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Arkansas Marital and Domestic Relations Laws (Title 9, Subtitle 2, Chapter 11):

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  • Heather Prothro

    i have a question about fileing taxes. im still legally married to my husband luke prothro we have not filed for a divorce yet we have been split up since october 2009 and we have 2 biological children together sydney is 3 and aden is 5! im in a relationship and my boyfriend jeff he has financially supported me and and my kids(sydney & aden) all of this 2010 year i fdont work,my husband luke has not paid any child support neither have my kids lived with him all year, they have lived with me and my boyfriend jeff all 2010 year and we have proof of that. my question is can my boyfriend jeff legally claim me and my kids(sydney & aden) on his taxes this year?

  • john doe

    if one partner is unresponsive can they still get married if it was previously planned?

  • Alicia

    I am about to go through a divorce and I have two children by my husband. He has a drug and alcohol problem and I fear for the safety of my children if they were to be with him alone. He has threatened to come and take them. Can he and am I legally wrong for not allowing him to be with them alone?