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When Legal Independence is Desired, but Emancipation is Not Appropriate

While many states do allow emancipation of a minor prior to reaching the age of majority, it is only allowed under certain circumstances. Granting emancipation means that the child is “on their own” and the parents are no longer obligated to provide care and financial assistance. Because of this, the courts are typically hesitant to grant emancipation if there is a better option.

Sometimes, for example, minors seek emancipation because of abuse or neglect but in most cases, the courts prefer to provide the child with assistance rather than just declare them to be an adult. Depending upon the age of the child and the situation at home, the state may choose to remove the child from the home and place them in foster care. This placement can be temporary or permanent, depending again upon the individual circumstances.

Alternatively, the state may refer the child to a social worker and order that the parent attend some form of parenting education classes.

If there are no signs of actual abuse or neglect, the state may suggest that the child temporarily live with another family member or friend to allow both the child and the parent to gain a different perspective on their differences.

In some cases, government assistance may be given to a child. Your state may also have other assistance programs in place to help you until you are able to return home.

In extreme cases, the state may terminate or suspend the parents’ rights and award (permanent or temporary) custody of the child to an alternative family member, making them the legal guardian of the minor.

If you are a minor considering emancipation, it is in your best interest to talk to an attorney or an adult you can trust about your situation and find out what your options are.


  • jessica snow

    i turn 16 in a month and me and my mother are looking to emancipate me but our court house doesnt have the papers and i cant afford an actual lawyer or attorny neither can she so we are not quite sure how to go about this.

    • Walker

      You can find the paperwork online and print it out 🙂

  • Yenny

    Hey;I Juss Turned 16 As well, nd i was looking to get emanipated from my mother.we really dont get along as much.AT ALL;nd ii feel like the more im living under her rules im not able to be happy with life she always regreing doing things for me.I believe i would be better off indpendent.Most of my life ii have.neva had a dad,didnt grow up with my older brother.&& i always had to defend myself.My fam is very close but yet always thinking im the badd one, putting things in my moms head.she believe everything, nd then all hell from there.ii was a straight A student nd since problems started i been messin up.I’ve gotten into fight.hung out with the wrong ppl && ran aways plenty ov tymes.We’ve fought said things to one another that shouldnt be said have had councling and ii juss believe its tyme for me to have to walk away completely.i noe im able to do it.but i need to noe the process nd ii noe wats the whole deal wif a lawyer.

    • Me

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      • You

        You sound like an immature person and very cold hearted.
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        Endeavor is the correct spelling for “endevor” in your note.
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        • You

          Also – it’s independently, NOT “independantly” – I think you should THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE!

      • Hypocrite finder

        Typing is spelt typing without an e after the y. Good day sir.

  • Cady

    I am turning 17 in a little over a month. My home life was fine until my older sister who is 22 and pregnant moved back in. Her and I do not get along. She is moody and has always seemed to believe she is in control of everything and that she rules the house. She is also mentally impaired. There are things about her I cannot stand,like the way she talks and other gestures she makes. I suppose it’s half my fault,but my mom always takes her side even if she is wrong. I am always the one getting yelled at cause I ridicule her. Yes,that is true,but I honestly cannot stand the way she treats me or my 2 younger siblings. They get along with her,but I cannot seem to. I’m staying at friends houses as often as possible. I do not have a job,but I am and have been looking for one. I got a few applications and I do plan on applying. I am also smart,last year was my junior year and I made a 3.0 or above all year. I am willing to work hard and I know being on my own will be difficult,but I do not believe I can take anymore of the one-sided parenting. I do have a dad too,but he usually agrees with my mom cause I am the “problem child” and everything is my fault. I don’t know what to do anymore!?

  • Stuck.

    I am 17. I turn 18 in three months. I have two jobs and I am attending summer school for more credits and I will soon enroll in my senior year. My living situation is mum, step-dad, older brother(by 18months), younger brother(four years younger), half sister (8 years younger) and my step-brother(four years younger). I have been living with my step-dad for ten years now, and everyday is as big of a struggle as the first. In 2009 my family moved to Southern California from Northern California and myjunior year grades dropped a lot, I used to average at a 3.8-4.0 GPA but in the 2009-2010 school year I received a 2.8 after the dwindling support from my home. The abuse is all too much, emotionally I’m falling apart. And my mum is the only one with a job so his lack of income has created and even more stressed life for my mum, and all us kids. He’s told us he doesn’t consider us his kids, when we have lived with him for ten years. His lack of love has created low self esteems. I feel that since I have the oppertunitywith places to go and money to spare I should jump at the chance, but I’m stuck because I don’t want to make my mum think I don’t love her and my goal in life is to make her happy.

    –Hopeful. (August 9th, 2010)

    • na

      why doesn’t your mother leave your step-dad? he doesn’t even help you guys 🙁

  • Dont know what to do

    I am turning 17 in 2 months and me and my mother are always getting in fights lately. We are always yelling at each other, but she is wanting to get me emancipated from her now. I have a job and sorta good grades. I am looking for a house. I have never gotten along with her new husband ever since he moved in 14 years ago. I do not have the money for an attorney, but i am tired of her always downgrading me and telling me that I have no opinion in what is going on. I want to be able to live with her, but I do not get along with my step father.

    –Need Help (August 23rd, 2010)

  • channinggg,

    I am fifteen and my home life is not so great. im constantly fighting with my mom and we are always at each others necks. she is always threatening to send me away. i want to get emancipated but im still a little fuzzy on all the details. if you could fill me in on exactly how to, how much it costs, and what i’d have to do i’d appreciate it.

  • Dont know what to do

    my boyfriend is 15 years old. We’ve been together for over a year and his life with his mom is more than stressful. He doesnt have a dad or any siblings, its just him and his mom. I pretty much know everything about his life because we’re really close. His mom is absolutely demanding and controlling. Hes one of the toughest men i know in my school and yet he is terrified of his mom. She has menally abused him basically his whole life, but he has no way of proving it. She knows just about everyone he knows and shes worked at every school he has ever gone to. So he really doesnt have anyone to turn to, to ask for advise. One time he got into trouble at school and of course because his mom worked there and knew everybody she knew within 5 minutes of him getting in trouble. He tried to tell an officer who happens to work at the school that he didnt care about what happened to him at school, he was just more concerned about what was going to happen to him when he got home. Knowing his mom, she is very two-faced, so the officer thought nothing of it and told his mom what was said. Although I dont know what happened when he got home besides the fact that she threw a glass plate across the room at him, I do know that from past experiences she has wrestled with him and I have seen bite marks from it and nail marks. I really want to help him but I know her and shes beyond crazy and if he tried staying with a family member she would find about it and make him come home and things would only get worse. She now hates me because I stand up for him and we’re not allowed to be together because of her. She told him last night that if she found us talking in anyway shape or form she would make his life hell… not that it already is.

    • danny

      you will have to look up your states laws of emancipation but basically he will need money in the bank a place he could live a job good grades and he needs be mature.

  • Mom

    I have a son who just turned 17 a month ago and has recently received his GED. After he graduates from the program he is in in 2 months he wants to attend the local community college and will have a job that is 30 hours or more per week. He and a friend who is doing the same thing would like to get a place together after granduation and share living expenses while pursuing college and work. What type of fees and supporting documentation are required for emancipation in MT? While my son is pursuing his future and living on his own, I do want to be held liable for any potential financial matters that can sometimes occur as we all learn responsibility. Any details of this process regarding documentation, fees, conditions, etc… would be appreciated.

    Sincerley – Mom

  • Baileigh

    I’m sixteen and will be turning seventeen in a little over two months. I’m not your regular teenager. I’m your average adult. I buy my own food and clothes, pay my own bills, (car insurance, phone bill,) and have most of the household chores. I have a sister who has everything handed to her. Chores started at the age of nine for me. I was the one who had to go outside and take care of the lawn. My mom and I do not get along, I used to work 63 hours a week plus I was a sophomore. So she began to complain that I wasn’t getting anything done around the house. I rather be at work than at home. My mom is probably the laziest person to walk this earth. A few years back my dad was the one to say “What can I do for you?” and my mom was “What’s in it for me?” Well my mom walked out on me a few months back and left because of me. The only reason she decided to come back was because I got into a car accident which wasn’t my fault. She has made my dad against me and they make a countless number of threats to me. They know I want to move out but does not think I could stand in front of a judge for the authority to be emancipated. I already have the papers, and would really need some guideince from here on out. I am neglecting and can live on my own. I can support myself without the help of my parents or foster parents. I am as capable as an adult or a nineteen year old in college.

  • Kate

    Im 15 and me and my mo cant get along. its just me and her and for the last 4 years its been hell. My bad relationship with her is starting to effect me in so many ways, i cant do well in school and im starting to just be stressed out all the time. I really think that emancipatiion is the best option for my sanity ad safety,but i really dont want to have to move away from my school and friends. I am extremely independant but i want to know if i can make my close friends family my new legal gardians and move in with them. I have talked to them about it and i just need to know my options about staying in my school district.

  • Carla

    Contact a domestic violence victim advocacy agency in your community. They can help you access free legal services in your state and help you look at your options.

  • Laura Belle

    I am told I will be under my parents care until I graduate collage.
    I am turning 18 on December 26 of this year.(2010)
    I am considering law school or a teaching degree. (Elementary or Special needs with a minor in sign language)
    I am taking both my JR and senior year at once. I thought it would be a way to escape my parents. Obviously not.
    I have been with a young man (19) for over 2 years. I was planning on moving in with him, his mother, and our friend. I would be paying rent, or my rent would consist of daily house chores.

    A good way to explain my relationship with my father is. I am the bird and he is the cat. He has caught me and tied my wings and tiny feet to the ground with a short sting. I cannot get away without help. A cat is very vindictive, cunning, and sly.

    My mother? I would have to say she is like the ocean. Though living with her I do know when I will get yelled at and when I wont, but other times I do not. She is unpredictable yet at the same time predictable.

    I am not sneaking total isolation from either of them as so many have come to think. I keep myself busy and away from them as much as I can because I know it helps having some space in our relationship. I love my parents. They have been supportive.

    They are however refusing to let me experience life like I should have years ago. I have hurting now because of it and I am not ready for the life I am so quickly jumping into. I know deep down this is going to be hard and this might be a mistake. But I will learn. There will be a positive outcome and I have to remember that.

    I do not really agree with marriage or divorce, because of the way people abuse it now a days. I am quite old fashioned for a 17 year old. If I were to marry, the man would have a right time with divorce. Its not something I am considering. – regarding “A Teenager’s Guide to Emancipation”

    If i did move out, and in with my lover would I still be under my parental control? I intend on attending collage. I do not want their aid. I don’t not want to hear them say “you must pay me back” again. In a mockery way or not.

  • Formally Stuck

    Laura Belle,
    Once you are 18 you are no longer in the control of your parents. I have gone through basically the same thing, as do many teenagers. It is not that the teen is a bad child or that the parents aren’t ready to be parents sometimes the two personalities just don’t mesh. I moved out last November and I am having mixed feelings. I feel this load of stress off my shoulders and feel you would be the same. However, just like I was thinking, you do not want to hurt your parents. This is your life, if you are living day to day wondering what your parents want and what you should do to please them you are not living correctly. Things change and your mum and dad will understand that ultimately it is your life, you NEED to make your decisions and you will ALWAYS love them. It will be hard at first but day by day everything gets easier. I know it sounds so cliche but think positive. Text/call your mum and dad letting them know you love them. But, when you do end up leaving, let them know it is because YOU need to, it is YOUR time, not that THEY are making you do this. Putting blame on them will only make it worse even if ultimately it is their fault. They may need time to figure things out within themselves first before they can worry about you. You seriously sound EXACTLY like I did, a bit different circumstances but basically the same. I am now living with my 19 y.o. boyfriend’s mum and she has helped me overcome so much and I love her for that. Also, stay in contact with any siblings, relatives, and friends they will help you too.
    Good luck 🙂

    • You

      This is a very thoughtout, kind, intelligent answer. Good luck to you!

  • Matthew (Uniuq prob)

    Hi im 16 and i have a unique problem some not really seen around alot i have a deaf mother and step dad they both have little to no sense and are over controlling they make rules tht make no sense or are unnecessary (ex) im not allowed to turn on a fan in the restroom even if there is a horrible smell and many more like tht if not worse. he has a rule about everything in the house its easier to make a list about things he has no rules to. i can barely live here main reason i havent left is my 2 sisters but i cant stand it here they have places they can go my older sister who is 17 is almost about ready to leave for college soon so she is fine and my younger sister has a place to go with my uncle who said he would take her in and only her. and if im emancipated ill be better off cus i am and always will be independent and i have been emotional abused in my house im gay and they are anti-gay and i cant stand it when they try to hook me up with a girl and i hate it when they say something that can just make me say things i usually find unnecessary and the main thing i hate here is when im getting yelled at for nothing my step dad would just yell at me out of nowhere and wont drop anything recently i came home from a freinds house about 10 mins late and hes been giving me bad looks smarting off to me and wont leave me alone its been causing me stress and recently ive been haveing stress related fights and ive been trying to relive it with working out but they have told me im not allowed to do tht any more so for the safety of those around me and myself im trying to stop this stress i get at home and leave my “home” ive been tired of this for years now. My names Matthew Frye and ive been dealing with this man for 7 years next month if there is a lawyer reading this plz email me unfortunately i cant pay u (i cant get a job so i have no money reason being my mom and step dad are cheating the government and wont let me get a job cus the checks would stop coming in if i do get one) . . . i would appreciate it if u would help me out of this

  • Sienna

    I am 17, will be turning 18 with in the next 9 months. My life at home is, i dont really know how to put it, but its not good. My mother kicked me out 2 months ago, because i lied to her and stayed the night at my bfs house. i understand why she was mad, but she kicked me out. you just dont do that. anyways the cops found out and brought me back and my mom went on and on about how she was the victim and how she wanted me back and was only trying to love me. i would love to be emancipated, only i know it takes a long time, and i would already be 18. So i was wondering if there was another way? and i know its not good to get married so young but my bf of 2 years said hed love to marry me. and that i looked it up and there was sites talking about how that can make u emancipated. So really if you could help me out, that would be wonderful. The longer i wait, the harder it gets to live, im not saying im suicidal only that ive spent the last week in bed, sick, i think its the depression. please help.

  • Celestine

    Hello All, I’m going to speak from a parents’ prospective. I have a 15 year old son who is defiant (don’t want to follow rules at home or at school, won’t study, makes not so good grades, breaks curfew, runs away, speak disrespectfully to me w/ curse words, etc.) It’s like he hates me, but why? Is it because I want him to attend school, study and make good grades so that he can secure a good future for himself by being educated? Is it because I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to hang out in the streets until late at night? Is it because I’ve caught him in numerous lies that weren’t necessary when all he had to do was ask permission, and tell the truth? Is it because I’m trying to teach him to respect himself and others? Is it because I became a little irate when I caught him watching rated X material on more than one occasion in my house which is very disrespectful? Is it because he went behind my back, had a tattoo put on his neck not realizing that this could affect his chances for a job opportunity in the future? Is it because I think it’s an awful sight for young boys to wear those pencil leg jeans that look two sizes to small, and I won’t buy him any? I just wish that I could get him and all young people to understand that life is full of rules. Having to abide by rules doesn’t stop when you become an adult. As a child you are required to obey your parents’ rules, and as an adult you will required to obey the laws (rules) of the land. We as adults have rules to follow: we have rules in a work environment (job), we have rules to operate a motor vehicle (car), we have rules for paying taxes on the money we earn (IRS/Government), we even have rules to follow as it relates to being a parent (by law, we must feed you, provide you with clothes, send you to school, give you access to medical care, and provide you with a safe living environment). All of those other things (cable, cell phone, internet access, game systems, money to hang out, etc.) are gifts because we love you; we’re not required by law (rules) to provide you with those things. If you’re not looking to be emancipated due to abuse, the only other reason that a child would seek emancipation from a parent is because they don’t want to follow rules. But guys, there is no way around rules, they are everywhere for all of us to follow (children and adults). Why do you think prisons are over-populated, and adults continue to enter the prison system daily? It’s because most of those people began to break rules at an early age, and continued to break rules as adults. A prison is just a building full of people who refuse to follow rules, plain and simple. And let me say this, parents are not always right, we’re not perfect. Parents have actually made some of the mistakes they see their kids making. We try with all of our might to keep you guys from making the same mistakes, and experiencing unnecessary hardship or bad times in your life.. Being a parent is tough, just as I know being a kid is tough also. Neither of us has written instructions to follow. But we adults have had life experiences that have taught us how hard life can be if things aren’t done a certain way or how good life can be if a certain path or order is followed. Young people, stop trying to run away from your parents, take a good look in the mirror, and ask yourself: what can I change about myself to make this situation better?

    • len

      Very very true, but i noticed very few likes. These kids doesnt wanna be told what to do. They think they’re more smart than their parents.

      • im sick of shit

        And what if we are? U audults tell us “dont smoke, dont drink, dont fuck.” well what if i told u that that amy be the one way we handle stress. i honestly dont care what others think, they are either judgmental, or are trying to control my life.

      • cat

        Sweetheart I’m sixteen and this comment made me cringe. The amount of spelling and grammatical errors is astounding. Besides your obvious lack of basic English skills let’s talk about your ignorance. Some of us, myself included, have been physically or sexually abused by members of their house hold. So tell me, what do you expect me to do about this? I’m looking for a way to help myself out of this situation. But I’m sure to you I’m just one of “these kids who doesnt wanna be told what to do.” I probably also seem like one of those kids who, “think they’re more smart than their parents.”

    • “defiant” teenager

      you have no idea what you’re saying. some of us are abused and neglected. just because your kid’s a whiny little shit doesn’t mean we’re all trying to run away from home for the same reasons your son is.
      to answer your question: “what can i change about myself to make this situation better?”– I’ll tell you: i would have to keep my mouth shut while my mother keeps calling me names, not cry when she hits me, get straight As even though i suffer from a mental illness, and stay home every day, with zero contact with friends. am I the one who needs to change? i dont think so.
      so shut up.

  • Offering Safe House

    I have offered shelter to a young lady (17) who wanted to leave her custodial parent’s care due to emotional and physical abuse. Her mother agreed to “taking a break” after discussing the situation with the school guidance counselor. Now, after 3 weeks, her non-custodial parent has given her an ultimatum – she has one week to decide between living with her mother (custodial/abusive) or her father (non-custodial/different school district). She is the THIRD child to leave this home due to a bad environment. She just wants to at least finish her Junior year before transferring schools, and she DOES NOT want to return to her mother’s. She is not employed, and she is trying to bring her grades back up since coming to stay with us. Is there an alternative to empancipation that we can pursue on her behalf? Thank you.

  • Sylvia Ransom

    I will be turning 16 in less than 2 months. 6 years ago my mother met a man who 4 years ago became her husband. Me and him don’t see eye to eye, and it’s not my fault. I have two younger siblings and two older ones too. I have a 9 year old little brother, an 11 year old stepbrother, a 19 year old brother in the Army, and a 20 year old brother in the Marines. My mom is always working, and is hardly ever home, which means her husband has most “control” over me. I am an honors student who is in Senior Beta club and in several other honors societies. Recently, I have been diagnosed with depression. My mother says it’s hereditary, but I know it’s not. I am the only one in this house that does anything. I clean up after everyone all the time. No one has any sense of hygiene. I started doing chores at 9 years old, and I have brought this fact up only to get chewed out that I am the oldest, and that no body else needs to be worrying about the chores. That it’s not up to me who does what. This meaning that I am the only one to do anything while everyone else either sits on their butts and plays video games, or just hides in their room whenever they’re home. My stepdad loves to label me as the “troubled child” apparently I have no sense of maturity or respect, that I am lazy and do NOTHING. The last straw that has made me decide on emancipation was one morning this week, I was woken up by my stepdad screaming at me at 7 in the morning on a Saturday about how I am out of control, lazy, and disrespectful. He was threatening to not let me get my permit when my birthday comes around, etc. For the past two-three weeks I have been in so much pain due to my knee. I have always had knee problems, that of which my stepdad loves to disregard. Just a couple of weeks ago, though, I some how tore the cartilage in my knee, or at least what the doctors have come to believe despite what MRI’s say. I am stuck on crutches and on tons of medicines for it. Due to all the medicines, I have been feeling extrememly tired and sick. These medicines don’t mix very well with my depression medicines, but I have to take them or I am in so much pain that I am unable to function. I am supposed to be getting surgery, and I am supposed to stay off of my knee, but I am unable to do that in this house… Due to these problems I have missed only 6 days of school in which no one would take me to the doctor, in which case has caused the school to label me as “Truant”. It’s a lot to take in, and I am nearly the mother of this house, and have been for years. I am not allowed to get a job due to my stepdad “needing me at the house for him” meaning to stay at the house so his lazy butt doesn’t actually have to take care of the kids or clean up anything. There’s also another thing about me that I believe makes my stepdad and sometimes my mom hate me… I am a lesbian. They don’t know how to act around a situation that involves me and another woman being together. I am currently with an amazing woman who is 19 and is attending college. Me and her have talked about me moving in with her and even about marriage, but the state of Kentucky doesn’t allow same-sex marriages. Does the emancipation law acknowledge domestic partnerships for homosexuals? In all honesty, it should. If it doesn’t then that’s discrimination and not fair to those who cannot marry due to who they love. I plan on graduating and going to college, most likely the same college that my girlfriend attends. I am positive that I can recieve scholarships and financial aid from my grades and academic achievements alone, meaning that I would not need my “parents” help with paying for schooling. I love my mom, but she hasn’t really been a mom to me since she married her husband. She’s constantly moody and upset whenever she is home that I can hardly ever talk to her. Most of the time it’s like talking to a brick wall. Going to live with my father isn’t an option. He is a truck driver, and when he is home, he is always out partying and drinking. I cannot expose myself to that. The man couldn’t even pay child support but once in my entire life, and that’s when I had to beg because I needed clothes for school. I only wound up getting to use at most 50 dollars out of the two hundred he sent to get me three outfits and a few other necessities… The rest went to whatever else my “parents” wanted…. My friends’ parents have offered me a place to stay, but I don’t want to intrude. They all have their hands full, and even though I love helping them all of the time, I don’t want to have to make them support another person… I don’t know how to come about getting emancipated and I cannot afford a lawyer. I’d appreciate some help and advice.

    Thank you,

  • katie

    I am 17 and living with my aunt. My aunt is losing her house and I must move back with my mother. She (and my stepfather) is both emotionally and physically abusive and neglectful. We arent allowed to eat at home, go to the doctors (even though they can) and can only drink out of the shower. Before moving back I want to be emancipated and share a appartment with my friends and help pay the rent with my job. What can I do?

  • carroll

    my 17 year old daughter has recently moved out of her mothers home and into her boyfriends home, am i required to still pay child support? she will graduate may ’12

  • march

    I am 17, and i will be 18 in 9months. My mother had me at a young age so i stayed with my grandmother until I was about 10. And thats also wen she had my sister. I basically raised myself and my sister. And now i have a little brother and the same thing is happening. on top of all of that, my sister became deaf a few years ago and she has always had behaivor problems due to my mothers lack of parenting so its really hard for me. i try learning some sign language but my mother never even picked up a book and tried to communicate with her. My house is a total reck because my sister and brother run around messing stuff up and my mother makes me do everything. But, i dont feel like its my job so i take me time and jus make sure the kitchen and bathroom is clean and anything else i straighten up but, they messup so much its very hard. shes always gone while im here baby sitting so i dont get to go hang out or better yet, stay after school if i need extra help. its like i have 2 kids. i ran away twice after she beat me up.the first time since i was so badley beating, they let me go to my grandmother house. but it didnt last because my mom has custody and there was nothing we could do. the second time i ran away she put out a runaway report on me and the police seen that i had a busted lip but they acted like they didnt see i had a swollin jaw all because she muniplulated them into thinkin i was a bad kid. I cry almost everyday. and most teens I kno are cryin about relationship and nosence but i cry because she makes me cry she calls me words that i dont even want to write. she hurts my feelings as if she hates me. but she doesnt want me to leave, and thats because she isnt going to have a built in maid and babysitter but she claims thats not the reason. she keeps me punished for most of the year about little stuff so that it can be an excuse for me not living my life but really when im not punished i feel like im being punished. my whole point of writing all of this is to kno what it is that i can do to get out of this sittuation. theres so many more thing i can say but its way to much to write.i need help. its gotten to the point were everytime she hits me i hope that she would leave a mark so that i could prove the abuse but i guess i dont bruise easy. I know it sounds kind of crazy but thats how bad it is. if any one has any advice for me please help because as far as ikno, there isnt anything i can do about this. and i want to be sure of that.

  • Taylor Castellaw

    I am going to be 18 in 4 months i found out two days ago that i am pregnant, i have told my legal guardian, my aunt, and when i returned home she declared i am not to speak or see my baby’s father (he will be 18 this July). I told him, before i had everything taken from me, and he is furious. He wants me and the baby to move in with him and his sister, who is 26 years old. My aunt is refusing to take me to the doctor, even though the appointment was suggested by the hospital, and refuses to fill a prescription for me, also issued by the hospital. These do not seem to be grounds for emancipation from what i have read, is there anything i can do?

  • Melaniece McIntosh

    Hi im in a hard rock my life was messed up since i was in the second grade. My mom and father always hated me well my whole family. And now im 16 and living in true hell. Can i get help for this

  • SoOverThis

    Hello. I’m 16, almost 17. My parents got diorced when I was 6. I have 2 sisters, and now a step brother. I lived with my grandparents for 8 years because m dad wasn’t able to financially spport my sisters and me. $ years ago, he married his wife. Ever since the following year, they’re constantly fighting, blaming stuf on my sister and myself. They kicked my oldest sister out when she was 17. My other sister is 18 in a week. She will be moving out. And i can’t stay in this house any longer. My dad is trying his hardest to take care of us, but he’s so caught up in issues with his wife that he has put my needs aside. I have a heart condition and PTSD which my doctor suggested i go on antidepressants for as it also affects my heart. But he went against it without any reason. I try my hardest to do what he asks, but im so stressed, that im unhealthily skinny, and never have an appetite. I dont want to get emancipated from my dad because i think he’s a bad person, i just feel as though i could take care of myself better than he is able to. I have a few places i could go to, and i have a parttime job that pays about $150/week. He wouldnt let me live with my boyfriend, but i feel as though that is my best option at the moment because he is coming back from the military and will have a steady job. But under my dad’s legal rights, i wouldnt be able to go there without his permission. Is there anything i could do? talking to him doesnt work, he just gets angry and yells..alot. If i brought this to an attourney, would this seem like a case to consider? thank you

  • jw

    do you think i should seek emacipation if my mom refuses to let me go to a public school and makes me do homeschool. im an a&b student and i havent gotten any referrals or done anything bad in school. also she thinks im conceited and and tells me im never doing right, And also because i have been abused by my dad and have scars on my back.
    i have ran away not too long ago and when i came back my parents promised everything would get better but they have gotten worse.

  • So nice psot!

  • Kyra

    I am 16, turning 17 at the end of May. I had a job, working weekends at a restaurant as a busser. I am in band, and have been since I was in 6th grade. I amthe youngest of three girls. I started dating a guy the second of the year. He has made me a different person, but in a good way. Everyone at school and work said I was happier, my attitude has improved, and I was just a better person. My mother, on the other hand, disagrees. She says I have become a spoiled brat. First semester of my junior year, I failed Algebra 2. Math has never been my strong suit and she knows that. I tried getting help, but just about everyone “didn’t have time”. I have to take credit recovery, which is $100. I was saving money to pay for it. I got a speeding ticket, had to pay for that (and gas, school things, etc.) so I got behind on saving. My mom bailed me out with the ticket. (Sorry, I get distracted easily!) I undertstand getting punished for failing the class. I understand not letting me go hang out with my friends or let me keep my phone after my mom got home. However, I am making all A’s this semester and the punishment only got worse. (This part IS relavent). I live in the woods. I don;t even get cable, I live so far back. The people that own the land next door tore down the woods and put up a dirtbike track. They rent out the land and the people that go there drink, do drugs, have sex in the backs of their trucks, they do every stupid thing possible. Since these people have come into my neighborhood, my mom and stepdads tempers have gotten shorter and there have been break-in’s around the block. I don’t feel safe staying at my house alone. My parents were going to go camping one weekend, and since our dog died and I would be alone, I tried staying at a friends. The two people that I trust the most were out of town, so after work, I went to my boyfriends and stayed the night there. (I slept in his sisters room, he slept in his.) We have had sex before, but we used protection. My mom didn’t know. My parents did not go camping and I got in deep trouble for staying at my boyfriends. I lost my car, my license, my phone, and worst of all– My job. I am trying to deal with everything that is going on. My mom has told me that because I “lied” to her, she no longer trusts me. In fact, she told me she hated me. We used to have a very healthy relationship until this. She has threatened to move me to my dad’s, who lives in a trashy trailer with his brother, across the street from his mother, and down the road from his sister. He wouldn’t be able to take care of me, I wouldn’t have a room, I’d be staying in the livingroom. I can’t live in that kind of place. I love my father. But I can’t live with him. My mother, a few days after that weekend, told me I was good for nothing, I was going to end up “marrying my loser boyfriend, working two jobs, trying to take care of four kids plus the house while he sits on his ass playing video games.” Her exact words. Then a few days after that, she told me she hated me. She told me she was going to pull me out of band. I can handle the threats of making me move in with my father. But try and take band away, the one thing I am very good at, and we have major issues. She doesn’t realize it, but band kept me from committing sucide when she had a drinking problem. She got over that, thankfully, but she’s been a major **tch since then.
    I don’t want to get emancipated, I just want to move in with some friends for my senior year. She hates where we live but hasn’t moved because she wants me to stay in the same district my full high school career. I think it would be beneficial for us both if I moved in with some friends and she moved to a place where she was happier. I need to know all the legal paperwork and a way to tell her this without her going crazy. I am talking to teachers I trust and a few family friends that I know I can talk to without them turning around ans selling me out. Can anyone give some legal advice, or advice in general?

  • Ani

    I’ll be sixteen in a few months and my mother and I don’t get along for various reasons that will remain unsaid, she does not ever physically abuse me but we constantly argue and it is beginning to affect my life outside of my house such as grades and other relationships. I don’t think I’m ready for a complete emancipation and I don’t want to make any decisions that will only hurt me more. I don’t really have family I can stay with, what are my options?

  • Keila

    Okay I am 15. It’s been rough at home and for years I’ve been thinking about moving out and being on m own. I’ve been through 11 different schools and 6 different states and no none of my parents are in service. It’s been getting worst at home since my mom got re married 3 years ago. I am now looking for jobs and I’ll soon be able to drive in a few months. I am from ny and I am looking for places to live with my friend who will be. Y future roommate. Her aunt who is in her 40’s is helping us out and keeping her eye’s on us just incase we need any help. My friend is also having it hard at home, a lot worst than myself. We both go to school in north jersey but we found a place in the Bronx that is in our price range that is only 45mins from our school. We will take the train to school every morning like every other kid in newyork. We are both planing on still using our parents address for school. We just won’t be living with them. If me and my friend are completely eligible and responsble are we able to move out with any problems. What are the steps that we have to do to be able to live on our own.

  • illyanya

    i am 17 and will be 18 in less than 6 months and live in an abusive situation can i move out to be in a safe living environment in the state of north carolina?

  • sam

    I’m turning 16 really soon, and i want to live with my grandmother. But my mother keeps on telling me that i will have to live with her and will not be able to attend the school I am going to. She does not have a job and has not had one since before i was born. She threatens that i will have to live with my father, who does not have a stable home, he lives with his girlfriend on the other side of the country and from what my sister said she would never ever want me to live in that house even for a day. Is there anyway of me living with my grandmother and not having to go through foster care first. I would refuse to go into foster care because of what i have heard has happened and what has happened to some of my friends.

  • need help

    I am 17 years old and have been engaged for 2 years to a 19 year old ive been dating for 5 years. We have a 15 month old daughter he has been ling with me for over a year now and now we want to move we currently live in the state of oregon and its not working out for us we want to move back to arkansas were we have a house and good oportunities for our daughter but the problem is my mom has refused to let me go me and my fiance have jobs and my mom has not been financially providing for me could i get ammancipated or could i just move without her consent

  • Samantha

    I turn sixteen in a little over a month. I live in North Carolina. My legal guardian is my grandmother, but I live with my father. However, my mother isn’t in my life at the moment. I hate living with him. I’m unhappy, and I feel like if I try to wait two more years to move out, I’ll result to suicide. His rules are ridiculous. I can’t be with who I want to be with, I’m not aloud to hang around the friends I want to hang around, I’m not aloud to see my mother, and I’m rarely aloud to leave the house. I know that may not sound like it’s that bad, but everyone has their own personal demons, My best friend since 3rd grade says that I can live with her and her mother in South Carolina. I already have a job oppurtinity available working with her grandmother, if this all works out. I need help. I don’t want to take this through the court, get denied, and make things worse at home. And I most definitely don’t want to be denied, and get put in foster care, because I feel like that would make my unhappiness worsen. I have no idea what to do, and I have no one to talk to.

    • Me

      Try catching your mom having sex with a minor and snorting pills. Please, it could be worse. Get over yourself.

  • Cherish

    I am in my aunts custody, she never really wanted to take care of me. i am 16 and my mom and dad is curently incarcerated. my mom was mainly providing for me but since recently incarcerated my aunt put me out a multiple of times, told me never to come back but she gets a check for me every month and im not there. she’s a drunk and gets violent when she drinks only toward me. Im staying with my grandma right now, im looking for a job and to get emancipated. I dont really want to stay with my grandma because she’s staying with a friend herself. None of my family really wants to take care of me and i feel like i have noone.

  • Katiee

    Im turning sixteen in utah and I live in bountiful and my mom is leaving for dt george and I feel I cant leave my life here. We have a great home life and om never really abused. My mom is a great mother but I feel it is in my best interest to stay and keep my life going.
    Do I need a job before I get an emancipation paper?
    And how do I prove I can provide for myself?

  • Ashley

    I have just recently turned 16. I have recently moved out of the house with my mother and am now living with my father. I have also just came out to my parents, and it’s not very easy with them holding this over my head. I don’t feel loved with either my mother or father. My mother is constantly putting her hands on me, and my father doesn’t pay me any mind. I feel as though I would be better on my own.

  • me

    I’m 17 and my mom and dad are divorced. My dad is a drunk and I live with my sister in one state which my father is also living and my mom lives in another state with my younger brother. With my dad not offering to help me financially at all I work in a nursing home and my sister pays my phone bill due to me Devonport for a newer car which I am in desperate need of. I suggested getting my GED to make things financially easier and my father now thinks Im (in his words) a dumbass and thinks he is going to make me move back to my mothers where I cannot make what Im making her or have the same opportunities. could I get emancipated ? Help!

  • leighhh

    Hello, my name is Heather I am 17 years old, I need some advice on how i can get emancipated without my parents consent because my father has made it very clear he will do anything in his power to not let me leave, in fact he has many connections with cops and lawyers, he even told me this morning that he did not care what CPS tried he would beat me with an inch of my life and they can’t do anything about it, im afraid to go home but i know i have to because i have been in this situation before and he won they didn’t believe me and he even had a warrant out and they waived it and let him take me, i was beaten that night.. i have friends that have seen him personally put his hands around my throat, throw my head into windows slap me, and anything he could manage to do at that time.. i don’t know where else to turn to..

  • leighhh

    Hello, my name is Heather Swiney I am 17 years old, I need some advice on how i can get emancipated without my parents consent because my father has made it very clear he will do anything in his power to not let me leave, in fact he has many connections with cops and lawyers, he even told me this morning that he did not care what CPS tried he would beat me with an inch of my life and they can’t do anything about it, im afraid to go home but i know i have to because i have been in this situation before and he won they didn’t believe me and he even had a warrant out and they waived it and let him take me, i was beaten that night.. i have friends that have seen him personally put his hands around my throat, throw my head into windows slap me, and anything he could manage to do at that time.. i don’t know where else to turn to.. I would appreciate it if you could contact me back as soon as possible. Thank you.

    Heather Swiney.

  • Tori

    I haven’t lived with my parents in almost a year. They have shipped me out of the state over a thousand miles away from them to live with my aunt and uncle. I am 17, and will be 18 in 8 months. My mom has physically abused me several times when i lived with them. I lied to Social Services in order to keep my younger brother and sister with my parents. In the state of Colorado, in which I am living now, I can choose where I want to live. But I am not sure about the laws of Arkansas, which are where my parents reside. My aunt gave me a choice of where I want to live. I want to move back to Arkansas, but do not want to live with my parents whatsoever. I want to live with my other aunt and uncle in Arkansas who said they are willing to take me in. I do not want to get emancipated because I am not ready to live on my own. What should I do?

  • Esmeralda

    Hello I’am 16 years old and I turn 17 in a month. This is my first time thinking of going through emancipation. I have a good home, both of my parents work basically it’s a good home to live in but honestly i just can not take all of this anymore. I have problems with my mother which causes both my parents to have problems. recently everything has been going down hill because i feel so suffocated in this house. I used to have good grades, an excellent attendance record in my school but everything has changed. my grades are very poor and my attendance. I have no freedom whatsoever in this household and if i do have freedom my curfew is at 10:00pm when the states curfew is at 12:00am. I understand i am being self centered saying i want to live on my own because i come home early but it’s not just that. there is nothing i can absolutely do to get through to my parents and emancipation might be my only way out of this distraught family. bare with me there is more problems than my curfew and i promise you they are not self centered.

  • Jamesis1

    Ok I am 15 years old can I emancipate both of my parents one if they are divorced and live in separate states and we all agreed to let me emancipate them?

  • stepmama

    Well my step-daughter wants to either be emancipated or just let her dad and grandmother let her move out. But her father doesnt think she can be emancipated becasue she has no job, no secure place to live, no money not even a car or drivers license. She is a very troubled young girl and she will esp.. not listen to her father or anybody. So my question is what do we do?

  • Need out of here!!

    Hi i turn seventeen in september and i live in montana. My story is kind of a different one. I do not want to get emancipated unless it is necessary but i would rather be in the custody of my aunt. Though my house hold rules are rediculous (to name a few: cant get a job, a license, a car, leave the house except for school related things like debate because im in the team) and are a part of the problem in all honesty but that isnt the main reason i want out.
    My dad passed away a couple months before i turned ten and i have been on a rollarcoaster to hell since. My mom didnt want us, especially me to begin with but after she found out she was basically getting payed to take us she was all for it. My mom had guys in and out of her life and was rarely home. I had to grow up fast and take care of everyone and everything.
    Anyways about two years down the road she starts dating this one guy. That is when the abuse started but only towards me. I was locked outside, neglected, not allowed to eat, and beaten but most of all emotionally abused.
    My aunt helped report the abuse to social sevices and we were forced to lie and say they stopped hitting me so they would close the investigation which they did. They did eventually stop hurting me but the emotional abuse never stopped. I have to put up with so many names, altimatums (or how ever you spell it), and her just straight up messing with me. She will say one thing but when i do it she screams at me. She is unpredictable and i think were headed down the abuse road again soon if i dont figure out a way out first. She enjoys watching me struggle and in pain which is why i feel this isnt a safe enviroment for me to live in and my aunt would like to take me in.
    We are trying to find a way that has fewer repercussions because my mom will hurt me if this goes downhill. I need to know if this is possible before i do something stupid like run away. I have never done anything wrong, i have no crimminal record and dont smoke or drink. Im not pregnant, getting married, or looking to inlist in the millitary. I just want to finish school with good grades which has been hard for me! Please help!!

    • Laurel

      I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I’m a mom, and I would love to have a responsible teen like you. I say this so you know, it’s NOT your fault. I had to realize from my own childhood, some people just should not be parents.

      I don’t know that aspects of the law in your state, but it seems to me you are very close to your solution. I know it seems like a very long way off to you, but in a few months, at 18, you will be able to legally leave your mother’s house and move in with your aunt. I wish I could be more help, but my heart and thoughts are with you.

  • E

    Hello I am 16 years old and I have been having a lot of problems in the house hold of my mother and her bf we moved in with him this passed Christmas and he is constantly pickin fights with me calling me multiple of names and my mother is usually at work when this all happens so me being the teenager she picks his side over mine well recently she had put me in counseling to help with my anger management because I was so fed up with everyone in the house hold screaming and yelling at me calling me names I have been trying to stay away from them as much as possible usually down stairs in the basement where my room is or I have been staying with a friend and his parents which I have known them since I was born I claim them mom dad brother and sister well just recent I got a call from my aunt that lives in tennesse telling me that she is coming to pick me up from ohio and I will be living with her for now on I do not like it here it 7 hours away from my family and friends is there any way I could move in with my friend and his parents that is claim my parents

  • amina

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  • Niomi

    Ok, I need answers bad please help. Is it possible to get emancipated if I am 16 and possibly pregnant? If I am I can not live with my Mom and Step dad anymore. It is stressful and we constantly fight with each other and this has been going on for two years. Well when things are wrong they blame me and I am constantly yelled at because apparently I can not do anything like I should and I can not live with my dad, because he is on drugs. What can I do?

    • lollie

      I don’t know im in the same boat 16 pregnant and my mom and step dad always put me under stress its hard and I want to know if I can be emancipated too. my biological father is in jail so I cant go to him. I just need help I want to leave.

  • A

    Hi im 16 , im a senior this school year and i have a job. My mom kicked me out (this is the second time ) and she is threatening to take me out of school and to setup a court date with me to give up my custody. Me and my mother have never been able to get along. Im diagnosed ADHD and they once thought i was bipolar but then found out it was ADHD.my mother is ADD . Ive been off probation for about a year and shes always threathning me with my old probation officer. She doesnt physically abuse me but my mother does verbally abuse me alot. She calls me a whore , fat, ugly,a mistake,ill never be anyone in life ,etc …. Im tired of her always putting me down and hurting my feelings. I cry at night. Can i file for emancipation ? Please help :,(

  • Leigh

    I was looking to get emancipated because I’m in a rough situation, around May 2014 my aunt (legal guardian) kicked me out and I moved in with my uncle (he is no relation to me) but he’s in the process of switching guardian rights over to him, it hasn’t been completed he just has power of attorney at the moment. I though it would be a better environment for myself because I deal with severe depression, but he’s only making my situation worse and worse. He’s constantly calling me names and bashing me for every single thing I do when I’ve been doing my best not to disappoint him, its never good enough. But at the moment I’m a couple weeks pregnant and I know when I finally sit down and tell him he is going to flip and call me every name in the book and make everything much much worse for me so I was wondering if I’d be qualified to move in with my boyfriends parents and live on my own? I’m only sixteen and I have a job, I go to school and the same with my boyfriend.

  • sallywhogivesa

    im 16 years old , ill be 17 in less than a month . ive had a job for 11 months i buy my own stuff and i could support myself , i have an adult friend the said i could live with her . is their any way i can move out of my parents house ?

  • K

    I’m 16 years old. My mom has cirrhosis and my dad has cancer. I have a job and can financially support myself. I don’t get along with my mother or other people in my house and it’s too stressful to be there. I’m enrolled in school. I have a liscense. and my own car. My mom has medical bills to pay and can’t take care of me and i don’t want her too.Can i get emancipated?

  • madi

    Im 16 i moved out of my parents house and have moved out of state to live into my aunts basement. i have a job. my own bank account and am trying to be fully accountable for my own self because my parents are unable to do so. my mother had 2 strokes and can barely take after her self. The house is absolutely horrid because of this and i try cleaning but i cant because its a very large house and i have schooling and now work. and my father works 90 hr weeks, has an alcohol problem, and rarely comes home because he claims that my grandmothers house is closer to where he works, He is unhappy with his marriage of 20+ years because my mothers stroke has turned her into a completely different person one who only has a negative outlook on life. I have never been phisically abused but i both of my parents have gotten into arguments with me that have escalated into putting holes in walls or me leaving the premises of the home for my own safety. living with them was hurting my self estem, my future because they would deny me rides to school which was over a 40 minute drive on a freeway so i was unable to walk there. they dont take me to get my permit until about a month after i turned 16. it took constant persuing to get them to take me to get a bank account. So sense i moved to live with my aunt ive gotten a job and a trying to be able to get stuff on my own but i cant get anything without my parents present and they are unable to pay for anything im trying to do . they also cant afford going to court. I dont want to put them through more finantial hardship because they are currently paying medical bills and money because my father had gotten a DUI. I am very advanced in my learning and plan on getting my diploma before im 18 but i cant persue my life because i’m under 18. i honestly have no clue what to do . . I read some other comments left and just wanted to clear up im not a rebelious child quite the opposite actually. i think that profanity is just and ignorant mind trying to express itself, i volunteer often and go to church, and even where a purity ring proudly. i just have had a very difficult and drama filled home life and believe that it is not in my best interest to stay there. But sense ive moved out ive learned i need my parents for everything legal wise.

  • Jen

    I’m 15 but I’ll be 16 in 2 weeks and my mom does illegal things and I don’t like having to come home most of the time and her not acting normal nor do I like having to worry about her when she Dosent come home befor midnight I’m just fed up with the lies and being treated like I’m 5 cause I clearly understand what’s going on .

  • Alyssa

    I am 17 and I have a baby that is due in march n my parent sdont let my baby daddy come over n they don’t let me go to his house can I move out without their permission? So can they call they cops on me? I feel I’m not in a good enough place for me because they put to much stress on me

  • Bailee

    I am sixteen, my father just passed and he’s left the house to me. My mother and him split up when I was a baby, and have joint custody over the past 16 years. My mother lives in a different school district, and has a not so stable relationship with the boyfriend she is living with. Her and I have no issues, but I would like to continue to live in the house my father has left me to finish my schooling (I have a year and a half of high school left but I will be started a college class in the evening beginning at the end of this month. She won’t move into the house with me and I feel like I have no other options. I can withstand the financial responsibility of paying mortgage, supplying food, clothing and all of my necessities and more. Although, the emancipation sort of struck my mother cold. Is there a way for me to live in the house unsupervised but not be official emancipated?

  • Kayla

    I’m 17 & turn 18 in October. My mother died last year from a massive heart attack, and my father died in a car accident when I was younger. When my
    Mom died my aunt forced me to move in with her and her family 5 hours from the town where me and my mother had lived my whole life. My aunt told me I didn’t have another choice and that if I tried to fight it she would take me to court. I do not want to start a family feud or take anyone to court, but I hate living with my aunt. She is bipolar, and so is her husband. I used to live in a small farm town with my loving mother, I now live in a big town with my aunt and her husband and her children. My aunt provides for me in a weird way, if I need money or gas or something for school she provides it, but when I moved here and broke up with my boyfriend of two years, she showed me no sympathy. I’m afraid to talk to her about my emotions because everything I say to her ends in her giving me a lecture. I want to move in with my sister back home when I turn 18 so what should I do?

  • SometimesICuddleWithMyDemons

    im 15 and my mom wants to emancipate me because “I hate her.” and im not happy there and shes tired of me cutting and having a bad attitude and being moody. But, she never hits me. Is she allowed to emancipate me for no reason? Im just really confused because im not sure how this works and because of that im at a disadvantage. Sure i hate my mom, but i cant deny the fact that i need her. im no where near ready to live on my own. I dont want this for myself. The worst part is, im stressed with school and trying to please her and im just now starting to grieve over my dad (even though he died 4 and 1/2 years ago.) I also have a mood disorder as well as depression and I just started taking meds and they aren’t even in my system yet. The least she couldve done is waited to see if the meds work and change me for the better before giving up on me while im emotionally unstable. I’ve never been under so much stress and im trying not to be a big baby because my life compared to others is nothing to cry about. And believe me i know that. But, that doesnt mean i dont get stressed out and break down every once an a while. Sure my stresses arent as big as others, but i still havent them and they still feel like i cant get through it. i hate when my mom talks about adult stresses and how worse they are because the intensity of the stress youre under has nothing to do with it. What matters is that we are all human and we all have stresses that from time to time make us feel alone, beaten down, and defeated.

    • momma

      Hi there.
      I am so very sorry you are going through what you are going through. Please contact children & youth 1-800-932-0313. Please tell them what’s going on.

      In the meantime can you try something for me?

      Can you try writing your mom a heartfelt note telling her number one how you feel, number two about how you just started your medicine and you are hopeful it will work. number three, can you tell her how much you need her? Can you ask her for a chance for you and her to get closer and start all over? (Can you wipe the slate clean if she can? Can you ask for a chance to start over and admit that both of you probably made some mistakes)
      Can you tell her how scared you are? What do you have to loose by letting her in? Please try this…I am super worried about you and I really want to see this work. I think your mom is super frustrated and probably doesn’t know what to do. Please give her a chance and you one to try to clean the slate.

      Good luck…please if that note doesn’t work then call the children and youth line but please try reaching out to your mom first…

      Good luck!

  • Elka Chaney

    I am 17 years old and will be turning 18 in 9 months. My parents are not very responsible and tend to make bad desicions. We are getting evicted yet again from another home and this time I wish to not go with them. I have a job and have had it since I turned 16. I have money safe and good grades. My only fear is that if I file for emancipation, my younger sister (13) will also be taken our of our home. How can I get out of the house and avoid these results?

    • constance choate

      same sisuation here except mine is much more worse, im 17 and will be 18 in 9 months and i have no money for emacipation and i need advice also

    • Momma

      Can you talk to your guidance counselor and get help there? Do you think you can get custody of your sister or go to a family member or even one of your friends parents?
      Please also try the children & youth # for help too. 1-800-932-0313

      Good luck! <3

  • Alexis Bryant

    I am almost 17 and I do not get along with my adopted mom at all unless we are by ourselves. That isvery rare! I don’t have my biological family in my life and I also have a job.. How can I emancipate myself back in to state? I need to know asap.

  • Momma

    This breaks my heart. Please make sure you all take care of yourselves. Call Children & Youth Childline 1-800-932-0313 if you are in need of assistance. They can help investigate and figure out the best options for you.

    I am so sorry you all feel so hopeless…I want you to know that you are all worth it. You all can be better then the life you are leading now. You need to make a choice to let these ugly words get in your head or not. If someone is telling you something about yourself (like your a piece of crap) you know that is not true and you really need to give them little value in your life…they are not worth your getting upset. You answer to you at the end of the day—you have to live with your choices. Listen to your instincts…reach out to family members, or even friends parents and see if they can help you. I think you may be surprised that there is more people then you realize who will care about your situation and you. Talk to your Guidance Counselors or a favorite teacher, coach…and best friends parents.

    Good luck.

    • Emmy Husfloen

      I am trying to figure out what a teen girl can do in my town. She has left her moms house because of her mom’s and boyfriends drug use, her father has legal custody but doesn’t have anything to do with her or her brother. Her brother stays at the mom’s house because there is no rules and can run the streets and do what he wants. She had stayed with her aunt but she has alcoholic tendencies and she no longer wants to stay there to be her live in baby sitter or maid. She has a job and attends school, If she goes to the court system she will be placed back with her father which she doesn’t want. Do you know if there is a legal form to have temporary parental rights without going through emancipation process.

  • Eli

    I’m 18 and my friend is 15. She’s living in Pennsylvania currently and she’s neglected by her family and she only wants to be with me. How can I be with her legally? I know the age gap between us is super small. I don’t know if I can get a good enough financial situation before she is 18. But is there any way she could legally be with me if I did get a good enough financial situation? She only wants to be with me. If I can’t then I guess I’ll just take her with me when she’s 18. Please give me suggestions or answer my post of you know about my topic. Thank you very much. 🙂 (NOTE PLEASE READ: Her parents are willingly wanting to give her away because they say that shes one child extra that they don’t need.)

  • cat

    Hey I’m sixteen, will be seventeen in about six months and I need out of my house. I think I can wait the six months out, plus one of my friends parents already told me I had a place to stay if I ever needed it. My mother is pretty abusive towards me, and has actually kicked me out twice in the past. She’s never been abusive towards my younger siblings, in fact it seems like she doesn’t notice when they do something wrong. Scratch that last sentence, she has adjusted her self to be able physically drown out their arguements and fights. It’s just all very stressful and has been reflected in my grades and even my physical and mental health. I know Missouri law is pretty vague on the legal age to move out without permission. Some say you can at seventeen, others say only if you are emmancipated. The thing about emancipation is I don’t have a job, or a car because my mother has refused to allow me to get my permit or license and won’t let me know my social security number. I just need to know if I can move into a friends house at seventeen without his parents getting in trouble. That’s all I’m worried about at the moment. It’s in the same school distract and everything so I can’t see any issues that there might be with it. Any help is much appreciated and I hope you all have a lovely day. Thank you for reading.

    • Emmy Husfloen

      Did you ever get any answers about staying with someones parents? I am a person who someone that is 16 wants to stay with and want to know what and if you had any luck finding answers?

  • mariah zuchowski

    I am 16 and I have a lot of problems at home! I was wondering if I had a older friend who has her own house and has two kids an husband who works on the rail road all the time say I can live with them but my parent won’t let me, can I get emancipated without a job but have someone help get me a job and help support me?

  • cayla taylor

    I’m 16 and I’m trying to get emancipated from abusive drug addict mother and her verbally abusive boyfriend. But my sister is 11 . Is there a way I can adopt her when I get emancipated so she doesn’t go in to foster care till I’m 18.

  • Temahani Jhun

    I’ll be turning sixteen in August and I live with my grandmother my mother passed away year of 2105 and my dad is imprisoned in Arizona till 2019 but me and my grandma argue almost everyday for various reasons and my sister is 19 and lives along with her boyfriend she had custody over me until my dad made my grandmother have power of attorney over me but I am completely unhappy and constantly get told and called names that i don’t really need to be called because I respect her but she puts me down and sometimes results in whacking me I tell my sister about it but she doesn’t know how to deal with the situation she wants me to live with her but she’s scared of my grandma as well I’ve told my dad but he doesn’t believe me and says just to put up with it but it’s been affecting me not only mentally but emotionally and in my school work and other relationships as well. I want to live with my sister but I don’t know who to talk to or go to and I just don’t want to live with my grandma anymore. What do I do and who do I turn to and how can I help my sister tell her?

  • momof2teens

    I have a 17 year old living with me her parents are both alcoholics and her mother is demanding she comes home the environment she is in is toxic her mother allows her to smoke pot at her house I am trying to keep her at my house but her mom is making it impossible for her to live with me I have rules and she is willing to follow them. Is there anything I can do to keep her safe without having to emancipate her?

  • kjb_5

    I have two teens in foster care but seems foster parents aren’t able to or so not want them. They’ve asked to live with me and my family rather than be sent to a group home. Emancipation is an option for one because she is over 16 but state seems to believe group home may be better than a family. We have adopted a child already and are licensed foster parents. Any advice or good reasoning why state worker would feel out of state group home is best? Our system in montana is a mess but these are good kids with no family that wants them. I just don’t get why a family that would take them isn’t better than a group home. They are both thriving at this school and have friends and now the foster families they are in are to busy for a teen. I want them I’m a foster parent why not just move homes keep school and life as is for most part? Ideas? Anyone?