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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Colorado

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Title 14 of the Colorado Legislature is “Domestic Matters” Title 14, Article 2 is where you can find the Colorado Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Colorado. There are currently no Colorado government websites that publish the Domestic Matters laws online and allow direct linking to the information (if you know otherwise, please tell us). However, Lexis Nexis does allow you to browse the Colorado Mariage Code on their site. Here’s how (you can view these instructions along with instructional screen shots in the How to Find the Colorado Marriage Statutes Online PDF):

1) Click the Lexis Nexis link (above)

2) Click ‘Colorado Statutes’ on the left side of the screen

3) Click ‘Colorado Revised Statutes’ on the left side of the screen

4) Click the ‘Next Doc’ button on the right side of the screen

5) Click ‘Title 14 Domestic Matters’ on the left side of the screen

6) Click ‘Art. 2. Marriage and Rights of Married Women’ in the main section of the screen

7) Click ‘Next Doc’ on the right side of the screen (to continue reading)

Colorado Marriage Code (Title 14, Article 2) includes:

  • Colorado Uniform Marriage Act (Title 14, Article 2, Part 1)
  • Colorado Rights of Married Women (Title 14, Article 2, Part 2)
  • Colorado Marital Agreement Act (Title 14, Article 2, Part 3)


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