Divorce and Legal Separation 1

Considering, Planning for, and Dealing With a Split from Your Spouse

In the simplest terms, a divorce is the ending of a marriage while both spouses are still living. But the truth of the matter is that divorce and legal separation are often anything but simple.

A divorce accomplishes several basic things. First, and most simply, the legal bond between husband and wife is dissolved. Second, the assets and debts of the marriage are distributed between the spouses. Third, child custody is determined in families with children. And, finally, support payments may be ordered – either child support or spousal support (also called maintenance or alimony, depending on the jurisdiction).


Divorce FAQ’s:


  • Conny

    My sister is married and thinking of getting a divorce because her husband is cheating on her with other women. They have 2 kids. They are living in Ky. My husband and i living in WA state. Can my sister move to Wa to stay with us with both of her kids? or is that not legal, if they would have shared custody? But since he messed up their marriage because of cheating?? what kind of rights does she have??