone could give me.

  • larry

    If I file for divorce in Arkansas and my spouse has commited adultry in the past does this act of adultry disqualify her from recieving alimony in the future?

  • kay

    My spouse and I have been in a house a year and a half. It was bought with my down payment, but he alone is on the mortgage. My name and his name are on the deed. I have been paying half the mortgage the entire time and 80% of the bills. So I’m wondering if I will be held liable for the mortgage in the divorce. Also, can I move out without being held responsible for the utilities, all of which are in my name.

  • d han

    If I have had affairs with other men, is that still considered adultery in Arkansas? Can my wife get alimony if she finds out and divorces me? What about the kids? Can she have visitation denied due to my homosexual affairs? I would appreciate non biased accurate information.

  • Diane

    my husband owned our home before we got married and now he wants a divorce after 8 years. we have done alot of work on the home together but he wants me to leave or he will have me evicted. what are my rights in this case. and can he do that ?

  • liz a.

    im thinking of divorcing my husband cause he has committed adultery more than two times if i leave the house an go somewhere if he changes the locks how can i get back in an does he have the right to change the locks do i have to prove hes committed these acts an how can i hes done admitted to me an we have a daughter that knows everything…

  • Sam

    my wife started an online relationship, and has left me for a man that lives in another country. She has admitted to online sexual relations with him. Is this considered adultery in arkansas? we have agreed to divorce, but there must be a cause.

  • bcrich

    me and my wife are getting a divorce we were married when she got sick and had surgery and the doctor messed up her surgery she got a huge settlement we are still married am I intitled to 50 percent of that ?