Book Review: The Complete Book of International Adoption 0

A Step By Step Guide to Finding Your Child

Complete Book of International AdoptionAs the waiting list for adopting a baby in the United States grows ever longer, international adoption has become a very viable option for couples looking for alternatives.

But international adoption raises its own set of issues, many of which aren’t a concern when adopting domestically.

Fortunately,attorney, author and adoption expert Dawn Davenport has done the research for you. In her book, The Complete Book of International Adoption: A Step By Step Guide to Finding Your Child, Davenport holds your hand through the entire international adoption process, covering just about every issue and milestone along the way.

Drawing on both her own experiences as an adoptive mom as well as her extensive research into the international adoptive process, Davenport provides a clear and concise understanding of what to expect when you decide to adopt overseas.

Inside this invaluable reference, you’ll an abundance of information to help you begin your own adoption. Should you stay domestic or look to other countries? This book can help you understand the differences and make an informed decision.

If going international, which countries are most receptive and what can you expect once the process begins? The book includes advice on how to choose a country and things you’ll need to consider, such as waiting times and estimated costs. You’ll also find a handy comparison chart so that you can see the pros and cons of various countries side-by-side.

The book also exposes the range of emotions you can expect to face and addresses personal concerns such as the health of the baby, attachment issues and developmental delays. You’ll also find worksheets to help you prepare for the process ahead – what paperwork do you need and where do you go to find it? – as well as a collection of parenting tips to assist you with explaining the adoption to family, friends and your other children, plus advice for evaluating your child for the first time.

In an upfront and matter-of-fact tone, Davenport shares the joys and excitement of an international adoption without glossing over the difficulties. Inside you’ll find:

  • Stories from other adoptive parents and the wisdom they gained from the experience
  • Information to help you select an agency and prepare for your home study
  • Tips and advice for dealing with health issues, financial planning and even traveling to your child’s country
  • How to deal with the unique issues that surround international adoption

Complete with a detailed collection of resources, The Complete Book of International Adoption is perhaps the most in-depth reference guide of its kind. Hopeful parents considering international adoption will find this book to be an invaluable resource as they begin navigating their new journey.


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