• Mandy

    We are in the middle of a trying to change the custody order set in place for 3 minor children. The court ordered a best interest attorney for the kids. She has been helpful and def agrees that mom should have supervised visits, but we really can’t afford all this. We(I am stepmom and these are my husbands kids)are already pro se and aksed that the kids counselor represent them b/c we can’t afford a lawyer, for us or them. But here we are and we’ve already put out $1000. Now the case was postponed and she wants another $1,000 retainer for the actual hearing in April. I don’t blame her but is there anything family services can do to help, or can the court waive the fees somehow? We also have to pay $800 out of pocket for the one child who is autistic, it was ordered all his testing being updated so the court can better order for his care. Mom’s crazy, not politically correct, but true! She is abusive, controlling…. has paranoid personality disorder and is always just completely irrational if she is not screaming or crying or breaking or … you get the picture. Can we ask that she pay for the costs when we win the case? She motioned for the attorney, has 2 of her own, and this case is certainly only b/c of her actions. But since we have used the lawyer’s abilities as well, can we ask that mom be responsible for all payment? Or can we reply to motion asking for more time to pay this? She wants in 10 days of order, we simply cannot do that!