How Do I Change My Name for Tax Purposes? 2

Getting the Same Name on Your Social Security Card and Tax Return

After you have changed your name legally with the court, you’ll also want to contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) to request a name change form – for tax purposes (because the name you use on your tax return should match the name on your social security card).

Once you submit the name change form to the SSA, they will issue a new social security card with your correct, legal name. They will also notify the IRS for future tax filings.

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll also want to make sure that you change your name on any other legal documents, such as your bank accounts, credit card accounts, mortgage/property deed and driver’s license.


  • Virginia Martin

    just got married:

    My husband is exempt from filing taxes, do I have to chance my name for IRS;
    Can I keep my current name for business;
    Do I have to change my SS#; and
    my current filing status is single, can I continue to use it?

  • Rebecca Berry Nutty

    My devorce was final the end of Sept and Im wondering how I file my tax return in Jan?? I have two children and I have full custody and my X isnt the father so can I file single and clain them and recieve the extra earned credit for them or do I still file with my X for this tax season??