• A Fauset

    My daughter just had her custody of her 2 girls ages 6 and 3 terminated so that she only can see them Mon, Tues, Wed 9A-5P and her 6 year old will be in school all day.This time contraint limits her abililty to have a good relationship with her girls and she also has a full time job that may not allow her to spend any time with them if she has to work on these days. She could not afford an atty so she represented herself. He ex husband now has total control over when and where she sees them. He got this by saying she did not give 30 day notice of her move. She moved closer to him not away and it happened that she was able to get into a house at very short notice. He lives with parents and much of their care falls on them. This judgement seems extremely harsh and I wonder if she has grounds to appeal. What steps would need to taken to ensure a more fair custody agreement. Thank you for your time.