Missouri Marriage Laws 4

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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Missouri

Also See: Missouri Divorce Laws

Title XXX of the Missouri Legislature is “Domestic Relations.” Title XXX, Chapter 451 is where you can find the Missouri Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Missouri.

Missouri Marriage, Marriage Contracts, and Rights of Married Women (Title XXX, Chapter 451): moga.state.mo.us


  • fred slater

    my girl friend has many serious medical problems including stomach cancer. She is on Missouri medicare. She has told me she doesn’t to die unmarried. I am sure her continueing care is gonna be very expensive. If we marry and with her pending death, willk Missouri make me responsible for those costs?

  • jessy tompson

    my girlfriend is permanently disabled. if we get married i will not be able to cover not only our living expenses, her medical care, or financially care for our son. if we get married will her social security income be suspended or in any other way taken away? if so is there any way around that?

  • Dan humphrey

    my wife still married to another man while married to me, she did get a divorce from him, is our marrage still valid in the state of mo. or do we have to get remarried, to make the marrage legal?

  • Butch Brady

    my wife wrote 2 bad check on my closed checking acct for over $500 apiece i knew nothing about it until i was arrested saturday night. what are my options i dont want these felonies on my record. thanks