Michigan Marriage Laws 5

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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Michigan

Also See: Michigan Divorce Laws

Chapter 551 of the Michigan Legislature is “Marriage.” Chapter 551 is where you can find the Michigan Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Michigan.

Michigan Barring of Dower; Antenuptial Pecuniary Provisions (Chapter 558, Section 558.16): legislature.mi.gov

Michigan Marriage License (Chapter 551, Section 551.101 – 551.111): legislature.mi.gov


  • Tanyea Johnson

    If you bought a house and car before you got married. Is it true that if only your name is on the deed or title that your spouse is still entitled to that even tho they don’t pay for it?

  • Earnest Kaufman

    can I sue my wife for unfullfilled marriage vows

  • Tammy

    My sister’s husband carried on a yearlong affair with another woman. When my nephew found the proof of the affair he took it to my sister. My brother-in-law left his home when confronted and immediately moved in with his mistress. The older children do not want to be around this woman, but my sister is concerned that her husband will bring this woman around her 7 year old, against her wishes. Is there any way to prevent this?

  • betty

    I have been seperated from my spouse for 23 months I have been paying support for my minor child and alimony to my spouse before we even filed for divorce and been to a mediator. Can I have credit for the amount of child support and alimony I have paid up until an agreed amount was set before a mediator?? Our 28th anniversary was just in June and I heard that if she drags it out so that we are still “legally” married until our 30th anniversary she is entitled to all my pension. Is this true?

  • Shirley Brumfield

    I recently found out that my husband never divorced his first wife and we have a joint bank account and have been married for 14 years…does the first wife get to take over our joint bank account?