Book Review: Your Right to Child Custody, Visitation and Support 6

The Easy Guide to Custody, Support and Visitation Rights

Your Right to Child Custody, Visitation and Support

One of the biggest issues a divorcing couple will face is who gets custody of the children? Add to that the questions of visitation and child support and it’s not surprising that so many couples end up in an all-out war over their children.

By learning more about the custody process, though, you can improve your chances of getting the custody plan you want and assert your rights as a parent.

In Your Right to Child Custody, Visitation and Support, author Mary L. Boland walks you through the entire legal process of custody hearings and discusses what factors will affect the final outcome.

You’ll learn what factors are used by the courts in deciding custody issues and what “best interest of the child” really means. Find out how to prepare or respond to a Petition for Custody or Visitation and what factors are used to determine child support. Learn how to prepare for your court hearing, what documents you’ll need and how best to present your case.

The book is a user-friendly resource for dealing with a wide variety of custody and visitation issues. In this handy guide, you’ll learn:

  • The different types of custody and what they mean for you
  • Steps you can take to enforce child support orders and collect your payments
  • How to modify or appeal your child support order
  • How to write your own child support agreement
  • Where to find the legal research you need to support your case

The book also touches on difficult situations such as parental kidnapping or when one of the parents is in the military. Learn about tax exemptions, visitation problems and how to deal with domestic violence and child abuse issues.

Complete with sample forms, blank tear-out forms and state law references, Your Right to Child Custody, Visitation and Support serves as a solid guide to handling custody issues and the many complicating factors that can arise.


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