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  • TooNice

    Just got the appraisal back on the home we moved into after being married for about a year ($76,000 in equity). My husbands name is on everthing. He put $80,000 as the down payment. I paid half the mortgage and half the bills for 10months until he changed the locks on me and wouldnt give me a key and told me to leave. I did a police report and moved out 4 days later, taking just my clothes..we have no children together. He still lives in the house and won’t give me anything (furniture, dishes, etc) He has his own contracting business . Since he was served the divorce papers in July 2009 i know he transferred money around and is being very dishonest on his financial statement. While we were married he refinancied his three family home we were living in to build investment property, which he sold 3 units (condos) totalling $879,000 (that money is not listed on is asset form) am I entitled to any of the profit he made?I also pay for his health insurance. He commingled money between personal and private accounts. Because he forced me to leave and his irrational behavior, I am asking for all the equity in the house and will continue to pay for his health insurance for 2 years. If he doesnt agree and as a strategy, would it be wise for me to tell him we can go before a judge and subpoena all his bank accounts,tax returns and the profit he made from the investment property.

    • Monica

      Failing to report assets on the disclosure forms can be a significant issue. In some states the court may sanction the non-disclosing party or the court may have the authority to award the non-disclosed asset to the other spouse. But remember, you will have to prove that there was a non-disclosed asset (this can be done by issuing discovery and subpoenas).

      You should check the Massachusetts divorce laws or contact a lawyer in your area to find out how to remedy this.

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