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  • Lori Dardis

    I’m currently living in Iowa. I’m married and have 2 children. My husband currently is living in a different town than us. I want to move to Colorado to be closer to my family and establish a better life with my children without my husband. My husband says he will file kidnapping charges. Can I legally move out of state with my kids without being charged with kidnapping? We cant financially afford to get a divorce. What are my options?

  • neweli

    I need to know in a domestic partner situation how can I evict my other half legally. there is a warranty deed- life estate in which her name is first, my name is second and our daughter is named third. I pay all the bills and the house payments there is no record she has ever paid anything, can i legally have her removed?

  • Kathy

    Is it possible to specify in a prenuptial agreement that the separate premarital assets of a spouse will not be used for payment of medical expenses of the other spouse?

  • Allan

    I live in iowa and my wife moved in with another man in Il. Are there any Iowa laws that allow me to sue the other man for interfearing in my marriage. They both need to be taught a lasson that you don’t do this.

  • collier1783

    My little sister passed away may 3rd 2012 leaving behind my @ the time 2month old niece, my niece and my sister stayed with me 90% of the time after she was born then my sister got sick ended up n the hospital and my niece stayed n my care until she was placed in foster care now has since been returned to her father who now is refusing to allow anyone in our family to see my niece what can I do in order to get some sort of visitation for my family, its bad enough she’s lost her mother I don’t think its right that she’s being kept from her mothers whole family, I live in missouri valley iowa somebody please help me……I love and miss her so much, I’m already living without my sister 🙁 how can I get court ordered visitation????