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  • Melissa

    I have recently found out that I am pregnant and am financially unable to support the child and have found a wonderful family interested in an Independent adoption. Unfortunately finances will play a large roll in this decision I need to find out what the adoptive family will be paying and what I will still need to pay in the state of Georgia. Is there a place I can go to find out the exact law?

  • Tony Clay

    In August 2010 my wife of 14 years took two of our children from our home in Georgia and left the state with them, leaving behind a third child with myself during a time when I was struggling to survive and recover from a carjacking that left me with 6 gunshots to the abdobmen and with more surgury and hospitalization coming up. She unenrolled one of the two children from school and left. Much of this was done with no notice or warning, no court papers or anything were filed. Suddenly, one of my children and I were left without even her small income that was enough to cover utilities, and she had taken the EBT card that fed us all. We were left devistated, and missing loved ones, in a time when we needed to pull together, not be totally unstabled. We were hold on OK, through out everything up until that point. She and the two children are in Delaware, and she refuses to come back home, or bring them back. I have managed to keep our home intact otherwise. What can I do ? I really need some good help and advise. T. Clay

  • kirsten

    Ive had permanant custody of my husbands brothers n sisters for about nine yrs now , he came hm from prison we lived next door n monitered him with the children n he was doing ok off of meth , well we got into it n we had to move so we have been away from the eleven yr old twins for a total of two yrs, he got busted wit growing alot of medical mariquana n these childrens mother is deceased before i obtain custody bit anyways the same dectective that busted him threatened me wit a caseworker n sqid if i didnt sign over temporary custody we would be thrown in jail n they would go into foster care bc they said my appt is too small so i signed the children over to their nineteen yr old sister who has also admitted to smokin pot n i offered to take a blood drug screen n the dective didnt care n now the biological father is released n his girlfriend too n they are not supposed to be arnd the children unsupervised but is n i can prove it .. so what rights do i have ? I want the children they said they wanna live wit me n they r bein mistreated n have been for a long time? I also wanted to kno what all kind of rights does the nineteen yr old have wit temporary custody?….plz let me kno completley concerned n stressed.

  • Shelly

    I was considering putting my baby up for adoption while pregnant. I had to have an emergency c section 5 weeks early and had nothing sorted out.through word of mouth i meet a cuple looking to adopt.2 days after baby was born i signed guardianship to that im home and doing better i se what a mistake this was.i want my baby but dont even rally know what i signed.what do i do?


    i am a father and i have a 2 1/2 yr old son and just a couple month ago i was living in a home with my now ex- fiance and her dad was staying with us too and i have heard her father yelling and always swearing at my son and i mean some serious verbal abuse calling my son names like motherf**ker and son of a b**ch and using the word f**k all the time around and me being the father i confront my ex fiances dad and he flipps out on me cause he is always drunk and because thats her dad i get thrown out and now with the law favoring the mother in child custody cases i havent seen my son or talked to him in a month cause she will not let me and she blocked my number too i have tried to call dss and the police about this and NOBODY GIVE A CRAP AND WILL NOT HELP ME I AM TRYING TO BE A GOOD DAD AND YOU SEE HOW MANY BAD ONES THERE IS AND I AM GETTING SHUT OUT AND NOBODY CARE ABOUT THE ABUSE MY SON IS TAKING!