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  • mel

    can a childs mother change her daughters last name to current husbands last name without the fathers approval. Mother and father have joint custody, and father is in childs life in and out.

  • Andrea Hughes

    My daughters father filed a custody order because I remarried and and wanted to move to AZ with my husband who is in the Army. I filed relocation and it was granted. My daughers father custody order was dismissed due to not following courts requiements. Can I take the child back to AZ scents the order has been dismissed. ALSO it was recommened that I file an order against him so that he doesnt refile againff

  • J

    My estranged husband is thousands of dollars in arrears for child and spousal support. He works under the table and has for years. He is also collecting unemployment and I do get half of that for the three children. However, is there any way possible to get the arrears from his under the table salary? He lied to the Judge and said he works for free to help out his family. Can they take away his license or put him in jail? He lives and works in another state.