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  • CoJo

    Hello, my fiance and I live in Omaha, NE. We plan on getting married in Iowa soon and we want to both change our last names. My concern is how to go about getting our name changed in NE since NE does not recognize same sex marriage I fear our marriage license is not going to be enough for the state to also change our name without going through a court perition. If we need to go thorugh court it would cost us about $2000 total which is money we would like to have for our ceremony. Is there a way to avoid the court process? If so would it be better to keep our original last names when we get married and then each file a petition later on? Thank you!

  • emily

    Me n my bf live in Nebraska is there any way we can stop his daughters mom from taking his daughter to south Dakota he is paying child support bit no custody was ever decide mostly bc. no money fnr lawyer. So he only gets to see his daughter when his ex decides but she expects him to ask off can have her a week or two before and then usually cancles on him when he supposed to have her he is lucky to see her once every three months is there anything or anyone we can do or talk to for help???//