New Jersey Marriage Laws 8

Statutes and Laws Specific to Marriage in New Jersey

Also See: New Jersey Divorce Laws

Title 37 of the New Jersey Legislature is “Marriage and Married Persons.” Title 37 is where you can find the New Jersey Marriage Code and all relevant sections, which describe in detail the laws that affect marriage in New Jersey.

New Jersey Marriages and Married Persons(Title 37):

New Jersey Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (Title 37, Section 37:2-31 to 37:2-41)


  • chey

    i am 17 years old, i am engaged to a 19 year old. i just joined the military, and will be leaving for basic training soon. I graduated high school already, I want to get married before i go. is it possible because i am out of school and in the military without parental permission

    please help!!!

  • word of the wise

    Unless you are 18, no you can not get married without parental consent. Regardless of graduation and basic training.Only way to get married without parental consent is if the minor is pregnant. So the answer you are looking for would be no.

  • Officiant

    A couple has requested a wedding ceremony but due to immigration laws, since one of them is European, they cannot legally be married since his passport has not yet been delivered. (He is already in the country on an expired European passport.)
    Can I officiate a ceremony that reads like a real ceremony, (so the guests believe they are at a wedding) and then marry them later, privately when the paperwork comes in, with a quickie ceremony to make it legal?
    The venue has been paid for, invitations sent out, etc.
    I don’t want to participate in any kind of fraud, but I would like to help this couple if possible.

    Thank you.

  • Groom

    If my fiancee has a home that is in foreclosure and we get married, will the debt of that home become one that we both share?

  • Rich

    Are there any NJ laws stating that if a person that buys a property (the only one on the title), and then marries, is his spouse is legally responsible to that property as in paying for it, as well as reaps the benefits of a sold property???

    Please send me in the correct direction if no one knows the answer… thanks.

  • francy

    I going to get married this 30th I want to know for the ceremony in the court no more than 10 people .. My boyfriend and I are included in the 10 people or is 10 guests ?

  • Chrys Panakos

    I owned the house my spouse and I live in before we got married. we are married for 14 years. What rights does he have when I die. I have 3 childreden. I have paid the mortgage up till 3 years ago

  • Dani

    I (the bride) am 16 and so is my fiance (groom). I am pregnant and due in November. Both of my parents have approved our marriage, but my fiance’s parents will not give consent. Does the law in New Jersey allow for us to get married without parental consent?

    Thank you!