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  • angela

    Do i have the rights to not have my 2 younger children visit their father after the courts gave his rights to do visits? he had molested my oldest child which is not his child 2 years ago, i have not let my children see any of his family nor him to see them at all after my oldest had told me that it happened, but now hes going thru the courts to get visits of his 2 children which are 8 and 10 yrs old … they want to see him but i dont understand how the system thinks its ok to have a molester be aloud to see his children after he touched their older sister we dont know how many times… but now im suppose to allow him to do these visits but im scared for my children on how they are going to think that what he did was ok somehow which its not ok ever to do what he did… please someone help me with this i need answers asap