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When You Have More Than One Spouse

A form of polygamy, bigamy occurs when one person (man or woman) has more than one “legal” spouse at the same time. In truth, only the first marriage would be considered legal, automatically voiding any subsequent unions.

Technically, bigamy and polygamy are essentially the same things. However most practicing polygamists include all the spouses in the same family unit while a true bigamist often hides the other relationships from the respective spouses.

This can often mean that the bigamist maintains more than one household, sometimes even in different cities so that each spouse is unaware of the others.

In addition to violating various religious doctrines, bigamy is considered a crime in all 50 states. The punishment for bigamy varies, with many states treating bigamy as a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine. Other states however treat bigamy as a felony and if convicted, the perpetrators could face prison time.

Most states requires that the perpertrator be aware of the bigamous relationship prior to entering into a subsequent marriage in order to be found guilty and the complaining party must also be unaware that the prior marriage exists in order to claim damages. If proved, bigamy is a compensable crime and the innocent spouse could civilly sue for emotional distress and mental anguish.

In addition, if the bigamous relationship was done with the intent to secure property or assets from the innocent spouse, the bigamist could also face charges of criminal fraud.

The United States also recognizes legal marriages in other countries so any subsequent marriage in the States would also be considered bigamy if the first marriage was still legally intact.

Multiple marriage is not a crime if each marriage has been legally dissolved through divorce or annulment prior to entering into another union.

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  • Colleen Myers

    I was married to the same man for 18years. He had two affairs that I knew of. The second one he left myself and our 2 children behind and started a new life with the other woman. This other women knew of myself and of my children. My husband and I never field for a divorce.I had heard from a friend of his that they had gotten married.I’ve been trying for years to find out how I can get them for Bigamy, Can you please help me?

    • mshemi

      first you need to make sure he is married to another woman, I can help you find out. send me an e-mail. My husband has committed polygamy. I did a lot of research to find 12 wives.

      • Antoaneta

        My husband got married in another state. He had three children with his new wife. Now after 16 year we are going through a divorce. Could you please help me to find out in what state he got marriedin. I think it was Las Vegas. I have a trial date on the 15th of Novemebr. Please let me know if you could help. Thank you so much! God bless you!

        His name is Thanh Van Hoang and his birth day is May 20th 1964 and his new wifes name Le Lai. Thank you so much.


      • Debbie Cavazos

        Maybe you can help me. I found out my husband never got his divorce finalized from 17 years ago.He refiled over 9 months ago and still hasn’t received a final decree. He married in Iowa and supposed to have divorced in Ca.

      • natasha

        I am in need of help for pologamy. I have the same story as the 1st lady. After 21 years of numerous affairs my husband finally left me & our 4 children to live with a woman in Pennsylvania. They have been living together for 3 years now. I have no money for an attorney & legal aid will not help me due to the fact that I cannot find him. I do not have the $ to pay to websearch his whereabouts. This is more than mental & emotional anguish. We lost evrything due to me falling apart mentally & emotionally. He abandons us every year for jail, women, & drugs. I need help as we are homeless right now. Help! Somebody! Anybody!(who is capable & understanding). So far I run into people who want to blame me for all of this happening. I just want to dissolve the marriage4 on paper. He’s already moved on.

        Thank you. Natasha Turner

      • quita

        I have been getting calls from an immature lady claiming to be my husbands other wife. she refuses to talk to me like a real woman, but I have a feeling that her claim may be true.. we are seperated, but have yet to get a divorce.. How do I find out if he really is married, cause he obviously will not tell me and claims that the lady that is calling me is lying.

  • Sandra Bass

    The new woman, who knew of your marriage, and your still husband are BOTH facing bigamy charges. Bigamy is considered a 3rd degree felony and punishable by jail time. Each state’s term of prison is different but the federal law mandates a maximum of 5 years. But that is not to say that a judge cannot impose an even longer sentence. Fines may also be ADDED to the sentence but not in place of. The only people that can prosecute your husband is the State Attorneys office wherever you reside. You will need to go to your local police department’s criminal investigation unit and fill out paperwork stating all the info you know and they will find everything out and get back to you. Or…..if you really want to solve it quick, just call your local news team—they LOVE bigamy cases and he and she will instantly be all over the news! But to do this, you must first be sure that they are in fact married. But yes, they will BOTH end up serving jail time.

    • bigamy victim

      I’m a victim too. My marriage was annuled from beginning of my marriage. I filed complaint against my ex-husband due to bigamy. If you are living in Illinois, the States Attorney does not prosecute Bigamy. Bigamy law in Illinois is dead. I would like to invite all bigamy victims together. We will file our complaint to Judicial Board to investigate the 50 States Attorney why no prosecution on Bigamy. It is very rampant now a days because government does not comply with the law.

  • Jennifer

    get over it… it’s been years!!! getting them in trouble will do what at this point?! that’s your jealous rage speaking. you want to hurt them because they hurt you, obviously, but how about instead just filing for a divorce from a man who obviously doesn’t want you? are you holding on to some sort of hope?

    • Norma

      to Jennifer: I think the second marriage is bigamous therefore it is null/ void, then it will cause trouble to children born from second marriage as they have no legal protection. I think bigamous marriage cannot become valid after first marriage annulment. to colleen as your marriage is valid and you are offended by infidelity and abandonment, i think you have right to make complaint. unless if you are second wife but you are not, jealousy for first marriage validity could be a bitter blue… law is law

  • kk

    i was married to a woman.we separated i had a little ceremony with my new girlfriend not knowing that the jp was going to file it on record am i looking at jail time for bigamy

  • Ms. Mack

    I started dating a man who said he had been divorced for 5 years (didn’t know I was suppose to ask for proof of the divorce). I knew of but never spoke to the “ex” wife, I had no need to. They were married in Wichita Kansas in 1989, We were married in Charlotte, Michigan in 2006. I left him when we relocated to Wichita and I found out through his mother that he was still married to the first wife. We do have 2 children together, I have not had any contact with him since I left with the children. It has been 4 years and I need to know how I can find out if he did our annulment. He is AGAIN married and has ANOTHER child with the 3rd wife. I do believe the 1st wife and he are divorced now. I am engaged and need proof of the bigamy/annulment. How do I go about getting proof?

  • Norma

    I think you should not remarry of having girlfriend if you are still married to a wife because it means you disrespect marriage institution. In my opinion the bigamy punishment depends on law where the jurisdiction of your celebration takes place and what kind of record you are talking about. All I know even you have not registered your second celebration but as long as there is marriage license, witnesses and wedding celebration would mean a second marriage was contracted and causes bigamy crime. Even if you can escape from jail time, you may get charge or deportation if you are immigrant. There are following crimes will come after a bigamy such as document falsification or forgery, perjury under oath if you use second spouse (considered unlawful wife) data to apply spouse visa, insurance, bank account etc. Because bigamous marriage is out of law you should not use it to state your legal status.

  • boy

    hey its great i read a few recent cases and most who plead guilty pay about 250 in fines and no jail time. i think we should be free to marry who and how we wish. and you can get your divorces too and not respect a good man who did not deserve when 1 woman he loved divorced him. so its necessary to keep spares and keep family in tact when women want to run around and divorce a good man. so the rest is not to limit me anymore! and great man has to pay for it all? since when? woman is working too. its all a team effort. man can cook and sex and work. same for woman but everybody gets lay off sometimes. so what? its all 6 of these and a half dozen of the other. just calm down and enjoy life. nope we have to make rules in a free country? and how it can reduce abuse? its irrelevant. good father is same person no matter if he gets lay by 4 wives or not who all love him. rich woman with 2 husbands she can satisfy both men because she needs more than 1 can perform. so what? to each his own. to each her own dreams. why must restrict? kids can keep same parents. kids wont lie so much to honest parents. the youth around here must lie to adults cause of under 18. its all bogus. and why did we settle america? for freedom of religion? oh but its not releigion? then on what basis you wish to limit people? your opinions?

  • feetinsweetwaterbran

    I married a man in 1996 in TN who I thought was divorced. He was not. We lived together for over 10 years in AL as husband & wife, joint checking, still have that, introduced as Mr. & Mrs. then in 2008 I found out that he was still married to Wife #1. He divorced Wife #1 in 2009. Do I have legal action against him? He used my credit cards without my knowing, he took money from me without my permission.He leftme on Dec. 13, 2010 to live with another woman. Am I in trouble for marrying him? Can he go to jail in Alabama under BIGAMY LAWS? PLEASE HELP ME.

  • Norma

    To boy, I don’t get your logic at all. Marriage is a legal agreement, if you intend to end the agreement you should do it legally the way you start. It is that simple. Otherwise, you break the agreement and furthermore break other’s right so that it is fair if she makes complaint against your act. About love and everything I have no comment just like I have no comment that you will not marry the first without love. Sometimes it is too easy to surrender or to cheat rather than self introspection.
    To Feeti: I am not a lawyer but I believe the bigamy act has been consummated, later divorce or annulment cannot be a defend for a bigamist to escape his crime. The best advice is probably finding a lawyer with considerable experience in handling bigamy case to prepare litigation, to save your asset. it seems that your marriage is bigamous therefore null, you can’t heritage your husband but things you share with your husband from your part should be still yours.

  • J J

    to jennifer ^^^^ i honestly think you should not have posted anything getting married is something sacred and it is not to be taken lightly if your husband marries someone while you are still married to him she has every right to be pissed they have kids i think your comment was ignorant you should really do some research before you comment about someone elses life because obviously it has hurt her and her kids’ life which is somehting she cannot just “get over”

  • Svillemom

    I married a man in 1998. We seperated 10 months later and moved out of South Carolina back to PA where he is from. I finally found a contact number for him two years ago and called him up. Things were iffy on the phone, I wanted a divorce and he did too but I had to send the papers to his parents house. Didn’t think much of it then. Now I find out it was bc he married another woman in 2000! I don’t want him to get into trouble but shouldn’t someone tell his “wife” they aren’t legally married? They have 2 kids together so I don’t want to cause problems but it may bite his “wife” in the butt years down the road. I’m not sure if I should call her (I’ve found where she works) or just leave it be. He told me when I called him he just had a girlfriend and never wanted to marry again. Of course, we split cause he is a pathological liar.

  • Concerned

    Me and my spuose were legally married in 2005. We seperated a few years later. I signed a consent answer to a divorce complaint jointly for him to turn in and that was that. I met another guy who I am still currently with. Me and him married, low and behold I found out that my first husband did not file the complaint and that we are still legally married. I recently filed a complaint for divorce. What I want to know is although my current spouse knows that our marriage is now void. What do I need to do after my divorce becomes final? Do we need to file for an annulment or can we just leave it be? Neither one of us wants to cause myself any trouble and my current significant other is not trying to cause me any problems. I just want to know where I stand legally. Am I facing any jail time? Or just a fine?

    Scared in Maryland

  • Barbara

    I filed for an order of protection and later a divorce from a very abusive man in February 2010. He contested the marital dissolution agreement and married his mistress in May 2010. I told my lawyer and wanted to file charges against him. My lawyer just said his second marriage is null and void. He did not honor my wishes to file charges against him. My ex finally signed the papers last week (May 2011). Should I get another lawyer and press this issue of bigamy?

  • KaBoooom

    My wife never divorced her 2nd husband. We have been “married” 16 years. We have 3 daughter (10, 12, 15)Things have gone down hill in the last 5 years. We have sex about 1 time every 6 months (it’s been December 2010 since the last time. I am at fault for everything according to her. I tried leaving her in December of 2009. She found out she had cancer. I didn’t leave. Last year in June 2010 she was in remission. I decided to leave her about a month ago. The cancer has come back and she starts chemo this Friday. She has turned my daughters against me and we have a “discussion” they all jump me (she likes to have our arguements in front of the girls). What can I do, what price do i pay financially (i know they will want to live with their mother). I have the home in my name only. She has refused to apply for DSSI.

  • It is very true that the first marriage would be legall and the others would technically be girlfriends.

  • Chris

    I don`t know if I am still married but i got married in different states .when i get divorce would my second marriage be valid.I though my exwife divorced me but i can`t find her and i search for records of the divorce .I don`t know if she is dead or alive i looked every were for her can`t find her.

    • Carlota

      I am in the same situation i want to keep my 2nd marriage , but don’t know which one i need to dissolve to comply with the law in California. I really need help

  • Veronica

    My husband was fired from his job for sexual harrassment/trying to have an affair with a co-worker after I had 5 coronary-bypass surgery on my heart in 2007. I threw him out of the house after Thanksgiving that year and attempted to get a divorce several times before he moved from GA to PA.

    He has never sent or filed any paperwork and we have had numerous e-mail/FB messages this year. He still has not done anything. The real kicker is that he knows he is still married and so does his family in PA. I’m also assuming his Morman church and his new wife knows as well because he has communicated with me as recently as 2 weeks ago about filing. Yesterday, I happen to look on his facebook page to learn he got married!

    Please tell me how to file a complaint with legal authorities in GA and PA.

    • JaNean

      Hi Veronica,

      I am in a similar situation as you are and I also hope that I find out the truth about my husband and his marriage to someone else. I wish you the best of luck.

      I just want to help you understand that Polygamy is not legal in the Mormon church in this day and age. In fact, Polygamy was only lived for a few short years in the church after the Prophet Joseph Smith was commanded to live the eternal law because he had inquired of the Lord about it, when he read about it in the Old Testament. God took Polygamy away. It was a test of faith for the members of the church for a few short years, similar to when God commanded Abraham to take his own son’s life at the alter. God just wanted to see if Abraham would obey him in all things. Then of course he told Abraham to stop and not to take his son’s life.

      I am a Mormon and I understand the faith well. In order for a person to understand God’s higher laws, they first have to understand basic ones. I just wanted you to understand the if your husband is a member of the church and is living Polygamy, he would be excommunited, because we believe in obeying the laws of the land. Polygamy will not be coming back until God commands it and people can live it righteously. Whenever you see polygamist marriages today, they are not affiliated with the Original Mormon Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). They may use the name “Mormon” somewhere in the title that discribes them, be they are not one of us.

      I encourage you to read the Book of Mormon for yourself. You can know if it is true by the power of the Holy Ghost. You do not have to believe anything any person says, you can find if the church is true through study and prayer and by listening to that still small voice, even the Holy Ghost.

      By the way, my husband is not a Mormon. I sure wish he were, because I sure would have had a better chance at having a faithful husband, instead of a lying, cheating, and deceiving one.
      Please look into the church to see what it really is. Do not believe any of the rumors you hear. They are simply not true! 🙂


  • jaime

    ive been married to this guy for 7 years and i can never find him and i just found out hes married agian….and we are still married i dont know what my rights are and i really want a divorce……does him being a bigamous give me any nullification rights?

  • Tamara

    For all the woman that want their men locked up for bigamy, thats crap. you should have divorced him when you had the chance. With technology today you can find ANYONE. I do believe you deserve child support but going to jail for bigamy or polygamy is stupid.

  • Emma

    To Tamara: it is stupid to let them who falsify document with marriage status as correct. Your comment has shown how low the wisdom in your words is and sorry I have to say that

  • Leesa

    Me and my husband were married over 30 yrs ago; i did not hear from him for more than 25 years; we made contact abt 2 years ago and attempted to reconcile but he had not changed. Recently he has been stalking me so i had to get a PFA. Because he and i have split up, he now says we have never been legally divorced. What are my options in Kansas? I had married someone years ago but are no longer with them as they left the scene soon afterwards. Since my X wont give me proof of divorce, I filed for my benefit. Because of my career, I believe he will try to hang me out to try since he has been very hostile. Will i serve time?

  • Natasha

    I married an illegal in PA in 2000 I was told there was no record of marriage when I tried to get a copy of my license for divorce. In 2007 I remarried in KS. Now I want to get a divorce from husband 2 and I found out my 1st marriage has a record. So I am really worried. Yes I know this is a messed up situation. Is there any advice on how to fix this?

  • Debra

    I married my second husband after my divorce was final. Again I have
    filed for divorce from the second husband when I discovered his adultrious
    cohabitation in Alabama, It was when I received my Final Judgement that
    the court considered my marriage as “not legal” we were married by the
    Tribunal Judge in North Carolina..His bigamy is/was identified by the
    term a vincullo matromonii (legal defined as bigamy/adultry. What can
    I now do to have him face the music for this emotional disaster?

  • caroline

    23 years into my marriage, I discovered that my husband was married to another woman, I call Lady 2. I knew nothing about this when I married my husband. The only thing that I knew about my husband was his divorce from his first wife, Lady 1, but had a legal separation first before they officially divorced 4 years after their legal separation.

    Recently, I found out that while only legally separated from Lady 1, my husband married Lady 2 When I married my husband, I didn’t know that he was married to Lady 2 until Lady 2 sent me a copy of her marriage certificate, 28 years after marrying my husband, indicating that he was married to my husband of 23 years. Now she is claiming that I took her husband away from her. This made me feel devastated as I knew nothing about my husband being married to Lady 2 and my husband never told me anything about her. What made things worse is knowing that they have a son who is now 27 years old and my husband made me into believing that the only child he has is our daughter. This made me feel devastated and caused me a lot of mental anguish especially after knowing that my husband fathered 3 other children from different women before he married me where all the women claim that he is the father. Instead of saying his apologies for my discovery, my husband took it upon me and now he is filing for divorce after our 23 years of marriage so that he said he can be with his other alleged children and not having to deal with me anymore when he wants to be with them. I felt deceived, betrayed and lied to. I feel that my husband’s actions are irresponsible which make me want to seek damages for leaving me with so much emotional distress and mental anguish. Our only daughter who is now 23 years old is emotionally affected also for what has happened. Can I press charges against my husband for fraud, by deceiving me for his bigamous marriage and seek damages for what he has done? If so, how do I go about doing it? I live here in California, currently in the porcees of divorce resulting from the troubles bought by these discoveries.

  • Maria

    I married 2 years ago and we are going through a divorce now. He is charging me with fraud because I can’t prove my husband 32 years ago got a divorce, I can’t find him. I had been married a couple of times in between the two marriages and got divorced, but did not know about the one from 32 years ago,

  • Lele

    my husband and i have been married for 6 years, he’s had 2 affairs(that i know of) and now were getting divorced. i knew about one wife before me, but as ive started talking to the ex through facebook, ive found out that there divorce wasnt finalized until 94 days after we were married, which makes sense because 3 months before we got married, he legally changed his name. i went to one lawyer and they didnt seem interested in trying to get him for bigamy, just to get the divorce done….any ideas on what to do or what i can do? i live in washington state…….

  • renee

    i would like to know if my husband gets married to other woman while marry to me what is it i can do they been married 2 yrs now i just found out he got married in savannh ga

  • ricomine

    I was married to my wife in 2006 and in 2010 she married another man. We are still currently married she dissappeared with our minor child.I just found out where she was living and served her with divorce papers. I want to file bigamy charges against her. What do I need to do?

  • heather

    my sister is losing custody of her kids to her husband and his “other wife” and DHS calls this woman his wife he is not divorced from my sister this woman is unable to have kids and makes the kids call her mom and they get in trouble if they do not i need to know how to get someone to convict him of bigamy my sisters name is Katherine Chubbuck
    her husband name is Joshua Chubbuck the woman’s name is Christina Chubbuck Josh and Tina live in Wichita, Kansas and Katherine and the kids live in Klamath Falls, OR please help the kids are vary upset they are losings everything in there life friends and family to go live with someone they only seen 6 weeks in the last five years we are disparate and don’t have much money to get help

  • vivien

    i think why most men leave their previous marriages without divorce is the fact that they have to face the ugly part of giving away most of their possessions or assets to the woman. especially if they are struggling men not the rich, high class type.

  • elizabeth

    I married a man in October 2008. After about a month of our marriage I found out he was a compulsive. Liar. He lied about being in the army. About how his face was injured(saying in Iraq which he never even went there. It was from a car wreck in which he tried to kill himself his ex and their son by driving at top speed into a pole). Those were just some of the things he lied about. The list goes on and on! After I found out all his lies I kicked him out and I haven’t seen or heard from him since. I recently decided to go to a lawyer to file for a divorce. I found out today he remarried in Jan. 2012. I live in TN and I believe he lives in Georgia now with his other wife. Can I get him to pay for the divorce? With him being the one that messed it up I just feel he should be responsible for the divorce cost. Also should I get him for bigamy? Just need as much advice as possible. Thanx

  • Confused

    It’s actually on the other foot here… I was told my ex husband had died and so I remarried a few years later. Now I’m being told he isn’t dead…. what should I do? I’m filing a divorce but I don’t want to go to jail.

  • Distraught/Disabled

    I have been married for 34 yrs to my husband and never have been with another man. In 2000 I became disabled. In 2009 my husband went to work in Indonesia. We had 3 sons at the time 28, 15 and 15. We also have custody of my 6 year old grandson at the time. It is a long story, my 15 year old went crazy missing his daddy, I was in a bad shape chasing in all the time on the streets. My grandson cried a year that his heart hurt so bad for his papa that he couldn’t take the pain any more. My son quit school everything. I could NOT get my husband back. And he loved these kids. He never would come home. He mentally abused and drove me crazy and made me argue with him per email over and over. He would tell me I was so weak he could spit in my fast. I knew something was wrong him not wanting to come home and help his son. He kept promising me he was coming home. 10 mos later he came home after I had to put my son away in a baton rouge which was a Locked down but they went to school and got consuling. Anyway he blamed me for that. I am leaving a lot out. The first night he was in he i couldnt find his phone and I found it funny. Well he was sleeping with it in his pocket. I took it out and as soon as opened it a texted popped up saying hi honey how are u? I said this is his wife of 34 yrs you wh….!! She said you merried to ………. I merried to him too. I not know he merried. That is how she spells it. I woke him up screaming that he was crazy married again. He had messed around on me twice when we were just married within 5 yrs apart. I was raised to be with one man and not to divorce. I filed for divorce and he begged me not to leave him and i called it off. Anyway that night when I caught he admitted to it after he choked me to stop from waking up the house. He did not want the kids to know. They all woke up and they heard me. I called her and she didnt not want to talk she said she had to rest and better he stay with me. He was speechless. He said he loved her and they were fixing to build a house and he love me but he loved her in a different way. She was 15 yrs younger than him. He also said when i was so broken hearted that I should of let him talk to her first. I was sick to my stomach and already in a bad state of mind fighting for my 15 year old and my 6 year old grandson. I have never felt so much pain in my life. He sat down and told me he was married to her it was a religious wedding they don’t register or file it. I was totally blown away. The next night i transferred all messages from his cell phone to mine. I have pic him with her and them vacationing and him wearing a wedding band. I went to my neices house right away. I texted and told her i want to die and she said please dont die I fix this for you. Well a hour later the her phone was disconnected. He got to her and he went back. He went to one of my sons meeting and my son told
    Him he was his buddy why he left him. If he could please send more time with him. And he said he could not promise that. I knew then he was never going to come back. I filed for divorce and he gave my son a computer and there were email address’s on it and it tells ecerything about them being merried for 4 yrs. and everything. He had stole all my diamonds when he came in and she had my rings on in one pic. That was for my granddaughters. About 20,000 worth or more. When i files for divorce he took the camper and threw all my things out, through all my furniture in the woods at out camp on the lake and built bunkbeds for
    The kids. The kids never uses the camp. He has stolen everything. He always paid our house note and bills. And is so made at me for telling everyone. I kept his secret for a year and a half and he played with my mind so he did not have to pay child support for 3 yrs. He made 300,000.00 a year. I had to check myself
    In oceans to get my mind right. I went for 2 week. I am such a honest person and have worked 21 yrs out or the 34. Anf raised
    My kids by myself. I was wonder woman. I get sick and
    Had to slow down and he trades me in. Let me get to the question. If he didn’t file legally. And it was a religious indo wedding can I get him for bigamist. He drove me so crazy that i was a basket cause for 4 yrs. i cut off the top of one of my fingers. He has caused so much stress and pain in my life. Can I charge him. And I lost a son during this he came in and we buried him. He died in a offshore accident. He has mentally abused me
    even then. He had nothing against me I could of gotten alimony until i died. But i had o show no cause for the divorce. He would argue with me and take it to email. I would beg him to come home
    And help me. Well after all the emails he said know i got what i need so you can’t file for alimony. He is a coward and hides in another country. She has left him and is now in vietnam with a woman 25 yrs younger. I just feel that i have emails and he told me he was married i should br able to press charges for mental abuse so I can get my alimony. Can you tell me
    If I can. I have 3 yrs to files alimony against him. He is still paying the bills until we go to court in april to pay for community property which he took all from me and says it is for the kids. And they listen to him because money talks. My kids were raised strict and was good kids. When I got sick he took over and gave them money and no rules and ruined my kids and ran. My kids love me but they want their daddy so bad the 2 times a year he comes in and stays 5 days at a time. They would do anything for him. When he lives they are normal with me. I feel sorry for them. There is so much more It would take twn pages to explain everything. Please let me know if i have a case. Thanks and I did not proofread. I hope it makes sense. I am still so confused how a man to cause his own family so much pain.

  • lisa

    I had a civil union with a woman back in 2005 then i left. 8 konths later. Well i figured years down.the.road divorce would.happen.or something. Well i never kept in touch. Well 2009 i got married to a man. the sudden i get in email saying she sending.the.divorce papers and.i ay be in trouble for being married. What do i do

    • justice

      Was you able to change your ssn with out the Marriage in 2005 showing up?

  • Lola

    FLA. I was married in Tornoto Canada, we reside in FLA for 15 yrs. I just found out he married me while he was married to another woman. the 2nd wife hurried and filed for a divorce cause he was not. And we were married Frb. 14 1996 but their divorce and was filed till Feb. 28, 1996 Do I still have an incest situation?

  • ssmn

    A woman contacted me 5 years after my divorce claiming that she is currently still married to my ex husband. They were married in 2004 and I was married to him in 2006and had a child with him in 2007 and was divorced from him in 2008 due to him cheating on me. I had no previous knowledge of this 1st marriage. I knew of his ex girlfriends having children with him. Im waiting for confirmation about this marriage which would have made my marriage void if true. If it does come back true, does it change anything if I am divorced from him? Would I be able to do
    anything? Could I change my name back to my maiden name as well as my daughters knowing of the situation?


    well I was married and I filed for a divorce through that free divorce on the internet then me and him met at the court house signed the papers together. I thought we were divorced so I married another. come to find out we were not divorced . what is the punishment for that or will I face jail time please answer me back quickly I am worried to death.

  • charlesrogersex

    good luck my ex is from Alabama…they didn\’t want to help me at all…best advice…move on…you are way too good for him…look up articles on sociopaths to get a better view of who you are married too…blessed be…

  • jule99

    I am in need of a lawyer. My 9.5 divorce is a legal morass! Fraud, domestic violence, bigamy, polygamy, theft by deception, destruction of property, abuse of legal process, homeless, separate mother and child, and child abuse substantiated by CPS. According to a lawyer, one of the best in town, he just couldn’t Belive the judge, head magistrate of Superior Court, signed my dissolution of marriage! He was confused on what to do?! The legal advocate from DV shelter said, If he is confused, then this a confusing case! I have filed 2 medical malpractice cases on my own. Felon mrsa infection July 2010. Neglect to treat. 7 doctors. Mri report, partial resection of distal tuft or erosive ostomeyolitis(?). I am unable to return to former waitress job. I am unable to see doctor to be released, because of transportation. If it were not for my parents, i would have totally lost my children and be with out roof over my head. Add stalker, 2 children, and elderly parents fighting for our lives. My lawyer would not let me see my divorce file, even after i wrote an itemized letter of request. No lawyer wants to touch any of these cases without a huge retainer fee! I have one account settlement in fidelity, that i did on my own. I am unable to use it , because of his contempt to pay taxes. Therefore, i would lose my government help I drive 300-500 miles a week, just for my children, school, therapist, doctors, after school events, etc…since April 2011. I’m fading. Any suggestions? Live in Indiana married in Kentucky.

  • beachinjoy

    what if my husband is a felon & did not tell me before we married

  • Lyn

    How do I press charges against my husband who has married someone in another state

  • Ebony

    My husband committed adultery and I just found out he is married to someone else he is military reserves now he has change the forwarding address to a post office I called a private investigater wasn’t able to find to to his commander for the second x his response was he spoke to him and he is living out of his car, second x he is living in a tent in the woods my husband has push me to far I want to know do I have him sign the Diroce first or call the military police first because his commander is not helping me here is any ? How long do a military solider gets for committing bigme

  • Jo1416

    My husband is commuting bigamy he remarried n we haven’t divorced

  • sw5

    I was married to a man in Louisiana in 1995, we had a child in 1996 who is now 18 but i left him when I was 4 mo. pregnant b/c he could not hold a job and yet I was working 6 days a week and double shifts 3 days a week AND supporting me, him, and HIS mom, brother and sister. I have not spoken to him since 1998 when i filed for divorce but was brickwalled b/c the court had no knowledge of him being served. I told him to sign the papers and turn them in and thought he did. Well in 2005 I find out that we’re still married and he’s living with another woman and raising her 2 kids. I was able to locate him at that time and talked to him letting him know that we were still legally married and that he could not marry this new woman. He refused to file for divorce and/or sign papers. I haven’t talked to him since and now have no idea where he is. I am in a new relationship now and plan on being married but how do I file for divorce from husband #1 if I have absolutely no idea where he is and have been separated from him since 1996????

  • Mary

    I married a man who was already married. How do I make sure they dissolve our marriage license?

  • joe potts

    My wife lied to me by saying she was divorced from her other husband in 2003 and we for married . Well I found her divorce decree inn 2012 saying he divorced was finalized in 2011 I started a divorce and a custody hearing to get my daughter it is now 2015. She has continued to have relations with some one else since 2013 amy question is can I still have any thing legally done in south Caroline for her bigotry. I have her divorce decree and our marriage license which show she was still married when we got married want her to be punished for this crime. And how long would it take me to get an anolment

  • tracy

    my husband apparently was still married to his first wife when he married his second wife he then married me while he was still married to the second wife he divorced his first wife , then his second wife divorced him. and now he is trying to divorce me after spending all of my law suit money from my back injury and my inheritence from my parrents death. do know all the detsils of the first two marriages and not even clear about ours, we married the girst time in 2003, he then said there was an issue with our papper work and we went back and married in 2004, so my marriage may be legal because that was after his divorces that I was un a ware of , can I also get back any of my money he took from me .
    battered wife

  • Aaron Mathews

    A friends husband left her and her children and went to america where he married someone so that he could get a green card to stay with her she knows he is not divorced. He cheated on his wife with another woman from Greece Vasaliki Drosi and he is stil married to his first wife his name is Leon Skylakis and his illegal wifes name is Michelle Leigh Wunner.Can he be deported.

  • Aaron Mathews

    Leon Skylakis (Leonidas Skylakis) from South Africa and now living in Pennsylvania, married to Michelle Leigh Wunner is a bigamist. Deport him.

  • Himanshu Mallick

    Hello there, good morning.
    My apologies for the long history of my case. Below are the details…

    I got married (Hindu arrange marriage ) on DEC-2015 and strictly no dowry. From the day one my wife said she will leave before entering into the car. Later in the same after marriage ceremony finished , I found that she was reading her whats app msgs and crying . I found that her last boyfriends birthday was that day. On the day of the marriage her last boyfriend came to her house in the morning and she was ready to elope where her parents forced her to marry me as my barat already near to her house. But, when we were speaking before marriage and she told that she does not have or did have anything and she is completed agreed to our marriage.After 4 days when I stayed together she started the same story that she will leave. 6th day of the marriage , I called her parents and I told in front of my mom and her mom that she is telling me like this ( did not tell everything as my mom and her mom are old and they cannot tolerate all these). But, her mom told that my mom will take it seriously and pls do not tell her and if she will do anything after marriage , I will let her know. Then her parents stayed in our house for more than 8 days where she did not do any weird things. When her parents went to their house and her mom took her phone and destroyed it as there are lot of nude pics with her boyfriends and chats in her cell phone where I do not know her cell phone was gone. Then we went for visa stamping and came back to USA in 3 days. After landing her in USA , she started all the mental torchers where many times are a life risk ( like— breaking glasses, burning my house 5 times while talking/chatting to her frnds/boyfrnds, breaking laptop/phone, breaking plates, crashing doors many many times when she is angry, jumping out of car in the middle of the road where the car speed was more than 75 mils(110 kms)/hr, open gas with unattended , slapping in my face, biting my hand where blood came, extreme violent in the night where neighbors complained in the building management, two suicide notes , always asked for a lawyer in USA or anywhere in the middle of the night to get separated and in the morning , she tells that I love and want to stay with u ;, ran out of my house here in USA 3 times but later after 15 to 20 mins , she came back and told me that I cannot leave without you ; threatened me to poison me when she was chatting with her boyfrnd on that day , at last acted as she had having a heart attack due to I tried to tell all these to her mom then I called the 911 emergency service and she got up and cut the phone and told me that she is ok now and want to sleep; after all that I have all the recordings, pics and adult pics of many guys with her last boyfrnd as well, hotel bills, train and bus tickets.. blah.. blah..). I have been tortured everyday starting from my marriage date to Sept-2016 here in USA where I was not able to go to work on time and at last I lost my job recently. On August , my father was ill then we both went to our house (India) and the next day her father came and she went to her house. She was not ready to go to India or our home any time and also, her mom told not to come to India. She hide her all facebook accounts with duplicate name, gmails ( 20- duplicate and fake), live mail, in mail, gtalk and skype accounts. But due to my father’s illness (cardiac problem) , she agreed to visit India. There are many things where I never Imagine she did with other guys also and at last me. She stole one of her boyfriend’s Indian passport and certificates and brought to USA .When I asked her where u kept all these and we can return to that guy and he may be suffering with all these. but, she lied that all r may be somewhere and later one month she told that she tore it and put it in fire where she is completely lying in this as no one will put a fire in house where fire alarm will start. She lied many things before after engagement / marriage as well and she started talking to her all boyfriends when I was left the house for work where I have the skype chats and pics proof. Also, I noticed her name was changed on 2013 and I found the proof which is totally fake name change certificate then she changed her passport with the new name. I found many fake offer letters , medical certificates proofs where many guys helped her( I have all their names and emails). Presently, I am not sure, if she was secretly married earlier to any of the guy that triggered her to change her last name without their parents notice . we are from a simple family where my life is totally messed up/destroyed by her. She has 20 emails ID and recently ( OCT-6th-2016) she deleted the ids where I have the proofs. She never stayed @ our house and she stayed with me only for 7 months. Later June-2016, I found that she had 2 personal loans where she need money for EMIs payment and she does not have money to pay which was totally surprised to me.
    Later she asked me to give her a job if not I will pay her 2 personal loans where she refused to disclose the amount and neither share anything . From the day one she never share anything to me and gave vague excuses to me that we should know each other first then we can share things. I tried her to take to marriage counselors here in USA and failed 3 times after booking the appointments and also, failed 3 times for the psychiatrist doctor appointments (I have the proofs). She told that she will not go any body for our issue, nor to any doctor and threaten me to suicide by pressing her neck in mangal sutra. My apologies, there are many things which I cannot share in the public forum.
    I have consulted many colleagues and my family frnds and they suggested to take her some honeymoon places and she may change. I took her many nice places in East cost of USA and spent all my savings in her. But, I want to save my marriage and I tried a lot during these 8 months of marriage. Praying god every day morning and evening, awake many nights for her bcs, I do not want if she will do any stupid things. But, all r no use and she will never change as I got her chats now recently that she is the same person how her attitude and behavior will change.

    Now, my parents ( in India) are asking her parents to visit our house and they want to tell everything. But, last 1 month her parents are not coming to our house as they know how their daughter is. There is an attempt to murder case and torcher ( 498a) against her mother’s name which was given by her uncle’s first wife where I do not till Sept-2016. Her uncle is married to his second wife without the divorce to his first wife where still the case is ongoing in India.

    I swear to God, we did not know and never found anything anything before marriage and even if she lied her qualifications ( BTECH and MBA) but later when there was the visa interview, I found that she has BBA and MBA in some online colleges ( she convinced me and told me BBA and MBA where I heard wrong or read her chats or resume wrong). I believe, certificates may be fake where I blindly trust her as she acted very nicely where no one in this world will ever know/ notice. That’s why she succeed in her life till now to screw many guys ( even if married men as well) and companies (reputed IT companies)

    Please help me what are my options and how will I get a real justice in this situation. My parents are old and I do not want any case against ( 498A) on them as they are in India and also, our reputation will vanish if that happens then they may die in heart attack. Presently, I am in USA and looking for a job. Please please help me what are my options so that she will never harm/hurt anyone nor my family and me…. as she did enough to many guys ( have all email proofs and screen shots) and enough to me …

    I truly appreciate ur help and many thanks in advance. God bless you all for your guidance and help on my situation. Crying for help here :(((( !

  • cheryl

    I was married for 24 years. I found out that he had a girlfriend. Our marriage was bifurcated and they married. Six months later they divorce in a state where they didn’t live and the divorce records are closed to the public. Eleven days later they remarry and then ten months later they divorce again. I found out that they might have married before our marriage was bifurcated. Would it have been possible for him to transfer over some of our assets & property over to her ln order to prevent me from having a legal claim it?

  • Marishka

    I wish there were answers to all these comments. To those bigamy, adultery victims (spouses&children) are never going to get justice.

  • Yuki

    My husband and i got married on December and as far as i knew ge was recently divorced but few months into the relationship I found out he was cheating on me with his ex wife and that he’s still married to her! Can i sue him??