Louisiana Marriage Laws 6

In: Louisiana

Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Louisiana

Also See: Louisiana Divorce Laws

Title IV of the Louisiana Legislature is “Marriage; Definition.” Title IV, Chapter 1 is where you can find the Louisiana Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Louisiana.

Louisiana Marriage: General Principles: Husband and Wife (Civil Code 86, Title IV, Chapter 1): legis.state.la.us

Louisiana Matrimonial Regimes (Civil Code 86, Title VI, Chapter 1): legis.state.la.us


  • Marisa

    If your under age and need a court order for a marriage license how do you go about getting that?

  • kim

    if you were married in louisiana your husband left and you were not able to find him…..he is now remarried…is this legal? can i get what was half mine?


    If your husband buys a piece of property and is not living at home, are you responsible for the debt if you live in LA?

  • tonie

    if some one had brain cancer and a not aware of his decision and physicians have documentation that the patient is incomptenet is it legal for a girl friend living with him for about 16 years marry him in the state of louisiana just last month knowing the man had brain cancer and it has spreaded all over his body and tell family member to stay away from the house

  • Renee

    If you are married but have been living apart from your spouse for over 10 years, can you file a federal tax return using a single status.

  • cathy

    I was told today that my marriage may not be valid in the state of Louisiana because he had a stroke before we got married. We were together four years before his stroke. Now I’m worried that I may even be married to him.