California Marriage Laws 5

Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in California

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California Divorce Laws

One of the 29 Titles of the California Legislature is “Family Law,” which is where you can find the California Marriage Code (Division 3 of the Family Law Code) and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in California.

California Marriage (Division 3) includes:

California Marital Agreements (Division 5) includes:

  • California General Provisions (Section 1500-1503):
  • California Uniform Premarital Agreement Act(Section 1600-1617):


  • Highpriestess

    I am in a same sex marriage in California. I was married in the small time frame in California when same sex marriage was allowed (in 2008). My partner and I now want to get a divorce, and we are already separated. We have already agreed on asset division, and we have no children. My question is: according to the California Validity of Marriage law, only a marriage between a man and a woman is recognized. So does that mean that we are not legally married? Does that mean we do not need a legal divorce? Please help. Thank you.

  • jessica

    can someone marry another person in california when they are still married in georgia?

  • Bbm

    What the hell? No. It’s called polygamy.. And is not allowed in California or any other states.

  • deathdoger

    ok theres a question if a adoped brother and sister would like to get married could they? they are not related by blood tho so i dont know? and i found sever things on it some say u can some say u cant witch is it?

  • sheryl

    if a husband buys a home without wife signature is wife reasonable for debt if husband defaults?