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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Kentucky

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Title XXXV of the Kentucky Legislature is “Domestic Relations.” Title XXXV, Chapter 402 is where you can find the Kentucky Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Kentucky.

Kentucky Marriage (Title XXXV, Chapter 402)


  • Marilyn Thompson

    My fiancee was married last Sept, 2009 in a church wedding and had obtained a Ky marriage license. Two weeks after the wedding took place the wife at the time stated she no longer wanted to be married and left the marriage. There was no property to be divided. They both took their own belongings. The marriage license was never certified in Kentucky and there is documentation from the State Statistic Office in Frankfort KY that no marriage was ever recorded. My question is then, is this marriage valid? I am thinking no and that my fiancee should file a Petition for Rights or annulment.

  • stephanie

    if u get married in ky is it good in all 50 states

  • Lexi McCarty

    The man I want to marry is a convicted felon on parole. I myself am also on felony probation. In our conditions it states not to associate with convicted felons. All this I understand. What I do not understand is can they really keep us from being together. We are both productive members of society. He has kept a job since his release and I am going back to school. We have never failed a drug screen and are meeting all of our requirements of our parole and probation. He still has 10 years on his parole and I have 4 left on my probation. Is there a way we can still get married now?

  • Lynda

    My son recently got married his now wife and i fell out two years ago needless to say i wasn’t at the weddinng when they got their license he put his step mothers name where mine should have been is that legal is their marriage valid i would really love to know