• courtney

    my daughter is almost 7 months old and her father has had nothing to do with her for the last 4 months, since i moved out. I still send textes on a regular basis updating him on whts new with her and pics on a regular basis so he can still see how shes growing, i never get any acknoledgement back from him.i save every text, email or message. Ive done everything but get on my hands and knees begging him to have anything at all to do with her and try to get him to see how awesome she is but nothing. he now just texted me and said he will be here friday to pick her up and bring her bck sunday. She doesnt no him, and he doesnt no anything about her. I want him to see her but i think he needs to starts coming around and get to no her first and let her no him before he takes her for the weekend, and he lives 3 hrs from me, granted has come down many times now on weekends for other reason but never saw her while he was here. He is on her birth certificate so Can he legally just come pick her up and keep her for the weekend?

    • K

      Um no, you don’t have to send her with him, and why would you do that? Especially if he doesn’t answer any of your messages or emails, you need to go to court and fast because if he takes that little girl and disappears you have nothing saying that you have custody or anything. And if you send the cops or whoever they are gonna tell you that also, he can take her wherever he wants and never bring her back. Get court papers FIRST!!! That way there is legal documentation for it.

  • Kimberly Bowman

    Is there a statute or written document I can pull up online that shows that even when a case has closed due to non activity or failure to prosecute that last order adjudged is still valid and in effect?
    Thank you in advance!