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  • How do a family member defend against interferring with parenting?

  • Dan

    I am planning on moving out of state. Being the non custodial parent that pays suport. Do I need to get her permission to move? Aslo can I reduce support to allow travel expenses for visitation.

  • Jill Duff

    What does Illinois Child support state? I am asking about if a non-custodial parent has to pay half of the childrens clothing expense(specifically school clothres, not uniforms)?, cub scout outfits? public school tuition? school supplies?

  • plittle

    in illinios i have started proceedings to divorce my wife ( who i have been separated from for 4 years) she is refusing to let me see my children since there is not a custody agreement can she do this? it has been over 6 weeks since i have seen them