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  • Lori A. Stauffer

    I am a single mother of a four year old. My ex-boyfriend and I were never married, and he left after my daughter turned one, and we have not seen nor heard from him since. I’m afraid that in the undetermined future I may be facing a custody battle. What are the legal statutes of having sole custody of a child, do I meet them, or how can I meet them so that my mind will finally be at peace?

    • Miranda

      I was in a similar situation. What state are you in? Since he has been gone for three years, if he does take it to court, a judge will most likely unfavor him since he has not seen/asked about your daughter in so long, or provided for her, and it would be a shock to your child to all of a sudden have him introduced into her life. Chances are, a judge would go for supervised visitation and you would at least get primary physical (which is what I have). The legal aspects as far as meeting criteria to have sole physical and legal custody vary state by state, so if you are looking for peace for the future, I would suggest going to your local courthouse whent they have pro bono days, and any of those lawyers there should be able to give you a quick run down on what that state’s laws are.
      Good luck!

  • I want to get legal guardianship over my eight year old nephew. My sister is having a hard time raising him alone and he is a male child.

    Please help

  • Robyn

    I live in Maryland, and my grand daughter has lived with me since she was born, due to the fact that her mother was incarcerated at the time when she was born. She got out of jail and got into trouble a few more times and spent time in prison. She has never kept up on her visits and has always just took her daughter out of my home everytime she would get mad at me. My grand daughter is now 7 and doesn’t want to live with her mother. I went and talked to those pro bono people at the courthouse and showed them child support papers stating I was the custodial parent and my daughter was non custodial and they advised me that I since the papers stated that and that a judge had signed them, that I did have custody until we could go through the courts for custody. So, she called the police when I told her that I wasnt forcing my grand daughter to go with anymore when the girl was crying and screaming she didnt want to go and we had to carry her out to her like that breaking my heart. I said as long as she could get her to go without a fit then she could, I showed police this same child support order and they also said I was allowed to go by it? Now I get a letter from a lawyer stating I had no right to stop her from taking custody of her daughter and that she had every right to press charges on me and that she would be coming to take custody of her in 48 hours!?!? Is there anything I can do to stop this until we can go to a custody hearing?

    • Tony Perry

      The truth is she has partial custody and a legal right to the child..document tape it..u legally r not allowed to prevent the visitations..file for a modification..petition for sole custody and supervised visitation..if u condone the visits u r guilt of custodial interference and parenteral alienation. And could charged with contempt of a court order.get into court

  • If you know of any infraction or criminal action that your ex-boyfriend has committed, be sure to mention that on any of the paperwork you turn into the courts. In the event of a custody battle, the court almost always sides with the Mother. However, it is best to be able to prove that the other person may be unfit to receive full custody of the child. My sister hired a DUI attorney during her divorce to help prove this exact thing two years ago, when her boyfriend decided he wanted to engage in a custody battle over their son. Good luck!

  • JFC

    My husband got involved with a married woman 4 months ago and recently told her that it was over and he wanted to work things out with me. According to him, she pursued him (and he let it happen.) As his spouse is there any legal action I personally can take against her? What legal action can he (we) take against her if she continues to contact him? We live in Maryland.

  • Maryland Mom

    Hi. My question is in regards to communication. My ex and I have been divorced for 14 years. There has been a standing custody order for quite a while. Recently, since I filed paperwork with child support enforcement and he is now being made to finally pay child support after almost 4 years of not paying, my son’s father has stopped talking to me.He will not communicate with me what so ever. My son is 15 and the only communication regarding picking up and dropping off goes through my son. I told my son’s father that if he doesn’t let ME know when he’ll be picking up our son then he doesn’t go. He also refuses to let me know when he is bringing my son home so that I can make sure someone will be home. He just shows up. The same with picking up.
    I am in the process of filing contempt charges against him for non-payment of child support. I know he is in violation of Maryland Family Law 10-203(a). My question is…is there a law that refers to communication or lack there of? Can I file charges against him for refusing to communicate with me? I am at my wits end here. It is so damned frustrating.

  • smitty

    I need some help with a very important question. My wife has been having an affair and has committed adultery with a low life individual (in my house several times) who preys on vulnerable women, He has destroyed my marriage and has done this before according to other people. My question is how does proof from adultery help my case and can this pathetic so called low life be served?

    • Tony Perry

      Adultery isn’t required to be proven in a divorce matter all you need to do is convey the belief to the court..file for limited. divorce and move on..file the papers via certified mail and regular mail to her address after 2 years of separation u would file for absolute divorce

  • md mom

    I need to know if I am able to get custody of a child that is not my biological child. She is being threatened to be thrown into foster care and the family members that have her are verbally abusive and treat her terribly and if the relative doesn’t want to keep her than am I able to get custody of her? I want her to live with me vs. Foster care. Please tell me what I can do.

    • Tony Perry

      Petition the court for custody as loco means in place of a parent.. most court require that u and the child have lived together for at least 6 months..petiton the court to assign a lawyer to represent the best interest of the child

  • Susan

    I have been going thru alot with my ex husband n 3 daughters he has went in court n lied went behind my back n filed for custody n was granted custody he has been abusing my 10 year old by picking her up by her neck n banging her head in the wall she is so afraid of him n my 13 year old criez to me how she wants me ro come get her i got a protective order to remove my 10 year old temporary i called dss my 15 has cut herself because he called her a disgrace he verbally mentally physically abuses them he was like that to me he is tryin to move them to nyc n i fear for them but he had the anne arundel county courts against me with all the lies he dont have his own place i do he is never home but when he is he terrorizes my girls help i need some advice

    • Tony Perry

      The first thing you need to do is file. A pendent lite hearing for injunctive relief. In that hearing you need to plead ur case and request that jugde speak with your children need to prove ur case..tell them u fear for ur children’s safety. then file for modification of the custody order..request that a home evaluation is performed this will help prove ur case

  • Tony Perry

    The first thing you need to do is file. A pendent lite hearing for injunctive relief. In that hearing you need to plead ur case and request that jugde speak with your children need to prove ur case..tell them u fear for ur children’s safety. then file for modification of the custody order..request that a home evaluation is performed this will help prove ur case