Nevada Marriage Laws 4

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Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in Nevada

Also See: Nevada Divorce Laws

Title 11 of the Legislature is “Domestic Relations.” Title 11, Chapter 122 is where you can find the Nevada Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in Nevada.

Nevada Marriage (Title 11, Chapter 122)

Nevada Uniform Premarital Agreement Act(Title 11, Chapter 123A):


  • Kristie Tunick

    I owe a million dollars in medical bills and need to know if the debt I aquired before I get married becomes my husbands?

    Also I am bedridden and how can we get married when you are bedridden, don’t have long to live and want to marry your soulmate before you pass away.

    Is their paperwork that can be filled out with the witness of my family?

    Thank you,
    Kristie Tunick

  • mc

    My question is i had 6 children before their father and i decided to get married.We married in 2005 but then separated 2 years later.I have had physical custody of the children since 2007.We had talked about getting the divorce but hadnt had the money for it for he hasnt held a taxable job since 2005.We both moved on and started other lives with other people.I moved out of state this year.He had never tried to take custody of the kids at all or supported them.I filed for child support in 2009 but he has never paid anything into it.We are still legally married.Does he have the right to take my kids away from me or make me bring them back to the other state?What rights do i have?; and at what age does it say a child can choose which parent they would like to stay with?Please help i have started school in this new state and hold a great job.

  • bunny

    in 2003 of April i got married by justice of the peace. i never turned the certificate to the license dept well am i still married or is it void

  • bunny

    in2003 i got married never turned the certificate does that mean i am single