Indiana Marriage Laws 3

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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Indiana

Also See: Indiana Divorce Laws

Title 31 of the Indiana Legislature is “Family Law”. Title 31, Article 11 is where you can find the Indiana Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Indiana.

Indiana Marriage (Title 31, Article 11):

Indiana Uniform Premarital Agreement Act(Title 31, Article 11, Chapter 3):


  • Pam Ruth

    If you signed a prenup and your husband had more than you knew about, will the prenub be valid if he dies?

  • K d

    What is the adultery law in Indiana

  • bill

    My wife left, my now 12yr. old son & I here in Florida and returned to
    Indiana 2 yrs. ago. She paid for him to fly up there for 2 wks. last yr. & again this year. I spoke to my son yesterday & he informed me that she is with another man now. She doesn’t pay support, and we signed a notarized letter before she left, that gives me full custody. #1. Is it against Indiana marriage law to be “shacked-up”? #2. Do I have to allow her to continue visitation under these circumstances?