Florida Marriage Laws 6

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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Florida

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Florida Divorce Laws

Title 43 of the Florida Legislature is “Domestic Relations” Title 43, Chapter 741 is where you can find the Florida Marriage Code (“Marriage; Domestic Violence”) and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Florida.

Florida Marriage; Domestic Violence (Title XLIII, Chapter 741): flsenate.gov

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  • tammy

    can you get a marriage license on the same day you receive your divorce papers from judge?

  • Theresa Goodman

    On May 30, 2010 I was legally married in the state of Iowa to another woman. On our marriage license/certificate it states my legal name is now Goodman not Caldwell. I was told the state of FL will not even recognize license to change my name on my drivers license. Can they do that? This is a legal document. I will be changing my SS card. I did some research and it seems they will honor the name change. I was also wondering about my passport. I wonder if they will allow the name change?

  • dan mccain

    can we get married on a cruise in mexico by a notary if we get the license in florida

  • mike miller

    My wife left me,just because she said she don’t love me no more,we been married 17 years and have two kids,the hole time we was married I supported her,she just got a full time job right before she left.what are my rights? Because she is the one that just up and left.

  • kjb

    im from ny been legally seperated from my wife for 7 years and now live in tampa fl.i want to marry a woman in fl before i get a divorce from my 1st wife. would that make my second marrige null and void?

  • Guera

    I was married for three months then my husband had me arrested for domestic assault which was later dropped I never returned to him later I found out that he is trying to apply for his citizenship based on our marriage so after reviewing all of our paperwork marriage license an so forth I discovered the passport he used as a valid identification to get the marriage license was expired Mexican passport expired 8 years prior to requiring the licence is my marriage legal can I file annulment or invalid marriage HELP!!!!