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  • steven parker

    My girlfreind and i split up and she has our son. She threatens to leave and never let me see him. I live on Oahu and she lives on Big Island. I have paternity through VEP and up until six months ago we were living together. We have been living on different islands since and now I have no communication with her. There is no legal technicalitites involved such as custody, tro or custody. I fear she will not stay in touch with me and deny me visit of my son. Is what she is doing considered custodial interference? and if so how do I get charges filed?

    • You should a motion for custody/visitation right away. In your motion you should request a specific visitation schedule.

  • Danny Maguire

    Hello; my wife plans to bring her elderly mother (non-US citizen) here to live with us. I am concerned that if my mother-in-law falls ill/gets hospitalized, the costs will be huge because she is uninsurable here. I’ve voiced this concern, but it looks like she’s coming here soon anyway
    Is there any way I can protect myself so that I do not become liable for my wife’s debts – due to her mother’s illness or hospitalization/etc?
    Thank you.

  • Bill

    Can someone please tell me What is the leagal age for a child to have an option to visit her parent or not??? My daughter is 15yrs old and is forced to visit her mom by her, and at times does not want to go. Her mom threatens her that she has to come and visit by court order and if not we’ll be back in court to revise the visitaiton. She has put our daughter in tears many, many times. This has really pisses me off to the point I want to hurt my -ex for putting her in tears. I don’t want to go back to court again.
    Can someone shed some light on this issue please…