How can we prove we’re really married for our immigration interview? 1

Proving the Legality of Your Marriage with a Foreign Spouse

One of the things couples are asked to do during a USCIS interview is to provide proof that they are legally – and truly – married. What this means is that a marriage certificate simply isn’t enough.

Immigration wants to make sure that a relationship actually exists and that the marriage ceremony wasn’t just for show. This helps to prevent marriage fraud – that is, marrying someone just to get them in the country with no real intention of staying married.

To prove your marriage is real, there are several things you can provide in addition to that marriage certificate.

Photos of the two of you on your honeymoon or on vacation for example, or greeting cards and other mail addressed to the both of you at your marital home. If you have property or assets that are in both names, then bring those deeds or contracts with you as well.

In addition, simple things like your car and/or homeowner’s insurance policy should reflect both names as well as bank account statements can also show that the two of you are building a life together. Do you have life insurance? If you’ve named your spouse as the beneficiary, this would also help support your case.

You’ll also need to be able to answer questions about how the two of you met, where you spent your honeymoon and personal facts about each other.

For more information regarding the USCIS interview and marriage visas, check out Fiance & Marriage Visas by Ilona Gray.


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