• Dee Whitfield

    he everyone. I come here because I’m in need of help and don’t know what to do. About 7 years ago my mother passed away leaving myself and my 2 younger brothers. my one brother moved awaya to washington state, but my youngest brother and I are still living with my grandmother. I’m moving out in a few months because it;s time to go. I plan on taking my little brother who will be 12 in march. My granma and I have gotten into many arguments over him, but my mother told me if anything happens to her to take my brothers with me where ever i go. But my gma on the other hand feels different. in which i feel that she doenst want me to get custody over him because she is afraid of losing the social security he gets and his disability funds. in which me and my other brothers social security was cut off cause we became of age. but since she hasnt been the best care taker. for one she is almost 70 and she’s to old to be trying to raise kids. and also this house is unfit. also she lets my uncles talk to my brother any way and this too I have gotten into arguments with my uncles about keeping there hand off my brother and talking to him like he doesnt matter. the things they say to him are verbal abuse. like fro instance one of them told him they were going to rip his eyes and crush them so he could watch him do it. and just the other night when i was at work one of my other uncle punched him in his chest leaving black and blue bruises on his chest. I don’t agree with this treatment and the truth is i honestly feel like jst abt every person in this house is miserable and I dnt wnt my brother going through what i had to go through. He isn’t perfect but he’s not a bad kid. I’m scard, but if things have to get ugly i will take it there. Im sick and tired of my grandmother letting her failure sons mistrest us however they want and most of all im sick of them living off of my brothers money. So help please?